50 of the Best Feminist Books of 2018

Here are 50 of the best books from this year that are by and about women, feminism or gender and related intersectional issues. There seem to be strong recurring themes of dystopia, anger, and navigating violent structures of power. What a coincidence! 

Fool’s Journey: What Makes a ‘Feminist’ Tarot?

“Feminism is about unlocking the bonds of separation. Seeing everyone as equals and raising up those who have been most oppressed by patriarchy. Tarot and oracle decks support this work because they give us a tool to connect to our atomic memory. A memory that knows the equality of all beings.”

Rebel Girls: How Quota Systems Across the Globe Count Women Into Politics

“Whereas some political systems are centered around equality of opportunity for women in politics — basically, the system we have in the US that (in theory) gives women the chance to run for office and be elected to office just like men, nothing different and nothing more — a growing number of nations and political parties have opted instead to make broader representation of women in their governments an explicit political goal using quota systems.”