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Hi there toaster strudels! How are you doing? It’s one million degrees outside where I live. Are you keeping hydrated? I just had the best plum of my life, so I’m gonna be riding that high for at least another fifteen minutes. (It was a black plum. The Babadook brought it to me.)

This week, Mal had some important things to tell us about NYC Pride.

Wynonna Earp is back, and Valerie’s recapping it for us! I am excitant!

Erin watched Claire of the Moon, and also a youtube video about hobby-horsing. I can’t even with Erin this week. She’s kind of perfection.

Reneice had this dispatch from the LA Resist March.

Ali’s got our day-drinking needs covered, in the classiest of ways.

Did you hear? The L Word cast got together for some laughing loving fighting f*cking crying drinking dreaming… I mean, a photoshoot and interview. But who killed Jenny?

And then there were your comments!

On The Babadook was a Special Guest at A-Camp and These Are His Stories:

The I Like Big Bababutts and I Cannot Lie Award to Kris H:

Y’all, I touched a LOT of butts at camp and Babadook was one of my Top 3 Butts Touched (the other 2 of you know who you are).

On A List of Lesbian Moments from the 2017 Tony Awards:

The Visibility Matters Award to Laura:

tysm for the Mommi drop. it continues to give me life with each published use. visibility. representation. normalization. Mommi.

On I Watched Lesbian Classic “Claire of the Moon” and Can Somebody Come Help Me Up:

The Hello Fresh Award to hihello:

*slow clap* *caresses recap’s breast*

The Sunken Place Award to Sally:

Erin, you are up already. What you didn’t realise is that watching this film would permanently lower your perception of reality by eight levels.

On The Top 5 Worst Songs I’ve Had Sex To:

The Party Rock Award to Nate:

I was fist deep when “Shots

The Jeff Goldblum Chest of Excellence Award to Merissa:

 One time I had sex to the first 2 minutes of the Jurassic Park theme song on repeat.

On Notes From A Queer Engineer: 5 Facts About Rainbows:

The Butterfly in the Sky, I Can Fly Twice As High Award to Katie S:

All I could think about was when Christians hold up signs saying “but how do you explain rainbows?

The I’m Circumbinary, You’re Confused Award to QueSarahSera:

I would like to identify as circumbinary from now on, instead of bi. I’m just happily revolving around these two nice poles and all that lovely space between them and overlapping rainbows all over my face.

On We Are All These Hobby-Horse Girls:

The Rein It In Award to Kristana:

Those girls need to be careful that while they’re horsing around they don’t get charley-horses. The mane thing is though, all things being Equus, I feel that all they need to do to compete is just hoof it. As for the winner, long may she reins.

On No Filter: Stephanie Beatriz And Gaby Dunn Begin The Gathering Of The Bisexuals:

The BiCon Award to Arcadia, Andrea and Carmen SanDiego:

Apparently I was half asleep as well because I got really excited for a second, thinking there was an actual Gathering of Bisexuals happening somewhere.

And on Lesbian Bar Names of the Past, Ranked:

The Birth of Napster Award to Molly Priddy:

i’d like to acknowledge the lesbian club that was my dorm room in a very conservative college in a very conservative state and all the good work we got done there ok thanks.

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  1. Thanks for both giving ME a comment award and also giving the award that I do EGREGIOUSLY DEMANDED you give to Nate.

  2. Thanks QG, you are too generous.

    Also, I first typed the above sentence in the A+ contact box, which I have a habit of doing, so sorry to anyone who checks the A+ box and keeps seeing nonsensical messages.

      • Also tho can we talk about what a silly euphemism ‘box’ is? It’s not very box-like, just saying.

        • I am more than happy to convert this into a semi-serious investigation of the merits or otherwise of the box euphemism.

          handled by deliverymen


          • “Handled by delivery men” is making me think of all kinds of box-based pickup lines, some of which work, most of which don’t.

            “I’m like UPS, I’ll handle your box with care.”

            “If it fits, it ships.”

            Also, basically all of Fedex’s mottos sound like sex slogans…

            “When it Absolutely, Positively has to be there overnight”

            “It’s not Just a Package, It’s Your Business”

            “Our Most Important Package is Yours”

            “Absolutely, Positively Anytime”

            “The Way the World Works”

            “Be Absolutely Sure”

            “We Understand”

            “We Live To Deliver”

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