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About Me

About Me

Comic creator (Blink Kitty Love, Surfing Lightning, Robot and Turtle), Author of In The Bleak December. Also, insomniac, enthusiast, conversationalist, writer, artist, animator, photographer, director of Shakespeare (+ shorts), meanderer, @blinkkittylove, etc.

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Lesbian, Gay


Episcopalian officially, but lean more Taoist

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What I Like

Favorite Books

Bellwether by Connie Willis, Hopeless Savages comic books, Stir Fry by Emma Donoghue, Seducers in Ecuador by Vita Sackville-West, Artists in Crime by Ngaio Marsh, Scott Pilgrim 1-6, Joan Jett by Todd Oldham, everything Terry Pratchett, nearly everything P.G. Wodehouse, Cress Delahanty by Jesamyn West