No Filter: Amandla Stenberg’s Precarious House Of Sugar Substitute

Welcome back to No Filter, your weekly dose of celesbian social media tomfoolery. This week in Janelle Monáe being amazing, I humbly submit this:

Anyway, Instagram!

Brittani Nichols has some stern words for you. I would like to have some stern words about her sandals/socks situation.

When #westworld cast mates joke around in a text. ?#facepalm

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Looks like Westworld season 2 will be even more meta than the first.

A girl has needs

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You look like you could use this photograph of Kate Moennig wearing these overalls and holding this dog.

I have no snarky comment to make; this is very sweet and tender and I hope to get tattoos of my pets when they die, or if they die, because they never will.

Amazons. #july4th

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Do you know how long Gaby Dunn has probably been sitting on this Wonder Woman bathing suit hoping for the perfect occasion to bust it out?! IT’S YOUR LUCKY DAY.

Jasika Nicole serving looks at Alex Vega’s wedding in Costa Rica!

please accept my audition tape for dancing with you in 8th grade. also I cannot lip synch snapping, sorry

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A gift from Mallory Ortberg to me to you.

#fbf When I was a school bus…

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Wow so I don’t remember Samira Wiley being a schoolbus but I’m happy to revisit it. It must be nice to be Samira Wiley and constantly receive comments on your Instagram from strangers informing you that they’re so relieved you’re still alive. Like, thanks?

A picture is worth a thousand words

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Anybody can make a house of cards. Amandla made a house of sugar substitute.

Join us next week; Brittani Nichols will probably still have some opinions about your behavior.

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  1. in the previous article “The 25 Gayest Things I Did When I Still Thought I Was Straight”, I mentioned I didnt really “know” until my late 20’s. I just realized I lied. Kate Moenning as Jake Pratt in Young Americans (anyone remember that??) should have tipped me off to my gayness. The above picture of Kate just triggered that memory for some reason.

    Shit I wonder if I can watch those episodes of YA somewhere..

  2. Whenever I see a picture of Jasika on here I don’t know whether to pull out my sewing machine and be inspired or hide under the covers in despair because it would be like using a tealight to imitate the sun.

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