BREAKING: Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli Are Lesbianing Together

Today, deeply embedded and highly confidential yet incredibly trusted inside sources within the Autostraddle network have secretly confirmed a story currently fingerblasting from the newsdesks of the hard-working and undoubtedly honest journalists of The Daily Mail: Orange is the New Black actress Samira Wiley and Orange is the New Black writer Lauren Morelli are A Thing.


“They are believed to have been dating each other for the past six months,” reported The Daily Mail in the passive voice. “But on Monday evening Orange Is The New Black actress Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli (who is a writer on the show) took their rumoured relationship into the spotlight as they left Chateau Marmont together hand-in-hand.”

We’d like to show you an actual photograph of this situation but don’t want to be threatened with a multi-thousand-dollar lawsuit like we were the last time we used photographs from The Daily Mail that didn’t belong to us because we can’t afford to buy those photographs because we are a poor queer independent media property. Luckily, I have a personal Intern who made this faithful representation of the event for you:


graphic by intern grace

Lauren’s instagram also reveals the twosome giving great face en route to the ceremony.


We woke up like this, poreless

In a May 2014 essay for, Lauren revealed that she realized she was gay while writing Orange is the New Black, a revelation that did not surprise the thousands of women who realized they were gay while watching Orange is the New Black. (Television is a key element of the lesbian recruitment agenda.) Lauren wrote, “I went through it all on set: I fell in love with a woman, and I watched my life play out on screen. And now, as we are gearing up for the release of season 2, it feels liberating and appropriate to live my life in front of you.”

Friendly friends

Lauren and Samira enjoy a blossoming friendship during OITNB Season One

“The pair certainly haven’t kept their relationship a secret, both posting intimate selfies of one another on their respective Instagram accounts,” reported The Daily Mail breathily. Specific intimate selfies cited include “a picture of Samira grinning behind a tray of oysters on what appeared to be a romantic dinner date.”

This is how lesbians have sex

This is how lesbians have sex

Another cited intimate selfie is described by The Daily Mail like so: “Lauren added another picture in May, which showed Samira lovingly kissing her head as they celebrated her birthday.”


Believe it or not, this kiss isn’t the only present Lauren received that day

Also, Samira Wiley Enthusiast and Autostraddle Associate Editor Yvonne Marquez has noted of the following photograph, “this is clearly lauren’s dog.”

poussey w/puppy


The two women were captured wearing fancy outfits and being cuddly in public on August 23rd at the Variety and Women In Film Emmy Nominee Celebration Powered by Samsung Galaxy, along with a plethora of talented and brilliant humans you might have strong feelings for:

In addition to all of the captivating information we’ve already shared with you, we must add that on Instagram, Lauren Morelli cited her day at New York City Pride to be “one of the best days of her life.” This speaks to the incredible power of lesbian love and the cast of Orange is the New Black to overcome sweltering heat and the aggressive marketing of Bud Light to unsuspecting homosexuals.



In the following instagram photograph, captioned as “chilling w/Lo,” Samira and Lauren express a tender and cheerful intimacy reminiscent of that time I called my straight best friend “Lo” even though her name was “Lauren” and sometimes we had sex. Unlike me and my Lo, however, Samira and her Lo are actual girlfriends, which’s a much healthier situation and I’d highly recommend going that route rather than the sleeping-with-your-straight-best-friend route. This is me looking out for you, young lezzers of America. This is the work we do here.

hahaha we're cute lesbians with puppies we win all the things lol

The puppy was determined to make a name for itself in the world of adorable lesbian modeling and refused to be shut out of any potential opportunities to be seen

In conclusion, it is safe to assume that Lauren Morelli has succeeded in fulfilling the need Samira Wiley announced nearly a mere year ago, for a “boo” to “keep [her] lil’ ass warm.” Furthermore, look at how hot and brilliant everybody in this picture is:


This is my kind of Modern Family, y’all

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  1. Guyssss I have been reading into their Instagrams for so long!!! I’m not sure if I’m sobbing bc this is the cutest or because this dashes my hopes of Samira somehow falling in love w me

  2. I don’t want this gem to be lost in the excitement of this news though: “I’d highly recommend going that route rather than the sleeping-with-your-straight-best-friend route. This is me looking out for you, young lezzers of America. This is the work we do here.”

  3. Well, comparing side by side, your Samelli doodle (sorry) is totally better than all of the DM photos except maybe the second one, where at first glance it looks like Lauren is reaching round the front (also sorry).

    Incidentally, chocolate and vanilla swirl is one of my favourite moments of all of OITNB, but this is doubtless a horribly inappropriate moment to mention that. (So much sorry.)

    Vinnie you’re drahnk, go home. (I am sober.)

  4. Also: “I went through it all on set: I fell in love with a woman, and I watched my life play out on screen.”


  5. This shouldn’t be tagged as Vapid Fluff. This is definitely Inspiration journalism.


    • I am glad this is tagged “Vapid Fluff” because it definitely belongs on the list of posts I re-read to cheer myself up (aka everything tagged “Vapid Fluff”).

      • I was making a joke…because Vapid Fluff makes it seem superfluous when instead THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT GROUNDBREAKING NEWS AND EVERYONE MUST TREAT IT SERIOUSLY OBVZ

        • I knew you were making a joke. I should not comment when I’m tired. It’s obvs VERY IMPORTANT NEWS. ;)

        • Hah, okay =P That’s why I suggested an “Inspiration” category because, by Jove, I feel spiritual just reading this news.

  6. Coincidentally, “Young Lezzers of America” is the name of my political party. AKA me and some chicks I hang out with eating chips and queso from time to time.

  7. I literally lol’d at the oyster picture/caption. While sitting in the quiet carriage on the train. No regrets.

    Also Samira Wiley is GODDAMN HOT

  8. YASSSS this just made my day!!! My friends and I have been hoping for this moment forever after squealing about their adorable instragram posts for a few months. Can’t wait for more info!!

  9. Holy fucking shit this is some sexy news!

    Baby Jesus must have been a lesbian! Look at the great things he’s bestowed upon us!


    also like duhhhhhhh saw that from a hundred million lightqueers away

  11. OMG, the captions on these photos. My family are mostly asleep and I’m trying really hard not to crack up laughing out loud.

    Also: yay for them!

  12. I… didn’t realize this was news, but also those pictures from the Variety party are probably the best thing to ever have happened to lesbians ever.

  13. Oh my god. I got so excited reading this that I accidentally ate a piece of the paper napkin around my soft serve.

  14. they seem adorable. and now they’ve topped Chelsea Peretti/Jordan Peele on my “celebrities who I totally figured out were dating before they made it official” list.

  15. This is probably the cutest thing to happen ever. I was at an amusement park yesterday and they had TVs in line. And while waiting for a roller coaster, this paypal commercial w/ Samira Wiley comes on and I had to restrain myself from screaming “MY BOO!” in a crowd of strangers. I’m glad these beautiful queers are together and blessing us with pictures of their adorable faces doing adorable gay things like eat oysters and cuddle dogs and attend Pride.

    Also, while I read this my family is playing yahtzee so I keep hearing them talking about how they have their “small straights” and I’m giggling imagining an army of queers with little straight children they bought at the straight store. I am now going to lovingly refer to my heterosexual friends as “mu small straights”.
    …I think my brain is fried because of this news. Autostraddle really knows what stories I want to read. Thank you again AS for being the best site ever.

  16. Someone needs to appreciate Riese’s gleeful sarcasm here. This is the reason that this website is the best one on planet Earth. Making fun of and cherishing this culture at the same damn time. Bless you.

  17. So, I might be a creeper. But on the tail of this breaking news I was on Instagram and noticed something extremely adorable on Lea Delaria’s feed.

    YES. You have seen correctly. That is Lauren Morelli fixing Samira Wiley’s makeup off to the right hand side of the picture. This is a job relegated often to one’s girlfriend when lesbianing together.

    Like I said, creeper status. But at least I’m a creeper of cuteness!

  18. AGhhhhh!!! I am SO HAPPY for the both of them! For everyone. Although I admit to getting envious when I see a happy lesbian couple, that envy is totally cancelled out by the surge of hope I receive. Hope that I can be in a relationship like that too! :D

  19. I am so happy. I could only be happier if it was me in the middle of them like some lesbian ice cream sandwich.

    Also, Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual have been hanging out a lot together in denim vests and beanies and button-ups, so I’m hoping they fall madly in love soon and announce said love to the world. I’m calling it now.

    • “Also, Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual have been hanging out a lot together in denim vests and beanies and button-ups, so I’m hoping they fall madly in love soon and announce said love to the world. I’m calling it now.”

      AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I would explode.

  20. This is a shining light in the hideous darkness of Internet customer service that has been my day. Thanks again AS. Also squeeeeeeee.

  21. Mortals do not ever get this level of reaction from a community of people when they start dating. Wilelli are not mortals.

  22. how ridiculously lucky is morelli? she comes out, and her first girlfriend (presumably) EVER is samira freaking wiley?! sigh. my life could only wish to be this awesome.

  23. Aww… they are both so adorable. Cute couple, cute couple. Man, Congrats on finding love you two! I’m jealous now.

  24. Autostraddle, I read wayyyyy more than I comment (which I really need to fix, ‘cuz I love this site and everyone on here seems to be lovely), but why oh why do you look towards the Daily Mail for news/sources? Ask anyone of us who lives in the UK and we can tell you how horrible The Daily Mail is, it has a history of homophobic ‘reporting’, sexism and racism. It would be the equivalent of me running a blog and using Fox News as a reliable source. It’s not reliable and you are no doubt sending more traffic to them = more profit.

    AS, never stop being awesome. :)

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