Surprise! Samira Wiley And Lauren Morelli Got Married And Everything’s Perfect

Literal angels sent to us via Orange Is The New Black, Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli, have been a beacon of hope in a cruel, dark world for some time now. These two aesthetically pleasing human sunbeams have been smiling at each other publicly since 2014 and engaged since last October, making them the only positive force and last remaining hope in our lives. Because they are perfect, Samira and Lauren designed a Funfetti-themed wedding in Palm Springs Saturday afternoon, and did so with an exclusive spread in Martha Stewart Weddings (as one does). It is the second marriage for Morelli and the first for Wiley. Before you melt into a puddle on the floor, gaze upon these two gorgeous humans and the positively adorable way they look at each other:

Photography via Jose Villa / Martha Stewart Weddings

Imagine, for a moment, what it would be like to marry Samira Wiley. If you envisioned both of you wearing custom Christian Siriano outfits and your bridal party dancing up the aisle to Montell Jordan’s romantic masterpiece “This Is How We Do It,” you are 100% accurate (but also too late, because now she’s married to Lauren. Sorry buddy.). The outdoor affair was officiated by Samira’s parents and planned by Beth Helmsetter Events; the couple entered their reception to Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and set off confetti during their first dance. If you would like to know more about the decorations, centerpieces and flatware used during the reception, Martha’s got you covered.

Everything was Lauren and Samira and nothing hurt.

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  1. I had two thoughts on their wedding outfits:
    1.If I would have worn Samira’s dress, it would’ve taken me the entirety of 90 seconds before I would have spilled something on it. It’s just so perfectly and flawlessly white!
    Otherwise, beautiful, simple cut.
    2.Lauren’s outfit looks handcrafted by the elves of Middle Earth (=High Nerd Praise) Very special and beautiful and she totally rocks it.

    Such a beautiful couple and beautiful pictures!
    All the happiness to them both! <3

  2. Because I was recently a bridesmaid, who had the gall to design a bridal outfit that’s harder to pee in than a poofy marshmallow dress!? In a normal pantsuit, you’d just take it down, but with this one it looks like you’d have to pull the cape over your head and mess up your hair and makeup and then it’d just be laying in bathroom filth. But in terms of styling, 10/10, they both look amazing, Lauren Morello to play matrimonial Emma Frost for ever and always.

  3. Lauren seems to be dressed as some sort of Elsa-inspired superhero and I APPROVE WHOLEHEARTEDLY. And Samira just looks like literal perfection in every way. Man, this is just excellent news. *happy sigh*

    Also, I have always wanted to have a funfetti cake if I ever got married, but I never considered it could be the theme for the whole dang wedding! Brilliant.

  4. Wow, if two people in the world somewhere can find happiness , it makes the BS of your own life and BS otherwise in the world quite bearable. And i don’t mean it in a sarcastic manner, it really brings me joy to see them together. Guess it’s being part of humanity or whatever.

  5. The wedding jumpsuit is mimd blowingly elegant and fun!!! I have never had any ideas of having a traditional wedding, but I may just sport white om that day (as long as it’s a jumpsuit) ?

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