Drawn to Comics: Catching up with Supercakes!

by rory midhani

by rory midhani

One of the very first comics I covered here for Drawn to Comics was a lovely series of just a couple short stories by writer and illustrator Kat Leyh about May Ai and Molly (or Mo) LeMarck, a couple who also happen to be superheroes who fight crime by the names Tank and Shift. This series, called Supercakes, is now collected on its own website with even more stories than there were before.

The first thing to notice is that all of the comics are nicely put together on one website. You no longer have to search through tumblr to find them. This makes them immensely easier to read (not that I didn’t love reading them whatever way was available before). More importantly, there are brand new comics! We get the already wonderful “Pancakes” and “Welcome to the Family” that I talked about last time, plus there are two more short comics titled “Manifest” and “Giant F@#$ Robot Head!” and one longer comic that’s still going on. It’s really wonderful you guys.

From "Manifest" by Kat Leyh

From “Manifest” by Kat Leyh

Just rereading “Welcome to the Family” I remembered why I went from being in love with this comic to being head-over-heels, daydreaming-all-the-time, writing-bad-poetry in love. When I got to the page where Ames and Molly are talking and Ames spreads her wings, sharing a moment of superpowered familiarity, I started tearing up. Then, when I got to the page where Talula trips and liquifies (something tied to her powers) and Molly decides to “come out” by showing May’s family her power, I was just straight up crying. This comic so perfectly gets what it’s like to be an outcast, to feel weird, to be embarrassed because you’re different. And then it so perfectly gets what it’s like to find a family. Have I said how perfect this comic is yet?

Anyway, on to the new stuff. In “Manifest,” we get to see a cute story about May back on the day that her powers first appeared. It’s a nice little story where we get to see a young May learning from her superpowered father. I really like the idea that Leyh uses of parents bonding with their children over having powers. Similarly, “Giant F@#$ Robot Head!” is a May-centric story, but this time she’s a full-blown superhero. It also gives us a peek into the world of superheroes that May and Molly live and operate in. We learn that there are more “celebrity” superheroes, like Blaster Man, who is the one fighting a giant f@#$ robot.

From "Bad Weather" by Leyh

From “Bad Weather” by Leyh

The biggest New Thing, though, definitely has to be the current ongoing story titled “Bad Weather.” This comic, like so many of the others, starts with Mo and May just hanging out as a couple, making tea and ordering food as they try to stay warm during the titular weather. However, as the weather suddenly goes from just cold to straight up blizzard, the two realize that a supervillain must be behind it. So, the two head out into the cold ready to fight whatever is ruining their day.

While they’re out fighting ice monsters, we’re also introduced to a new character, Grey Greave, who is another superhero out fighting the creatures. Grey Greave fits right in with Tank, being that she’s also somewhat of a tank, but doesn’t quite jive with Shift. Grey Greave isn’t only big and imposing, but she’s also go this armor (where her name come from) that shoots beams and gives her extra protection. Throwing her into the mix really gives a nice dynamic to May and Mo’s relationship, both as a superhero team and a romantic couple. She even compliments May on her cupcake hat that Mo was making fun of earlier. I’m really excited to see where this all goes.

From "Bad Weather" by Leyh

From “Bad Weather” by Leyh

Leyh really has created one of my favorite superhero universes, whether Marvel, DC, some other publisher or webcomics. I’m so excited that there’s now a website where we can all easily read and enjoy it. I’m even more excited to see more stories. And these stories definitely live up to the hype and more. Seriously, if you didn’t check out Supercakes last time I talked about it, you really need to check it out now.

New Releases (August 13)

Hexed #1 (Boom!)

Batgirl #34 (DC)

Birds of Prey #34 (DC)

Harley Quinn #9 (DC)

World’s Finest #26 (DC)

Lady Zorro #2 (Dynamite)

Red Sonja #11 (Dynamite)

X-Files Season 10 #15 (IDW)

Sex Criminals #7 (Image)

X-Men #18 (Marvel)

Princess Ugg #3 (Oni Press)

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  1. I love you Mey for always reporting on this series. It is by far one of my favorites, if not the perfect superhero story (in my mind), and I hope it only thrives with each new installment.

  2. Yay! Great to see more Supercakes! Thank you Mey! So is Lumberjanes coming out in the back half of the month? It was earlier in July if I remember correctly.

  3. Mey – how am I supposed to get any work done when you keep posting about awesome comics?!?


  4. You mentioned that there is a website for the comics, and then never linked to the website. May I ask what the website is for the Supercak

    • I can’t believe I forgot to put in the link! That was the entire point! Thanks for pointing this out, I’ll add it right away.

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