“Wynonna Earp” Episode 201 Recap: The Babes are Back in Town

Hello and welcome back to Purgatory! For those of you who don’t know me, hello, I’m Valerie Anne, and Wynonna Earp is one of my favorite shows since Buffy. In fact, I’d even call it a sort of modern-day Buffy, with the badass ladies and quips for days. Summer shows are tough because it always feels like forever between seasons but the Earp girls and their crew have finally returned to us, so let’s not waste another minute not talking about them.

As just a quick refresher, when we last left Purgatory, here are a few things that happened that will be important: Wynonna had just killed Willa, Peacemaker glowing blue with the power of her sadness, because she plotted with Bobo to essentially open the hellmouth and let the Revenants out and some oogie boogies in. Dolls wolfed out into whatever brand of monster he is and after he calmed down and became our Dolls again, the Black Badge powers that be took him away. Willa shot Nicole Haught but she watched enough TV to know that queer women should always be wearing a bulletproof vest. Waverly touched some mysterious goo that made her eyes go black. And the finale ended with Waverly asking Wynonna if she was ready, then lifting her gun. The screen went black, and a gunshot rang out, and we were left to theorize for ALMOST A FULL YEAR.

We open mere minutes after the finale, with Waverly and Doc running through the forest, being chased by something rather awful-looking. Doc accuses her of pissing it off, and we discover the truth of what happened during that fade-to-black: Waverly saw this creature coming and shot it over Doc’s shoulder. And y’all this thing is gross. It’s all teeth and has no eyes like its head is one of those Piranha Plants from Super Mario and it eats Doc’s hat and it’s chasing our friends and just a whole lot of NOPE.

But then in comes big sister to save the day. She kills the demon dead (good to know Peacemaker isn’t only for Revenants) and tells it that she’s Wynonna. Wynonna Earp.

Waverly, Wynonna and Doc all point guns down at the camera

It’s really too bad the monster didn’t have eyes to see this cool shot.

She twirls her gun (successfully! Because our girl is all growed up!) and slow-mo walks out of there, her smart-as-a-whip sister and a legend by her side. And they’re gonna go save Agent Xavier Dolls.

Waverly, Wynonna and Dolls do a slo-mo walk through the forest like bamfs


Speak of the devil, Dolls is being sent off to a place called Black Rock Prison, but after being hissed at and tazed by one Agent Lucado, who just hates Dolls a whole bunch, and not in the cute fun way Wynonna pretends to hate him.

Back at the Purgatory Police Department, Nedley is helping the people of the town wrap their heads around what happened. Instead of explaining that an impossibly old undead demon opened a portal to a hell dimension, he tells everyone that Bobo poisoned the town as a jilted lover’s revenge on one Wynonna Earp. He figures they already hate her anyway, and she doesn’t mind all that much. But Nedley quietly thanks her; even though the town isn’t ready to accept it, he knows she’s their hero.

Wynonna looks a little overwhelmed

“Compliments make me uncomfortable surely there’s something else we can talk a–oh thank god, it smells like death.”

Wynonna smells something funny, literally, and follows her nose to the old Black Badge Division office to see a team getting rid of “a dead possum” but also all of Dolls (and Waverly’s) research and files. Everything has been cleared out (except Dolls’ mug, which Nedley is drinking from) but they both know Dolls wouldn’t keep the most important stuff just lying around.

Nedley asks where Dolls sleeps and Wynonna realizes she has no idea. She decides to check the local motel and does the Scooby Doo Scoot from room to room until she finds some of his stuff…along with someone else’s stuff. Lady stuff.

Wynonna hears someone in the bathroom and calls out in her Wynonna way and is launched upon by a half-naked woman with fighting skills to boot. They roll around and tussle and end up on the bed, gun to gun.

Wynonna straddles Eliza on the bed, both guns pointed at each other


And it’s Tamsin! Back from Valhalla and renamed Eliza but just as sassy and beautiful; she matches Wynonna wit-for-wit, and remains frustratingly unimpressed when she drops her “I’m Wynonna Earp” line, and you just know this episode is going to be a trip.

Home, home on the homestead, Waverly is putting cream on Nicole’s bruised ribs, and Nicole is joking about an awful lot of patching up going on in their relationship.

Waverly puts cream on Nicole's underboob

SORRY NOT SORRY I wasn’t about to risk the wrath of Santana Lopez if I left the underboob undocumented.

Waverly flirts and pounces, kissing Nicole like a succubus and letting her hands wander.

Waverly kisses Nicole, hands on her face and everything

You know usually lady-kisses are juxtaposed with het sex so it’s nice this one was paired with Wynonna pinning a woman in her underwear.

But her hands wander too far and Nicole flinches back in pain. Nicole takes this break to mention to Waverly that she tastes different. (Yes, I said “tastes.”) And not in the “girl, brush your teeth,” way but in a way that makes Nicole look very concerned. I mean, adorable, but concerned.

Nicole puts her fingers to her lips, worried

Are we talking tastes like a new lip gloss or tastes like demon possession here, Nicole?

Doc walks in and does that awkward dad thing like “I’m not here, just ignore me!” and it’s very cute and sweet. Waverly rolls her eyes but Nicole thanks him for his respectfulness. She leaves to feed her cat and he tips his invisible hat at her, then tells Waverly he approves of her choice in girlfriends.

Waverly rather agrees and says she’s the luckiest little gal in the west. (Except she didn’t phrase it like that because she’s not as weird as I am.) Waverly then expresses her concern for Wynonna, because she hasn’t stood still long enough for anything – like, for example, killing her long-lost big sister – catch up to her. Doc also wants to know how Waverly feels but Waverly just feels strong. I saw that as a warning sign, but Doc sure did not.

waverly stands with her hand on her hip and her belly exposed because purgatory

“No, exposing my midriff in the dead of winter isn’t a cry for help, everyone’s doing it.”

Back at the motel, Wynonna and Eliza are putting themselves together after their fight and I’m just saying that if you hadn’t seen the scene before, it might have seemed like totally different aftermath. But anyway, Eliza has the important files Dolls didn’t keep in the police department, clearance to get into Black Badge HQ, and a go-get-’em attitude, so she’s joining the team. They shake on it, and are off into unknown dangers.

Eliza and Wynonna shake, Eliza's shirt has SO MANY HOLES IN IT but like on purpose

Here I thought everyone’s midriff being exposed was worrisome.

Wynonna takes Eliza back to meet the crew and I want to take a moment to talk about this scene. It’s not too often you have so many core characters all in one small room and having a conversation with only each other. But here we have Wynonna, Waverly, Nicole, and Doc, plus an added Eliza for some extra seasoning. And I thought this scene was a moment of subtle genius; this many people having a full-scene conversation usually leans one of two ways: long and boring, or too chaotic. But this scene was the right balance of planning, flirting, and snarking, and the timing of all the lines felt just right. It was a Buffy-and-the-Scoobies-in-the-Sunnydale-library kind of moment, and I just thought it was one of those low-key, quietly genius that really highlights the brilliance of the writers and the actors.

ANYWAY Doc waggles his eyebrows at Eliza and introduces himself while Wynonna introduces her to her sister, her sister’s…she lets Waverly finish that sentence, and she finishes it with “Girlfriend,” much to Nicole’s delight.

Nicole smiles at Waverly

“You do mean girlfriend girlfriend not gal pal girlfriend right?”

The scene lasts for like 60 more seconds but like 100 things happen. Eliza explains why they can’t just stroll onto the Black Badge site, Waverly teases Wynonna for doing math when she says there are 62 Revenants left, Wynonna mentions Bobo to point out that the baddies don’t have a leader anymore, Waverly repeats Bobo’s name wistfully and remembers her conversation with him where he said she’s not a real Earp, Nicole reminds everyone that Dolls deputized her as an Agent before he left, and Wynonna gets overwhelmed and twitchy to the point where Waverly has to pull her aside to make sure she’s okay.

Phew. That was a lot. Waverly tries to get Wynonna to talk about Willa but she just says she needs Waverly to stay safe and be okay. But Waverly isn’t not helping, so too bad. She pulls her into a sister hug to remind Wynonna she doesn’t have to carry all of this alone.

Waverly and Wynonna hug

“Fine but I’m still carrying most of it.”

Wynonna, Eliza, and Doc go to Purgatory PD to look in Dolls’ safe to get his meds (of which there are none left, though Doc still has some) which leads to them having to explain to Wynonna that Dolls isn’t exactly human. Wynonna doesn’t care though, she still has a plan to rescue him, and it involves possums. Well one possum, to be precise. A dead one.

They dress up in some hazmat suits and drive right into Black Badge, using the smell of the dead possum to get in quickly and without too many questions.

Eliza drops in (literally, from the vent, like a beautiful badass angel) and Doc tries to flirt with her again but Wynonna knocks him down a peg by reminding him he doesn’t have his trademark hat.

Back at the homestead, Nicole and Waverly are looking at the weapons Doll stashed there and Nicole asks if Waverly is going to be okay working side by side. Waverly makes a joke about her pretty french braid and somehow managing to work with her beautiful smart amazing girlfriend, but what she misses is Nicole saying she was thinking of cutting her hair.

Nicole asks which guns they should bring but Waverly is busy cheating on her with an axe to pay much attention.

Dark Waverly has eye sex with an axe

Maybe she’s possessed by the spirit of Lizzie Borden? That would explain why she’s still queer af.

Her eyes go black and she raises the axe up and swings it down but DON’T WORRY she didn’t hurt a hair on our favorite officer’s head, she just lopped off the Piranha Plant Demon’s head.

Nicole would prefer to know about plans, including axe-swinging plans, please and thank you, but Waverly just asks her to trust her; she can’t tell her more than Wynonna will let her. Waverly is just protecting Wynonna, but Nicole just wants to make sure Waverly is okay, too.

One moment that I think is really interesting is that Nicole asks if she’s still “my Waverly.” She can sense something’s off and she can tell Waverly isn’t really being herself, but she hasn’t seen her eyes go Dark Willow yet so she can’t quite put her finger on it. Anyway, Waverly assures her girlfriend that she’s still the same old Waverly…but that she has to be someone else for a hot second.

Waverly has on fake red glasses and is making an adorably dorky little smile

I hope she saves these glasses for some Hot Librarian role playing later…

Eliza leads Wynonna and Doc into the Black Badge but the clearance card she’s been waving around doesn’t work, and in fact locks them in the stairwell. Wynonna goes to punch Eliza because she thinks it’s a setup but Eliza catches her fist with whip-quick reflexes and says she’s just as surprised by this as the rest of them. Luckily, Wynonna has a Plan B.

Wynonna stands at a porthole window ready for action from her temporary cage

Calling it a backup plan is for chumps.

Plan B is Waverly pretending to be Scotland Yard aka it’s Dominique Provost-Chalkley playing Waverly speaking in Dominique’s accent. It’s a wonder to behold. She charms her way past a security guard with a flash of a smile, a kick of a heel, and a Piranha Plant monster’s head in her bag.

Waverly holds her arms out and pops her heel up in her little british librarian outfit

LOOK. AT. THIS. ADORABLE. DORK. (Who is obviously a dancer. Look at that FORM.)

He points her in the direction of the lab, and while she heads there, Haught speaks into her earpiece from her lookout point in the car, teasing her about her accent and that she’ll be ready with the getaway car.

Over at the Black Badge holding cell, we find out just why Lucado hates Dolls so much: He saved Eliza over her husband once. Dolls says her husband insisted on that exact situation, but Lucado doesn’t have time to change her revenge plans right now.

Waverly gets to the lab and sees cells of all kinds of creepy-ass things, including but not limited to another Piranha Plant demon. Wynonna calls her and says it’s time for Plan C and explains their current predicament.

The predicament of course being trapped in the stairwell with a man she was sort of seeing and a girl who might have been dating a man she kind of kissed. But Eliza finally lets her off that second hook and admits she was just teasing Wynonna and isn’t WITH Dolls like that after all.

She does share something with Dolls though, and it’s that she’s whatever glowy-eyed thing he is.

Eliza's eyes glow like Dolls'


Black Badge made them like this, and even she isn’t sure exactly what that means. And she’s afraid by now Dolls might have lost all control of his inner beast. Wynonna is ready for that possibility, and tries to joke about wanting to go 24 hours without shooting someone she…you know. But her heart’s not in it; the wounds are too fresh.

In the lab, Waverly is charming a lab technician, putting on the full British Charm, and manages to sweet-talk him into telling her how to open all of the security doors at once. Once she has this information, she tries to knock the lab tech out, but it doesn’t work. (Which I love by the way; who knows how hard to hit someone to knock them out?? Not me! Not Waverly.) Instead she just made him bleed, which makes the Piranha Plant monster lose its mind and crash through the glass of his pen.

The lab tech, who we find out later is named Jeremy and so I’m just going to call him that now, explains that the monster is a soul eater and that they should definitely run. Hiding behind a door, Waverly breaks her ruse and asks Jeremy if she’ll help them.

Waverly's face screams desperation


So Jeremy does help them and opens all the doors, but Doc closes it again before the girls can get out of the stairwell. He’s going to be the one to shoot Wynonna’s Spunky this time. (Gods, I hope you guys remember that speech from Season 1 otherwise that’s a real weird sentence.) Instead, he tells her to save the sister she has left.

So Wynonna and Eliza fight their way to the lab, quite the beautiful badass duo.

Wynonna and Eliza stand back to back mid-fight

If I didn’t know any better I’d say Eliza was flirting with Wynonna.

Doc finds Dolls and Lucado immediately insults his mustache because apparently it’s Pick on Doc Day. But he gets the last laugh, since he’s strapped with dynamite. She hesitates long enough for Dolls to reach out and strangle her until she passes out, and Doc lets him out.

Meanwhile in the lab, our Brave Little Toaster decides she can’t just hide behind the door anymore and makes a run for it, Jeremy hot on her heels. When they realize they can’t get past the demon, Jeremy tries to sacrifice himself, but Waverly isn’t a damsel in distress. Her eyes go black and she steps forward, and the demon miraculously backs off.

Dark Waverly smiles maliciously

“I’ve come to collect your overdue library fines. MUAHAHAHA.”


Anyway, Wynonna runs in just in time, shouts one of my all-time favorite phrases (“Not today, Satan!”) and shoots the demon dead.

Doc and Dolls are escaping but they have to split up so Dolls asks Doc to pass on a message because apparently he missed that one part in Season 1 where the Blacksmith showed us that Doc is really, really bad at passing on important messages.

So Dolls runs while Doc staves off some Black Badge baddies. (After yet again hilariously trying to tip his lack of hat at them.)

Things come to a head when the team finds themselves together again facing off with Lucado and her goons. She tries to end things by holding up a gun, causing Wynonna to immediately jump in front of Waverly; she can’t lose her. She just can’t.

The group stands facing Art's gun; Eliza's eyes glow, Wynonna stands in front of Waverly

I always tell myself not to get attached to new characters. I always get attached to new characters.

But then Art Bell from Orphan Black strolls in and tells them how this is going to go. Wynonna and her team are going to sign a contract with Black Badge and they’re going to help them fight Revenants and anything else that goes bump in the night; the words he’s saying make it sound like they’re on the same side of this – saying they’ll help her track down the Revenants to help the Earps break their family curse, etc – but something about his tone is shady to say the least.

And then he makes it clear that this arrangement isn’t exactly optional (and sort of appeases Lucado’s demand for justice for Dolls escaping) by shooting Eliza dead right on the spot after she tries to tell the gang not to sign anything Black Badge has to offer.

Wynonna's face is horrified as it is splattered with Eliza's blood

This day has been a doozy of a dumpster fire.

RIP Eliza, we hardly knew ye.

He reminds them that Wynonna is the only one here who isn’t expendable, and makes Wynonna, Waverly, Doc, and Jeremy put bloody fingerprints on an old piece of papyrus to seal the deal.

Before he sends them off, Definitely Not Art Bell asks if anyone else knows about this curse/Black Badge stuff, and Waverly jumps in to say no (and swears on her not-dead-mother’s non-existent grave) and Wynonna quickly supports this story.

But Agent Nicole Haught overhears this from the car. Sure her friends and girlfriend are safe, and a little bummed to be left out, she drives the getaway car outta there.

When they get home, Wynonna invites Doc in for a shower, but he knows the offer comes from a broken place and that it’s better for both of them if they spend the night apart.

Nicole apologizes to Waverly for leaving, but Waverly was glad she did; that was what she was hoping would happen.

Nicole looks like her feelings just got rull hurt

“I wanted you to leave” is not the most romantic thing to hear.

Nicole explains that she’s a little bummed she’s not part of this new Black Badge crew, but Waverly is genuinely surprised to hear this; she thought she was saving her from being tangled up in this. Nicole says a sad goodbye, and Waverly goes to kiss her girlfriend, but Nicole gives Waverly The Cheek™.

Waverly goes to kiss Nicole but Nicole turns her face so Waverly kisses her cheek instead

Frankly shocked all the snow on the homestead didn’t melt after that burn.

It’s so awkward and heartbreaking and they just need to PROCESS ALL THEIR FEELINGS.

Speaking of heartbreaking, finally having a second to stop and think and breathe, Wynonna heads to Willa’s room, climbs into bed, and sobs into a stuffed bunny. The events of the past 24 hours washes over her and the reality of it all hits her. She once tried to save her big sister but killed her father in the process. She thought that sister was dead, but got her back again. But then to save her big sister she had to kill her in the process. Her mentor and partner is gone, her little sister – her only sister – is tangled up in this with her, the whole town hates her more than ever. She’s strong, and she’ll stay strong, and she’ll be strong, but sometimes strength is knowing when to let yourself mourn. So she cries.

Wynonna cries curled up on Willa's bed


A light flickers in the room, a reflection from something outside, so she follows it to the edge of the Earp property. A hauntingly beautiful Ruelle song plays, Wynonna finds out the reflection was coming from her long lost key necklace, and looks up to see Dolls standing there. He smiles a rare, bright smile, a tear falls from his cheek. They exchange no words, but still say so much to each other. They smile-cry their goodbyes, and just like that, Dolls is gone.

Wynonna finds Waverly back on the porch with hot drinks for both of them. Wynonna says her job now is to keep Waverly safe. That’s all that matters now.

Wynonna smirks at Waverly

The fun has just begun, my friends.

So it’s time to go break a curse. But maybe it’s herself Wynonna needs to protect, because as Waverly follows her big sister back into the fray, her eyes go black once more.

Dark Waverly's eyes flash black

I hate how into this look I am.

It makes me nervous because I can’t tell if she’s starting to learn to control it, or if it’s controlling her. Is she possessed, or does she have a new power? Are Waverly and a Demon fighting for custody of her body, or is something evil infecting her very being? I need answers and I need them ASAP because I am VERY worried about our girl.

The tag at the end of the episode shows a Black Badge storage room, where a creepy-ass hand with creepy-ass jewelry reaches out of a box and scratches some dynamite. The box goes boom, and sometimes tells me it didn’t kill whatever was inside.

Okay, sound off! What did you think of the first episode of the new season? Worth the wait? (I say yes.) Tell me everything you loved, all your hopes and dreams and fears. We have a whole week to process this episode together.

Oh, but while you wait, because Wynonna Earp cares about its fans, there are plenty of other goodies to enjoy in the meantime. Including but not limited to, Purgatory PD’s functional website: http://www.purgatorysd.com/

Right now there’s a case of a home invasion on there (where I think you’ll find a familiar voice…) and a video chat between Nicole and Waverly. So check it out and let’s talk about that, too.

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  1. Oh man do I have a lot of feelings about this show and this episode.
    First let me say that a big YES this was worth the wait, amazing and exceeded my expectations but I also had some issues with it. So in no particular order I’m just going to jot them down and hope they make sense.
    My big issue and Valerie you touched on this and that is the comparison to Buffy, which there are worse things to be compared to but I think this show is becoming a little too Buffy 2.0 and losing what it was in Season 1.
    Now I know I can’t know that from 1 episode but Emily said in the AMA that for season 2 SyFy told her to broaden the Revenant pool to include other demon types and that’s all well and good but then Peacemaker becomes useless.
    To me Peacemaker is like another character. yeah it’s still a gun that shoots for Wynonna but it doesn’t vanquish the demons back to hell like it does the Revenants the demon bodies stick around.
    And for Wynonna to sign an oath with the Black Badge to collect these demons is just like when Buffy joined the Initiative and we all know that was kind of the weakest story/big bad.
    And I liked Wynonna killing Revenents and the stories behind them, that incorporated the history like the barber with the present day.

    Maybe it was just me but I didn’t see Wynonna hand over the introduction for Nicole to Waverly I saw her more like pause as in she didn’t know what to call Nicole and Waverly jumped in and said it. Not that I think Wynonna doesn’t like it but I just think her brain has been working in over drive and she hasn’t processed it yet.

    And I don’t know if it was the demon goo, the actors needing time to get back into character, or an awkwardness that Kat said in the AMA that she was more aware that people would watch closer and gif, but WayHaught seemed awkward to me in the kitchen. it just didn’t seem natural to me the way Waverly was like “we could be doing other stuff” and then pounced. I compare it to the barn kiss from last season where it just flowed better, Nicole kissing her neck, and then the build up from there, it was sweeter, more romantic I guess and just a better vibe.

    Nicole was so happy to be deputized by Dolls and then she got that taken away so naturally she’s upset and she thinks somethings off with Waverly so there’s that and now she couldn’t even do a blood oath but I think that’s going to be a good thing in the future.

    I have another theory, are we even sure that the goo made Waverly evil? I think we assumed that because she drew the gun on Wynonna and Doc but we learned that it was to shoot the Demon guy, and also because Dark Willow had the same kind of eyes. But she hasn’t done anything “bad” with her “powers” yet only kind of good stuff. Maybe as she said it just makes her strong (confident) though I can’t reason the different tasting kisses.

    Random thoughts: Even though there was an inkling that Rachel Skarsten might show up, I didn’t think it would be episode 1 so that was great but damn I had hoped it would be for longer.

    I loved seeing Art too, a lot of familiar faces of Canadian actors popping up. Is it too much wishful thinking to see Charlotte Sullivan (if she wasn’t too busy on Chicago Fire) pop up later in the season? I mean her husband did direct a few episodes in season 1.

    I like Jeremy but was a little like WTF dude, you’ve been here 5 minutes and you get to be in the Scooby gang meanwhile Nicole is on the outs. And doesn’t he already work for Black Badge so wouldn’t he already be blood oathed?

    Doc’s without his hat was too funny though I think it might get old as a running joke this season (ala stupid Carl) so I hope in like a couple of episodes they kill some kind of demon and Doc steals their hat or something.

    Dolls isn’t gone right? I mean he was in more of the season 2 trailer wasn’t he? not to mention can he live off that little drop of serum Doc had in the vial? And we still haven’t found out what he is but from what Eliza said he doesn’t even know.

    Okay I think that’s it, but boy was that a lot to process. See you next week or at the Purgatory station to help Nicole solve the case.

    • Hi! u know i actually started my comment with “did anyone else notice a change in wayhaught dynamic or was just me? but then i deleted it cause i wasn’t even sure y it felt diff, but u got d vibe too so, i’m not hallucinating. Maybe its the goo? Waverly seems more assertive than usual, wc i guess might mk nicole a little uncomfortable seeing as she already feel something is off. but i’m just speculating here
      I think the whole ‘other demons n creatures’ thing was mentioned a bit in the last ep of season one when d weird old man told wynonna abt how there were things outside wanting to get in just as much as the things inside want to get out and we saw a glimpse with the giant snake lizard thingy. so i guess they already hinted at the ghost river triangle beign more than just about revenants. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.
      I so totally tweeted about waverly maybe having superpowers now lol i mean peter paker was bitten by a radioactive spider and HE got superpowers. plus i dont want to have to worry about the evil alternative so yeah i’ll just stick with good waverly with badass abillities for now

    • I legit had the same thoughts about the wayhaught kitchen scene. Plus, it just seemed like a weird time to make out, and it seemed a bit forced. But maybe it was supposed to be like that, cause Waverly is kinda different Now right?

      It really did seem super heavy on the exposition and was just so damn fast. My favorite part of last season was when the show slowed down and really examined the family dynamics of the earp sisters, and this just felt a little forced. Idk. Maybe it’ll just be this episode. Probably have to give it more tike to pan out.

      • I just think this was masterful acting by Dom P-C to show subtle differences post goo and this is supported by how Nicole is reacting to her too.

  2. – Although I liked the episode, I found it a little exposition heavy.
    – Ned is just great.
    – Rachel Skarsten? How did they keep her being on here quiet?
    – I’m glad that demonic Waverly still loves Nicole.
    – Little Waverly with her British accent.
    – I hope that we get to see the schoolgirl again.
    – And Skarsten is dead. What a waste.
    – Nicole turned her head away. My heart is breaking.

  3. It always looks so cold and they always look under dressed. Maybe it bothers me so much because I’m from the south and get cold somewhere around 80 degrees. And the one thing in the world I hate more than just about anything is being cold. But my sister watched it with me and just said “they are really under dressed”.

    The episode itself was good. Wynona did seem to be coming apart. It was well acted. I hope Waverly is ok because my big gay heart can’t take much more disappointment. I’m cautiously optimistic though. The Earp sisters are tough and don’t quit. I want to believe that Nicole is going to play a role in protecting Waverly but my defenses might be down after they both survived Season 1.

  4. Awesome recap as always!

    I’m really excited about the show! I really enjoyed the first episode, and I’m also super scared for our sweet girl Waverly.

    I feel so many feelings over Nicole’s face in the end. Kat Barrell is fantastic.

    Also, I realized I need to rewatch the episode 50 times. The jokes and quips are way too quick for me :P

  5. Awesome recap as always. This was an amzing premier. I was afraid my over anticipation wuld mk it underwhelming but it did not disappoint at all. The dreamy smile on waverly’s face when she said “My girlfreind” was just so beautiful and the newbie Varun Saranga is an amazing addition to the gang. i really enjoyed his scenes. You were right abt waverly not being able to knock him out lol very well done by d writers, it was realistic and so unexpected wc is a refreshing thing about this show because u think u know what ll happen but u dont. Always gud to see tamsin and art was brilliant. Overall, an exciting start. Well done Valerie

  6. Great first episode! I think my theories about Waverly are coming true, she’s not possessed so much as her passions have been heightened. Obviously things could change, but I think this is a really interesting way to go rather than just turn her evil. She’s still Waverly and she still loves her sister and Nicole.

    I had concerns leading up to this episode because Shamier was far less involved in the promotion than the other cast and the ending really makes me feel he is moving on from this show and Emily is doing her best to ease him out without pulling a Rothenberg. I half way expect to see a new credit sequence next episode with Katherine Barrell in and him out. We know her role is expanded this season. I’m sad cause I liked him with Wynonna more than Doc, but I’d still be overjoyed with Kat being in the credits.

  7. Oh and I think Emily has gifted fans with another gay character! I think Jeremy is gay cause Waverly was really laying on the charm and he didn’t notice. LOL

  8. I was also worried about the premier not living up to the hype, but it was excellent.
    1) Sooo many good quips “It’s eating my hat!”, “You should see what I can do naked”, “How do you like my mustache now?”, “That is the worst British accent I have ever heard”
    2) So many sweet moments, when Doc takes on the mission to get Dolls by himself, when Waverly and Wynonna hug, every time Nicole senses that Waverly is off, when Wynonna cries
    3) I like Dark Waves! I mean, I don’t. But it adds a neat complication to a character who clearly has an arc of finding herself.
    4) The new guy is good! I loved his reaction to “Ride or die, dude!” you could tell he really thought, “oh shit, I think you literally mean die!” I think Jeremy is a great addition to the mix.
    5) RIP Doc’s hat. Gone but never forgotten.

    I do hope we get more sending Revenants back to hell action, and I hope that Dolls isn’t TOO scarce over the season. Overall, I pumped to see what happens in Purgatory.

  9. I thought it was a great start to the new season. The year long wait for those one liners was so worth it.

    I believe Waverly isn’t demon possessed (and part of that is wishful thinking too). It seems to me like she is tapping into those dark emotions with the evil eyes. I think they’ll play it out where the more it happens the stronger it gets and the less likely she will be able to control it.

  10. It’s great first episode, though I’m maybe a little worried about the series stepping too far away from what it was in season 1. But then maybe it’s just taking it’s time establishing a new status quo, a lot happened in the finale after all.

    As for Waverly, I’m kind of doubting she was ever fully human at this point. It seems unlikely that the Earps would adopt just anyone, especially since they somehow kept it a secret from her older siblings. Also, Juan Carlos said that the ghost river triangle did a lot more than just keep revenants in and I’m not sure that Waverly has ever stepped outside of it.
    So yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone decided to store Waverly inside the triangle to keep her safe from whatever is outside. And what better family to have adopt her than the one that’s sworn to keep the place safe and secure?

    As for the goo, I’m guessing it either awakened something in her or interacted with her specifically in some way, maybe both. I feel like some kind of exorcism is going to have to happen eventually, although I’d be pleasantly surprised if it didn’t.

    • I also doubt whether Waverly was ever 100% human. Bobo and her had a relationship that seemed less manipulative/malicious than Bobo’s other relationships. I have to wonder if he’s somehow bio-family with Waverly.

  11. “This day has been a doozy of a dumpster fire.”
    Referencing the live tweet AND the fan hang in one caption?!?! You’re out of control, Valerie.
    Fer real, this made my heart smile.

  12. This show has changed how I interact with a TV and is the first fandom I’ve engaged with. The crew and cast are so involved, but we just gotta remember to breathe and that this is their vision.

    Some stuff may seem like it aint going a way somepeople might want, but if you loved the first season (and how could you not!!!) then lets just get on board the bus and let Emily and her crew drive. We can just enjoy the ride and see where it takes us!

  13. Does anyone know where I can get this episode and the following ones before it hits Netflix? My cable company aka Spectrum formerly Time Warner will not allow access to SciFi network unless I get a full cable package. Totally crappy. I just have the internet cause I got tired of getting raped for cable and internet.

    • Got my fix fom iTunes… Affordable, and episodes are available the day after airing live (or maybe a bit earlier).

    • I get mine through Amazon. The episodes show up in my video library at midnight the day they air. It sucks not being able to live tweet, but it’s better than waiting for Netflix.

  14. Pheww, in medias res with these guys/gals. Good to know that Waverly hasn’t completely turned Dark Willow (yet). As others mentioned, the chemistry between Nicole and Waverly was noticeably different. While Nicole had quite the swagger when we first got to meet her (and punch, later on), I always felt that Waverly was the one actually taking the initiative in their relationship, moving things forward in a good way, of course. Then, Waverly was still trying to figure out where she belongs.

    This has been somewhat reversed, with Waverly being oddly confident of herself (is it just the goo?), and Nicole feeling unsure of her role in the demon-fighting circus and about her girlfriend’s state of mind… Well, curious how this plays out.

    Wynonna seems her jolly good ol’ self though (heartbroken, determined, and quip-tastic). Rock on!

    Shame that Eliza was killed off this quickly, as Rachel Skarsten and Melanie Scrofano were badass together. Loved the underwear fight scene, duh!

    Lots of exposition, indeed. Hopefully, this doesn’t mean that the storylines go haywire, but that the series plays out its core strengths – sisterly bonds, taking the piss out of that crazy world they live in, and of course, making us all swoon with hot lady kisses and more!

  15. This show is everything. Badass women, surprisingly likable male characters, WayHaught, wit, ass kicking and on top of that Melanie Scrofano’s facial expressions. And to think I once wasn’t that much into demon hunting stuff

  16. I’m so happy this show is back! I do not, however, like the over-the-top music. Sometimes I couldn’t hear the dialogue, and I don’t need to be prodded into feeling anxious. The revenants and the rogue government forces do that just fine, thank you very much.

    I wonder if Eliza is really dead…

  17. I’m so glad this show is back! I loved the episode, its twists and turns, all the funny quips, everything except for eliza’s death (hoping it’s not final, though! I mean, it’s a supernatural show, people coming back from the dead is par for the course). I’m also TERRIFIED for waverly but excited at the same time because I love some mystery and suffering on my tv shows, hahaha.

    regarding the message dolls gives to doc: do you think maybe it wasn’t meant for wynonna? I don’t really feel doc at this point would lie to her about it and the fact that dolls just says “her” and not “wynonna” makes me think it’s just to mislead us. I might be missing something that confirms the message was meant for her, though?

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