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Some Quite Perfect Swimsuits for Trans Women

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For a lot of trans women, going to the pool or the beach can be one of the most stressful things about post-coming-out life. You’re more exposed than usual, swimsuits aren’t normally designed for girls with bodies like ours, and there are usually lots of people there. But don’t worry! Things aren’t hopeless for you! Here are just a few suggestions for trans women.

Summer is in full swing and it’s hotter than ever and so are you, and in classic trans girl style if you’re a late bloomer who didn’t buy a swimsuit in May, now’s your chance. If you’re looking for something a little more traditionally masc or butch, you can stick with board shorts; that’s just as valid an option for trans women as any of these one and two piece suits. Or you know what? Board Shorts can be femme too! Make fashion bend to your will, don’t give in to it’s demands.

Here are a bunch of super stylish and cute swimsuits that I think would look great on a trans woman.

Two Piece Suits

Two piece suits are super cute, and when you’re a trans woman, you might want a little bit of a skirt or short at the bottom, because let’s be honest, the biggest worry for a lot of trans women when going to the beach is making sure your bulge doesn’t show. I love this Underwire Bikini Top and matching Ruched High Waist Skirt Swim Bottom, the red looks especially great on trans girls. Another cute red option is the matching Polka Dot Print Halter Bikini Top and Polka Dot Print Tie Side Ruffle Swim Skirt, which have a nice retro feel and are a super stylish option for trans girls looking to get that modern femme aesthetic. If you have a top already, I’d suggest the Fringe High Waist Swim Bottom, which is fun and gives you a great ’60s look. Another ’60s throwback suit that has some nice light summer colors is this Pineapple Stripe Beach Crop Top Short Co-Ord, which is great if you want some extra space but not a skirt.

Black Swim Suits

If you don’t want to have a skirt on your suit but you’re still worried, the best way to disguise any bulges is with the color black. A dark suit always looks super stylish and is good at hiding anything you want to hide. This simple Lace Up Front One Piece is sleek and great for plus size Tall Girls. A slightly more bold option would be this Color Block One Piece or Tiger Embroidered Swimsuit, which both have large black areas in the crotch. I love the pattern on the Fruity Suity One Piece, which is both busy and dark, so it’s extra good at hiding. Finally, if you want to go with a two piece, this Boohoo Mix and Match Bikini in Black is simple, flirty and fun. If you’re looking for a cover up, this Gauze Lace Inset Swim Cover Up will make you look like a witch out for a beach day, which if you’re a trans woman, that’s exactly what you are.

One Piece Suits

Again, if you’re looking to get a little coverage, these one piece suits are perfect for you. First we’ve got this cute and bright Ruffle Skirt One Piece Swim Dress, which is great for any softies. If you’re a little tougher, I love this Skull Dot Print Peplum One Piece, which is perfect for the thousands of goth trans girls out there across the country. Finally, if you’re a party animal, want to show off your gay pride or you just want everyone to stare at you, I don’t think you have a better option than the Jaded London Rainbow Sequin Fringe Swimsuit.

Sporty Suits

If you’re more the sporty type of trans woman, there are lots of cool and tuff options for you too! This Ripcurl Stripe Swimsuit is super stylish and not too femme. The Active Cap Sleeve Swimsuit is simple, but makes a nice statement. I love the way this Free Society Marl Textured Bikini looks like a sports bra. Or if you want to look like an ’80s beach babe with a little extra coverage, this The Crop and High Waist bikini in ’80s Print is perfect for that. Or if you want to go for the full coverage look, this O’Neill Mesh Insert Body Swimsuit looks amazing and is a nice dark color.

Board Shorts

You know, being a trans girl doesn’t mean you have to give up wearing shorts! If that’s what you’re into, go for it! You do you! Outplay has a bunch of awesome options. For some shorter short I like the Todasana and Tomboier options. Or if you want a looser fit the Choroni and Atlantic Board Shorts look great. I’ll see you at the beach! Or the pool I guess!

Rash Guards

I recently saw the movie 47 Meters Down and Mandy Moore and Claire Holt looked super cute in rash guards before they were surrounded by sharks, so I’m sure trans women would look even cuter. This RVCA Neoprene Rash Tank is especially cute, and works for a lot of different styles and aesthetics. If you want to go the simple, straightforward route, the Caurimare from Outplay is a classic black, long-sleeved option. I also absolutely love the Mochima, a rash gaurd that uses the Outplay logo but also definitely looks more than a little bit like that ’90s paper cup design.

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Mey Rude is a fat, trans, Latina lesbian living in LA. She's a writer, journalist, and a trans consultant and sensitivity reader. You can follow her on twitter, or go to her website if you want to hire her.

Mey has written 572 articles for us.


  1. Love this! So much good advice! Going out in a swim suit the first couple of times as trans women was scary, but also very empowering!

  2. Thanks for this Mey! I just recently started swimming again a few months ago. Before transition, I had never been comfortable with my body, so naturally swimming was terrifying. For months, I would circle the YMCA parking lot, or perhaps park, but then spend hours shaking and crying in my car, ashamed and disappointed at why I couldn’t do something I love.

    Finally, my girlfriends were fed up. One night, they kidnapped me and dragged me to Fred Myer’s convinced the reason I didn’t want to swim was because the suit I had before (a rashguard and swim shorts which I wore for my first all-trans pool party) didn’t make me feel confident. That night there was lots of crying, lots of hyperventilating, but finally, I found it. I walked in front of the mirror, stood tall, and thought to myself, “Damn honey, you look good!”

    Since then I go to the pool every morning before work. I’ve been bikini shopping and lay on the beach to sunbathe. Last week I bought my first one piece, and am happy to finally have a body that hugs it the way I knew it should. The YMCA has been amazing. I have never had a negative experience there, and feel just like any other woman trying to stay healthy.

    Here are some pics of the suit my girlfriends helped me buy, and my first ever time at the pool. I don’t think I’ve ever smiled like that before :)

  3. This is so great!!

    I’m going on my first cruise with my best friend this October. I am pre-HRT at the moment, but I love to swim. It is something that has always me made me feel less dysphoric being in the water.

    But not having the correct options for swim wear, especially as a kid, I was worried and anxious about swimming (on the cruise ship itself and near the islands we are going to visit). I was worried I would have my only options be swimwear I would hate.

    But this was just really helpful!! Thanks!!

  4. Thanks Mey! I didn’t know there were so many cute options! I am days away from transitioning and while I don’t think I’ll be swimming this summer, it’s really cool to know there are options out there

  5. Holy crap, that rainbow sequin one is AMAZING.

    With that said, I’m recently post-op and I’ve *finally* been cleared to start swimming again, and I can’t *wait* to finally rock a bikini without feeling self-conscious about it.

  6. This is a great article. Thanks Mey! I’m glad there were some less femme options too :)

  7. Not all trans women have a bulge that needs to be hidden, and may yet still have bodies which do not align with the assumptions of swimwear designers who cater to cis women.

    Board shorts are not inherently “masc” or “Butch”. Gross.

    This article could use a little refinement.

    • I agree that’s why I said “traditionaly” masc and then said “Or you know what? Board Shorts can be femme too!”

  8. Oh um I have something to add sorta.

    Swimsuit tops with the underwire and beaucoo padding? The underwire could be very ouchy because like bras they might also be designed in mind with a certain adipose tissue distribution under the boobs.

    Yeah the not boob part of the chest is also expected to be squishy and therefore underwire and the band tend to be designed to squeeze a bit more tightly than is comfortable for those of us who have a bit more of mesomorphic body type be than just an AFAB or AMAB body.

    So normal swimsuit top with the the soft cups and no undewire might be best. YMMV tho

  9. I was always frustrated trying to get cute swimsuits from regular retailers. I’m 6’1″ for goodness sakes and trans fem. I now just get quality swimsuits from places like enfemmestyle.com and some at chromat if i can afford Chromat. Suits are made for AMAB body and it’s supporting the community. Not sure why these are overlooked

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