The Babadook was a Special Guest at A-Camp and These Are His Stories

It’s possible that if you’ve perused the internet lately, you may have come across mention of the Babadook‘s meteoric ascent as 2017’s most prolific queer icon. Although the meme allegedly started via Tumblr and Twitter last October, this reporter has been personally trolling the Autostraddle staff with Babadook-related imagery since at least then. In November, I created a Babadook emoji for the Autostraddle slack team which appeared whenever anyone mentioned the words “sleep,” “asleep,” “dream,” “dreaming,” “dreams” or his actual name. He was a real hit.

Erin & the Babadook: the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Later, as the Babadook grew more comfortable with his sexuality (and SOMEONE who works here kept deleting my Slack prompts), he ventured out into other corners of the internet, gradually developing a massively dedicated gay following. Obviously, when May rolled around and it was time for the team to venture out to Wisconsin for A-Camp, our lil buddy tagged along. Babadook loves adventure! He was kind enough to take some time off from his relentless schedule as Grand Marshall of every pride parade ever in order to shoot us a couple of photos from his time in Mukwonago.

All photos are actually taken by Robin Roemer and/or Molly Adams.

These three heartbreakers stormed the “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” dance, turning heads with their bold 80’s-inspired looks.

Babadook loved everything about camp – crafting, attending workshops, messing around in the teaching kitchen, bonding with his cabinmates – but he particularly relished receiving packages from our adorable unofficial mail carrier, Maggie. Did you receive an anonymous love note at camp? Maybe it was from the Babadook!

On the Music Hike, Jenny Owen Youngs and Mal Blum led a team of campers through the woods in search of adventure. Babadook forgot to bring bug spray, but he says it was worth it.

When he wasn’t manning the accessibility shuttle, Babadook took our Program Support guru Megan O’Grady on a scenic tour of the campgrounds. She looks positively delighted.

Who could forget the Babadook’s classic performance with the masculine of center dance team as they writhed around to “Pony” by Ginuwine? I’ll never be able to listen to that song without thinking of him ever again.

Special Programming Director Carly Usdin sent me this snap of the Babadook helping her set up production for Brittani Nichols and Gaby Dunn’s game show night. He ran lights for most of the evening activities.

Still, my dude found the time to participate in game show night, even slithering onstage for an amazing lip sync rendition of “And I Am Telling You” with resident Autostraddle artist Alyssa. These two set tongues wagging when they were later spotted leaving Klub Deer together in what my sources tell me was an “intimate embrace.”

At the all-camp photo, Babadook stood in the back so he wouldn’t block anyone else. Always super considerate, that guy.

Babadook turned out for Autopaddle, taking a kayak out for a peaceful, reflective solo spin around Lake Beulah.

“I’M RIGHT OVER HEEEERE, WHY CAN’T YOU SEE ME, OOOOHHHH…” On the last night, Babadook showed off his more hidden talents by singing backup for the A-Camp Family Band – here, he performs Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” with fellow queer icons Alaina Monts and Mara Wilson. He really brought the house down!

If you have any other special memories with our pal the Babadook, please feel free to share in the comments.

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Stef Schwartz is a founding member and the self-appointed Vapid Fluff Editor at She currently resides in New York City, where she spends her days writing songs nobody will ever hear and her nights telling much more successful musicians what to do. Follow her on twitter and/or instagram.

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  1. The Babadook’s toothpaste was confiscated by the TSA so they kept using mine throughout the whole camp however the Babadook never put the cap back on! Ugh! The worst!

      • Of course they squeezed the middle. And spilled all over the sink but did not rinse it out when they were done

        • I hate it when people do that…..the Babadook really needs to improve their toothpaste-stealing manners

    • They also loved playing with the squeaky doors late at night. I guess this is better than lurking around in the darkness while all the other campers sleep!

  2. the Babadook, was an amazing dancer at Club Yurt! Also drinking everyone under the table at the Bluebirds happy hour.

    • did you see gaby dunn shamelessly hitting on the babadook after her comedy set? get it together, dunn.

  3. Y’all, I touched a LOT of butts at camp and Babadook was one of my Top 3 Butts Touched (the other 2 of you know who you are).

  4. The Babadook offered to hold my hand the first time I went through the murder tunnel so that I wouldn’t be as scared.

  5. The Babadook loved participating in The Fire Houses (the wildfires and the badlands cabins) flogging sessions. You could hear him talking

    • my comment got cut off cause Im on my phone :/ point was our good friend the babadook is a power bottom and loves being flogged. I have pictures to prove it too.

  6. Babadook did a superb job with his accessibility shuttle shifts. Rave reviews from all campers.

  7. Babadook kept the Megasus well-stocked and made sure nobody ran out of LaCroix. So considerate!

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