The Autostraddle Insider: Issue 71, August 2020

Letter From Your Editors
Hey, it’s August, it’s still a pandemic, we’re still here, queer and hot!

1st: Shelli // Heather // Ari // Kamala // Drew // Vanessa2nd: Kayla // Abeni // Sarah // Stef // Valerie Anne // Meg3rd: Rachel // Dani // Malic // Laneia // Adrian // Nicole

By far the most important news this month on our slice of the planet is that our fundraiser was a raging success, THANKS TO YOU! Seriously, when Nicole shared the number of A+ members who had joined during the fundraiser, it really put a rosy tint on everything (also, if you have a moment to congratulate Nicole on making this fundraiser so effective, please do 💐). I’m getting a little joy wherever I can and, alongside keeping my freezer full of at least three kind...

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Kamala Puligandla

Kamala Puligandla lives in LA and is the writer of various autobiographical fictions. She is the distinguished recipient of her parents' leftovers and hair compliments from strangers on the street. Her first novel is forthcoming from Not A Cult. Find her work at

Kamala has written 50 articles for us.