17 Comments On Lesbian Recruitment Tactics From This Wacky Conservative Hit Piece About Raging Lesbian Feminist Carmen Rios

“How many times do I have to repeat it? Feminism is a journey to lesbianism. Women’s Studies is a vehicle for that journey, as Carmen Rios is honest enough to admit.”
– Robert Stacey McCain

The undoubtedly delightful Robert Stacey McCain, esteemed conservative blogger for The Other McCain, had a really busy weekend reading the collected works and social media output of Autostraddle’s very own Carmen Rios. After immersing himself in Carmen’s work for Autostraddle and The Feminist Majority Foundation, The Other McCain concluded that Carmen Rios is a ruthless lesbian recruiter who aims to seduce young women into the lesbian lifestyle by teaching them about feminism, encouraging them to major in Women’s Studies, and pushing for accurate sex education in schools. Obviously McCain had no choice but to write an entire article about Carmen and her Lesbian Feminist Agenda (which we’ve saved as a PDF for you because we’d prefer you not give them any traffic). Obviously the readers of his blog had no choice but to respond in kind and obviously we had no choice but to cull the highlights from these comments and share them here with you right now, today.

Keen Observations About Feminism as a Lesbian Recruitment Tactic Culled From The Comments on “Hi, We’re Lesbian Feminists and We’re Here To Talk To Your Daughter About Sex” by Robert Stacy McCain

1. Fortunately most “college lesbians” snap out of it. But now they are trying to target them in grammar and high school.

2. If they truly felt all lesbians were “born that way”, they wouldn’t feel the need to do outreach like this.

3. Homosexuality needs to be indoctrinated to survive. And homosexuals need to recruit at a younger and younger age as lesbians leave the life quite often, per the current wife of the Mayor of New York.

4. Homosexuals have become a protected group who are given free reign to bully and harass with impunity.

5. Funny how lefties love to bash Catholic Priests, but when their own “priesthood” engages in things that should not be part of public education it is mostly crickets or claims those protesting are the bigots.

6. You know who needs to have a conversation about sex with a 10 to 14 year old? Their parents. Not some animalistic cult who prey on the young calling themselves “feminists.”

7. I think society would be better with no public schools. There are too many people trying to control what is taught.

8. Fascists at least love their country, crazy homosexual communists don’t.

9. Lesbian feminists are quite blatant about recruiting, they have been for 30 years, since I was in college. My lesbian separatist TA wasn’t secretive about it.

10. Nazism is the child of butch homosexuals.

11. [Carmen describes herself as] “…a raging lesbian feminist.” Is there any other kind of lesbian feminist?

12. I’ve worried a lot about Ebola lately and the disproportionate impact it may have on our vulnerable (immunocompromised) LGBTQIAP+ community..

13. When people who are passionate about their religion talk about how it saved their lives and how they want to spread it to other people, they are called all sorts of names, told they are Christofascist nutbags, made fun of for believing in a higher power, and in general read the riot act about how they are oppressing people by sharing their beliefs. A lesbian feminist finds salvation in feminism? We gotta spread this to impressionable youth everywhere!

14. If one has to talk to someone about something, then that thing is obviously not what comes naturally. It is clear that homosexuality is something that has to be taught and indoctrinated otherwise no one would practice it.

15. Is it a concept in Lesbianism that you don’t have to comb your hair anymore?

16.  Conservatives reproduce in the womb.
Leftists reproduce in the classroom.

17. Hi, I’m a traditional valued Christian father. Step one foot towards my daughter and I’ll rip your deviant spine out and beat your girlfriend to death with it.

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  1. 7 and 11 are so absurd they almost seem like they’re trolling, or maybe that’s wishful thinking.

    Carmen, you’re a boss. I love your writing and your voice and your piece on feminism and sex ed meant a lot to me as someone who thinks about the future of education and feminism.

    Autostraddle at large: if you’re making them mad, you’re doing something right.

  2. Re: 19, I don’t much believe in an afterlife but I do like to picture one where all the ragedads and MRAs and fedoras spend a short eternity in the Happy Hut a la Addams Family Values, watching Free to Be You and Me and Tegan and Sara videos and that Goldieblocks commercial until they break down in manly shame tears.

  3. Oh my dear lesbian feminist goddess.
    At first I laughed and then I became really angry as I kept reading.

  4. I tried to read the PDF but had to go vomit in my mouth instead. What can I say about the state of the world, but: haters gonna hate. Trolls gonna troll. Carmen’s gonna shine because she’s a bright star.

    And thanks for the “lesbian recruitment”, Autostraddle, without it I’d probably be still in a closet or worse by now. Good stuff, that.

    • YES. As someone who grew up around far more people like the commenters on that article than people like you guys, I have to say thanks Autostraddle! These recruitment pitches have made this communist feminist raging lesbian’s life a whole lot more awesome.

    • Time to pack it up everybody. We had a good run. But it’s back to heterosexuality and “traditional” female gender roles for us.

      Or wait, are conservatives like T-Rex’s? Maybe their vision is based on movement and if we all hold still they’ll just wander away…

  5. i think “crazy homosexual communist” is one of the most accurate ways to describe me tbqh

  6. For one, Carmen rocks!

    For two… I should have stopped at reading the excerpts here. Reading the actual article and the actual commentaries (via the pdf of course!) was enraging.

    Assholes like that are why the world collectively can’t have nice things.

    • ah yes, if only we could all write piece in which we completely reinvent logic, truth, and reality a la the other mccain.

      also, you rock, too! <3

      • Well hey in a sense there isn’t anything wrong with redefining reality for yourself – the whole thing about making lemonade, you know?

        But sometimes I get the impression that some of these dinlows read the Principia Discordia and /totally/ fnord misunderstood it!

  7. Proud to be an animalistic cult member/crazy homosexual communist!

    Brb, bullying some Catholic priests with impunity.

  8. Damn, poor Chirlaine MacRay (who still identifies as a lesbian, by the way), getting dragged into this mess.

  9. Is there a training program for those of us wanting to learn to properly recruit the masses of straight women?

  10. These people have no idea who they’re fucking with. They’ve never encountered Carmen after a handle of vodka…But I have!

  11. this is my actual favourite thing.

    tbh i’ve seen carmen recruit young girls, and it’s nothing to be messed with.

  12. #7 – uh, contradictory much, asshole?

    Ah, #17. You just gotta love them “Christian” values!

    a raging lesbian feminist. – a see a possible new apparel option for the AS store that I would totally buy.

  13. I read that PDF, and so much was wrong with it I don’t know where to start. If one were to write a response dissecting it, and offering up a counter argument, it would be days long. So twisted.

    I think what saddens me the most, is that I know if the author was offered up explanations, like that feminism does not equal misandry, he would refuse to change his view points.

    I’m glad that this community exists to counter backwards thinking such as that.

  14. So….. “If one has to talk to someone about something, then that thing is obviously not what comes naturally” means that we were better off before we invented language, yes?

    Also, I talk about food probably 73% of the time. Is eating unnatural? Were we better off as autotrophs?

    I’m being too rational again, aren’t I. Le sigh.

    • I’m guessing he also thinks that straight sex is something that never needs to be discussed. Nobody should make their sexual thoughts/feelings/preferences/desires known! Ever!

    • Right? I had to quadruple-take that one.

      So, things this person doesn’t believe are natural must include:

      -potty training
      -pregnancy and child rearing
      -cancer diagnoses
      -food allergies

    • Hello I am a highly emotionally sensitive male who is also an empath. I used to resonate from the warmth and equality of humanism. Nowadays that is not so , the Divided States of America, just became more divided with gender segregation, which is far from equality, the agenda that they so claim. Amazing that this is why me and many other men are suicidal, and that men are 3 times more often to kill them selves then women and the rate is growing every day. Maybe thats why you can sleep peacefully at night. And furthering this agenda is murder to more helpless men. I hope your all happy that i don’t have i right to live in happiness, and that depression despair has consumed me to the point where i don’t belong anywhere on this planet. From my gut to my neck is inflamed with the deepest pain of uselessness, and I cry everyday and usually cry myself to sleep and or have a panic attack that feels like my heart is being zapped. These are all emotions or feelings that a lot of women could relate to, but i’m a guy so i don’t deserve any compassion. How un human. Also have isolated myself into seclusion, and the end is hopefully and mercifully near. My existence and dreams are over. but while i’m still here i just wanted to spread the word to you. and i’m not gonna say shame on you like any rational kindhearted decent person would say. Im not gonna say your all gonna burn in hell, like some right wing christian and or rational and decent person would say. I think the real human experience should be spreading positive and constructive influence for all people, so that all human beings have a right to fulfill their dreams and live a happy life, and if you don’t believe in that then your not for equality and are a supremacist nazi. Kindness is really hot, and coldheartedness is not, and kindhearted people attract other kindhearted people and coldhearted people attract coldhearted people. Im sure you’ll find your way but for me my heart won’t wait, but you wouldn’t understand that because you never had to wait.

  15. Hi I’m a nontraditionally valued Christian queer daughter. Police my sexuality and I won’t rip out your spine and beat you to death with it out because I don’t condone that sort of behavior (maybe I’m not the one who’s “failed at being normal”) but I will be forced to quote loads of Audre Lorde and Laci Green and Maya Angelou and other such eloquent and intelligent people at you.

  16. Carmen – keeping it raging, lesbian, and feminist since 1990.


    • Anyway its a bumper sticker saying

      Sorry I missed church I was practicing witchcraft and becoming a lesbian.

      Dedicated to all of us :)

  17. Oh God, Number 10. I laughed, but then I felt bad for laughing. Then I got angry.

    Seriously, Carmen you’re awesome and all the haters can go jump in a black hole.

    Also, also, I would buy a mug/t-shirt/whatever with “raging feminist lesbian” on it. Idc how much.

  18. Shit, they’re on to us. Everyone knows the first rule of Raging Lesbian Feminist Club is not to talk about Raging Lesbian Feminist Club.

  19. Yes we are recruiting. For a limited time only, we’re providing free brunch and kitten cuddles, as well as an exclusive “raging lesbian feminist” flannel shirt. But wait! Join now, and we’ll give you a free processing session. The only catch is you must never comb your hair and pledge your allegiance to our supreme overlord Carmen, and gather each Friday to gift her with pictures of your pets and each Sunday to praise the beautiful happy glory of the queer-dominated universe we live in.

    (Seriously Carmen you rock, fuck tha police, you do you, flaunt that ‘do girl. You’re officially famous!)

  20. I’m glad y’all found the funny in that. I laughed at the nonsense quoted in the AS article, but reading that pdf, not so fun. in particular:

    Campus activism about rape provides a means of disseminating the core message of feminist ideology, i.e., that men are evil and dangerous and that male sexuality is inherently violent and oppressive to women.

    fucking infuriating. fucking honestly of all the things to go on a tangent about, somehow rape isn’t allowed to be viewed as a legitimate issue by these fuckfaces? this is the sort of shit that kills my faith in humanity.

    (I’m glad autostraddle & carmen’s writing exist to restore it a bit.)

  21. “If one has to talk to someone about something, then that thing is obviously not what comes naturally.”

    Wait, are they talking about lesbianism or are they talking about conservative Christian values?? Because I hear those people talking about that stuff… a lot.

  22. All I can do is go LOLOLOLOLOMGWTF

    For the record, lesbianism led me to feminism so obviously it is natural.

    • oh my god i laughed out loud at work for like, a good five minutes about this. COMMENT AWARD.

  23. #1~#16 were almost funny, in a pathetic troll way. “Leftists reproduce in the classroom”? Really?

    … then #17 happened and I wanted to throw up.

  24. I’m sorry, why are we immunocompromised? Are you referring to HIV? Lesbians are a very low risk group for HIV and STIs. I’m confused.


  25. I don’t actually comb my hair but I wasn’t aware it had anything to do with my orientation – you learn something new every day!

  26. If this guy believes in “recruitment”, he’s really saying that the only thing that would be needed to stop him being heterosexual would be a good sales pitch.

    I could find the article funny if it generally picked on Autostraddle, but picking out someone by name like this is just hateful bullying.

  27. That whole article reads like satire, so I intend to believe that is the case and not have to face the fact that people can really be that dense.

    Also, I loved that paragraph in the article that was telling us all about how awesome Carmen is, and was then followed by ‘SEE SHE’S EVIL FOUR LEGS GOOD TWO LEGS BAD BOO FEMINISM.’
    Does not compute.

  28. Honestly, McCain’s such a poor writer that I can’t follow the thread of her argument enough to get angry.

    But she inadvertently makes an important point – her stats indicate that 18% of women identify as feminist, yet only 2% as gay. We’ve got to streamline the feminist-to-lesbian pipleline, here, guys! It’s clearly far too inefficient right now. (I look forward to the possibility of seeing this comment quoted in future conservative writings, as so many other tongue-in-cheek recruiting remarks were)

  29. I found a new way of describing my self now “Crazy lesbian communist”.

    Haters gonna hate :)

  30. Well I got 4 pages in to that PDF before being so annoyed I had to give up.

    But I did recognise these things:

    1. Some people are idiots.
    2. I really need to be following Carmen on Twitter.

  31. All of those were laughable and nonsensical to the point where I don’t think any actually intelligent person would take them serious but #17 is just downright disturbing and disgusting. So basically if a lesbian even talks to your daughter you should violently beat her to death. Good Lord. True Christians need to come collect their people and stop letting the blatantly crazy ones speak for them and ruin their reputations.

  32. I’m not even going to read the original article but all I can say is GO CARMEN.


  33. Ok but the comments on that article (pdf, didn’t even venture to the site) were fucking scary. Give them anonymity, and the real angry ones come out to play.

  34. well… robert stacey (really? stacey? compensation issues happening here?) mccain has just done a bang up job of being the reason for my recruitment into the commie pinko lesbian fold! thanks a bunch, stacey, hunny! hugs!:)

  35. That is because homosexuality is a mental illness. Suicide is common
    among the mentally ill. They run away from home for the same reason,
    and because other crazy people endorse their mental illness and claim
    that they are not mentally ill.


    • Yeah, if there’s one thing that’s indicative of mental illness, it’s when other “crazy” people claim something is not a mental illness. Oh, and a huge portion of unaffected people claim it too. Oh, and the APA. That’s when you know something is definitely a mental illness, is when the APA releases a statement saying that that thing is definitely not a mental illness.

  36. oi with the poodles that was a hot ass mess.
    i’m here for queers who don’t comb their hair though. #nappylife

  37. I’m very excited to be part of a special “priesthood”. Especially since it is the animalistic kind.

  38. Sooo…. You’ve got plenty of toasters to lend out, right? Because mine just broke and I’m not at the recruiting stage yet. :D Although I did recruit my gf to Autostraddle. Anyway, Go Carmen! You rock and I love you. <3

      • i think i am a pretty good speller in general, but all the words that it is possible to have two letters in two spots, but it is only in one spot with two letters! (?! what?), confuse the shit out of me and i will never get right. Disappointed (ok maybe i know that one), recommended (?), and many others I can not think of now. Apparently there was no easy clue to help me remember how to spell these words.

  39. I tried to read that PDF in one sitting but ended up feeling so sick and angry I had to take a break and cuddle my dog.

    Wow, just wow.

    Silver lining: I guess this justifies me never combing my hair again!

  40. well, i thought the level of sheer falseness/theabsoluteworst thing was reading the Gavin McInnes article, but i was wrong.

  41. “Carmen Rios is a ruthless lesbian recruiter who aims to seduce young women into the lesbian lifestyle by teaching them about feminism, encouraging them to major in Women’s Studies, and pushing for accurate sex education in schools.”

    I mean, that would do it for me, so it’s a fair point. In reality though, all it took was a cigarette and a “hello” and a “it’s time to get on the bus everyone! Make sure I’ve checked you off on the clipboard before getting on!”

  42. Also, can we talk about this other headline in their ‘Sex Troubles’ series? “How to Become a Lesbian, Step One: Watch Cable TV While Depressed”. OMG.

  43. Yeeeeeeeah y’all need to put a trigger warning on the last one. That’s not funny, just upsetting and graphically violent. :/

    …I do like the hair one tho.

  44. ’10. Nazism is the child of butch homosexuals.’ WHAT? but also 1.-17., WHAT?

    and no 11., there isn’t any other kind. raging lesbian feminists unite!

    Carmen fucking Rios you’re my hero.

  45. I kept looking it over waiting for the joke. So your saying this is a real thing and this is a person’s real blog and thoughts? Announcement to blogger…we can hear you.. everything you were thinking at your repressive dinner table as a child.. when you grow up sometimes..yes you did say that and not think it.

  46. Hate filled tripe like this just reinforces the need to teach my high school students to be open minded and to live-and-let-live.

    Hate begets hate. Small mindedness begets small mindedness.

    Not to mention the fact that karma *will* bite your bigoted ass.

  47. Fuck.

    It was almost funny until the super last one.

    There’s such a ridiculous reality gap, what he says sarcastically is actually PRETTY spot-on and then like what he says seriously just seems so satirical.

    simultaneously laughing and throwing up

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