Also.Also.Also: Proof the Future Is Queer, Black, Brown and Female

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Queer as in F*ck You

+ 100 Women 100 Stories: Mey Rude. Oh yeah we’re talking about that Mey Rude, our Mey Rude.

+ Angela Peoples, co-director of LGBTQ equality org GetEqual and the woman in the viral photo from the Women’s March has an important message for white female allies: Listen to black women.

+ The Most Important Speech from the Women’s March came from a black femme breast cancer survivor, Erika Hart.

+ 100 Intriguing LGBTQ People to Look Out for in 2017.

+ Texas Supreme Court Agrees to Consider Rolling Back Same-Sex Marriage Rights. Everything’s fine.

+ Doctors Say Repealing the Affordable Care Act Would Devastate the Trans Community.

+ Be Steadwell’s Thoughts on the March on Washington.

Be Steadwell from the stage

+ ABC to Interrupt LGBT Miniseries When We Rise to Accommodate Trump Speech. ?

+ Canadian Unions Applaud Step Forward for Trans Rights.

+ Vogue Model Hanne Gaby Odiele Reveals She is Intersex.

+ Trans Men in Georgia Win Right to Change Their Names.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Greenpeace’s RESIST Banner was a beautiful sight and also it was hung with the help of black queer feminist activist, Pearl Robinson!

+ Trump Has Lots of Options for Inflicting ‘Consequences’ on the Press.

+ Everything You Wanted to Know About That Emoluments Lawsuit.

+ Trump Assembles a Shadow Cabinet. Ok.

+ Dan Rather Knows What’s Up.

+ A Lie By Any Other Name, re: Trump being a pathological liar.

+ Trump’s ‘Voter Fraud’ Investigation Targets States That Opposed Him.

+ 100+ AAPI Groups Vow to Resist Trump Administration.

+ A Radical Expansion of Sanctuary: Steps in Defiance of Trump’s Executive Order.

+ Explaining Trump.

+ Here’s All the Land and Water Trump’s Dumb Fucking Wall Would Have to Cover.

+ Here are the 17 Agencies and Programs Trump Wants to Kill, and What They Cost.

+ Have you signed up for these helpful action-based newsletters that Rachel told you about?

Doll Parts

+ Black Women Die From Cervical Cancer at Twice the Rate of White Women.

+ The Road Women Marched On This Weekend Was Paved By Black Resistance.

+ When You Brag That the Women’s Marches Were Nonviolent.

+ The Future of the Left is Female.

+ Feminist Organizing After the March: Lessons From the Second Wave.

+ The Women’s March Succeeded Because It Spoke to Women’s Outrage.

+ Rebecca Solnit: How to Find Hope in a New Era of Darkness.

+ The Dutch Plan to Create an International Abortion Fund.

+ 10 Things Women Lose if the ACA is Repealed.

+ For Female Journalists, Mary Tyler Moore Showed Us the Life We Wanted.

+ Love’s Labor Earned.

Keep Up

+ How to Contact the 17 Banks Funding the Dakota Access Pipeline.

+ Flint Left Wondering How Trump’s EPA Freeze Will Impact the $100,000,000 It Was Promised in Grant Aid.

+ Felony Charges for Journalists Arrested at Inauguration Protests Raise Fears for Press Freedom.

+ Aetna Lied to the Public About Quitting the Affordable Care Act.

+ What Standing Rock Meant for Those Who Took Part, and What Comes Next.

+ Grand Plans vs Reality: White House Veterans Recall Their First 100 Days.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ If You See Something, Save Something: Six Ways to Save Pages in the Wayback Machine.

+ Didn’t even know there was a Doomsday Clock, but now it’s 30 seconds closer to midnight (???) so tuck that in your hat.

+ How to Begin Again.

+ There’s a 1.8-Mile Fissure in the Arizona Desert. Don’t worry I will not fall into it.

+ The Internet Sets Writers Free to Get New Audiences and Also to Dive Into a Giant Flaming Garbage Pile. Pass the potatoes.

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  1. So many links! Thank you, Laneia, for getting all of these for us. Please pet your feral cat for me and tell her hi!

  2. The roundup was really on fire this week, Laneia! We are truly #blessed to have you bringing together such great info for us all :)

  3. Anyone who wants to feel deep, fierce joy should go read the “The Future of the Left Is Female” ASAP!

  4. First we need to stand up to Trump. By giving all of those govt employees and scientists who are scared to speak up a voice. We need to give them access to the public by covertly getting that information out there. This is East Germany and we are few and the brave willing to stand up to those oppressing us. The East has Radio Free Europe. It is time we formed our own Radio Free America. A site dedicated to the free information that the public deserves to hear. Whether its about the stuff the EPA wants you to hear or the National Parks. These oppressed souls need their voices heard. They need to be heard so we can make informed decisions that America needs to chart our future. Listen this will involve the stuff spies are involved with. Any maybe we will need the help of agents from other countries. Guiding us and helping us get the word out.

  5. Let us everyone start a boycott. A boycott of all Trump products and hotels. Any company that sells Trump products including his daughters stuff needs to be boycotted. Regardless of country. Any company making his products need to be boycotted. Any website that sells trump stuff needs to be boycotted. Anyone hotel needs to be boycotted. We will need the help of the world but we can do this. Hit him hard where it counts. You stop him from making money and make him a pariah and he will lose. He will become a laughingstock. We need to make a concerted effort to start on one day. One day everywhere in the world so that all the manufacturers, the stores that carry his crap and his hotels all face a massive demonstration. We need not demonstrate in the city anymore. We need to demonstrate everywhere Trump proudly displays his name. So the world sees that it is him we are against. Not America, not the Republicans but him.

    • I have seen Cheeto Cheetolini or just plain Cheetolini and am mildly disappointed it did not make that list because it is super fitting given the annoying Rome-USA parallels.
      But no one remembers a not-Hitler fascist leader it seems >_>

  6. I understand what autostraddle’s deal is right now. Autostraddle is now trying to feed of the pumped up hysteria around trump which to me looks like a morally unjust cause. What autostraddle should be doing is taking responsibility for our community by looking for ways to calm the unjustified hysteria and by all means stop the delegitimizing of our democratic process. It isn’t virtuous or rebellious to try to stop trump, or in madonna’s words blow up the white house. Trump is now the president of all of us and we better hope that he succeeds so that every American gets a shot at that American dream again. And I take offense to the divisive title of this post, but I guess that is all the left has and will have to offer. Create divisions between race, gender, sexualities and feed of that. But thank heavens America put a stop to that over the past 8 years by rejecting that divisive doctrine election after election. Try looking at all of us as people and find one another in our common humanity. That is what America wants, that is what Trump is doing. You watch. Oh and that march, put us women to shame I must say. Walking around with pink vagina’s on top of heads all screaming a different cause, but failing to scream for the real cause being the violence and terrible unequal treatment of women in the name of Islam. To think that one of the organizers was a sharia promoting muslim American woman really puts it in the history books as the most phony march ever to be organized.

    • I mean. I guess I’m glad you’re reading Autostraddle. Probably you should also read up on Islamophobia.

  7. Listening to Ericka Hart’s speech live from a few feet away was amazing. I’ve been making so many of my fellow white people hear it so they begin to get it. And now to read the rest of the links…..

  8. Really disappointed. AS now promoting racism or what? Because it is what the picture represents. So these three women supposed to feel eternally ashamed for their skin color? Or should they feel ashamed that some people, whom they don’t know, used their right and voted differently? These three women went to the March, and now became some symbol of oppression of some sort because of it? So no white people should go to such marches in the future, because they could be randomly picked up and got bullied because of their skin color? Here’s a thing for you: “reverse” racism still is racism. And here’s an idea: maybe Angela should protest against Trump and way of thinking that he represents, and not protest against the fellow people who trying to do the same thing that she do. Don’t get me wrong: I can’t stand populist buffoon Trump, but that sign and what it implies is disgusting nevertheless.

    • And of course there still is the problem with lack of intersectionality, but there are right ways to deal with that, and there are wrong ways. That picture from the march is a wrong way, IMO.

    • There is no such thing as reverse racism.

      Checking privilege and being ashamed are two different things.

      That sign is simply stating a true fact.

      – a fellow white woman

      • Thanks, queer girl! I saw the earlier comments but didn’t know what to respond other than “please see section C.1 of Autostraddle’s comment policy.” If somebody else feels like explaining why reverse racism is not real, go ahead, but I don’t have time or energy to do that.

          • For those who don’t want to click the link:

            “Racism and prejudice aren’t quite the same thing. Racism, rather, is best known as a system in which a racial majority is able to enforce its power and privilege over another race through political, economic and institutional means. Therefore racism can be described as “prejudice plus power,” as the two work together to create the system of inequality.

            “There has never, ever, ever been a national set of laws or system put in place to systematically oppress white people or push them to a status that is ‘less than,'” senior editor Alexia LaFata wrote for Elite Daily. “Not once. Ever. So ‘reverse racism’ can truly never exist.””

          • Don’t know what the heck with these site engine – I can’t answer to your latest comment directly so I’ll post it here.

            First of all: sorry if my first comment was rude and I think maybe I should delete it, because it poorly structured. I’m bipolar, so that s**t happens.

            Second: In return I’m gonna lol at your definition of racism.) Yes, the definition of racism in my quote is simple, but only because it’s BASIC. It’s an umbrella term which hold underneath it different types of discrimination based on race or nationality. Institutional racism is one of them. And IR is exactly what you describe. I never said that there’s no racism or anything like that, I just gave more precise definition to the type of racism you described.

            Third: We, as humanity, should eliminate racism, and of course privileged people could and therefore should do more to fight it. My problem is not with that idea, my problem is specifically that photo. As I said earlier, I’ve seen people who start bullying these three women personally, like they are responsible for something. Yes, it’s stupid, but it’s happening. And it should not.

            Last: Again, my problem with photo and interview that thoughts they’re trying to voice are badly formulated. If I and some group of, say, thugs share the skin color that does not mean that they’re “my people”. They’re not, so you should not say that. But if you say that because of my skin color there are better chances that they could listen to me – that I could agree with.

            It seems we’re argue about semantics…

        • First: does anyone ever read comment policy?))

          Second: racism is discrimination and prejudice based on race. When some nation have power and use it to oppress other nation – that’s racism, institutional racism more precisely. But also when member of oppressed nation thinks that every member of nation in power is bad – that’s also racism. Nations are not monoliths, it all boils down to individuals. And of course institutional racism is worse in that sense that it could inflict more grievous wounds, but racism is always racism and it always an awful thing.

          • Ok racism thing aside because lol at your two definitions, it is just so utterly simplistic to say that taking white women to task for their majority vote for trump is the same as “thinking all members of a race are bad.” Is this second grade? Im a white woman. I benefit from the privileges of being white. That puts me in the club, as it were. So now I get to take responsibility for what other members of my club have done. As a group, we must face this.

            If your skin is so thin that you can’t accept that a person of color might be kind of wary of white people right now, then at the very least stay home and be quiet and let the people who can take it listen and get to work.


      • “Racism is discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity.”

        Yeah, it’s Wikipedia, but still.) And yes, “reverse” racism does not exist – that’s why I used quotes. Racism is racism, does not matter toward which race, it’s still utterly wrong, of course.

        As I’ve already wrote in response to my own comment: the problem is not what, the problem is how. I’ve seen in comments on different sites some people attacked these girls from photo like if they are responsible for trump’s victory. Also, assuming that some people are “your people” only because they have same skin color is racist.

        • Racism is inherently institutionalized. There’s not two different kinds of racism. You can type quotes from wikipedia until you’re blue in the face. It doesn’t make you or your source correct.

          Do you feel that sensation? It’s the brick wall you’re going to keep running into if you try and peddle your racism here.

          If you want to listen to people of color and minorities, that’s fine. If you want to try and do… whatever it is you’re trying to do… ? Meet the brick wall.

          • OK, got it. If I gonna follow your definition, that means that there is no racism in my country? Well, hooray! But how shall I call that thing, when some people of one nationality casually hate people of other nationality, I wonder? Hmmm…

            And where did you get the idea that I said that we should not listen minorities? I never EVER said anything like that.

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