Wait Did Ellen Page and Emma Portner Just Get Married? WELL, OKAY THEN!

If you’ve been tracking our Gal Pal Reports throughout the last year, you must surely be aware of the blossoming love between Canadian heartthrob Ellen Page and dancer/choreographer Emma Portner. The two have been together since roughly this past July and have been aggressively Instagramming their relationship and creative collaborations. Just recently, they shared this gift with us in celebration of the holiday season:

To our surprise and delight, we were greeted just moments ago by this Instagram announcement by Ellen Page herself:

A representative for the couple confirmed the marriage to People. Autostraddle Senior Editor Heather Hogan offers, “I think Ellen Page has done so many brave things in the last few years, and getting married is the bravest! And I wish them all the luck and love in the world!”

At press time, we were unable to acquire a statement from Very Important Dog Patters Page, but we will update this post as new information about this blessed union is revealed.

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  1. I just happened to be on insta this morning (Australian time) right when Ellen Page posted, and it was *such* a lovely way to start the day.

  2. Awww so sweet! They probably saw they made your list of cutest gal pals of 2017 and wanted to lock down the title for all future years. Congrats all around!

  3. Omg my heart weeps with joy! So much joy! Looking on the ‘gram (the picture you’ve used for the post), Emma has her ring on in a picture than Ellen tagged her in on Nov 13th! <3

  4. So, I’ve been really invested in this story for a while because if you look at the video Ellen Posted on November 4th, the ‘You Don’t Live Here anymore’ dance, they are both wearing those rings!

  5. Married after 7 months?? We have been ‘discussing’ our wedding guest list longer than these two have been dating…

    I guess when you know, you know, and if all it takes is 7 months to know someone enough to fully be aware of what that person is then they must both be exceptional people.

    As we all know, the litmus test of compatibility is willingness to poop whilst making eye contact with your significant other, and how many of us can say we did that within 7 months??

    Here’s hoping they have a long and happy life together, congratulations, lesbos!

    • “As we all know, the litmus test of compatibility is willingness to poop whilst making eye contact with your significant other”

      As someone who does much Outdoor Stuff, I feel like this is a TERRIBLE litmus test. I mean, not as terrible as if we were talking about peeing while looking someone in the eye (because if that was the case, I’d could marry….pretty much any of my friends. Even though most would be wildly incompatible and verging on most are married to other friends), but like listen, if anyone stumbles upon me pooping in the woods or on the groover, they are getting Eye Contact even if I don’t know them at all because listen I Am Pooping Here. But probably this is just a case of “outdoor people have (almost*) no boundaries” so uh, not-outdoorsy people, this might be a good litmus test. Outdoor People, we probably have to come up with a different one.

      *listen if you are stranded without toilet paper and need to wipe you are sacrificing your own sock and not one of mine, I can’t believe that was an Actual Thing Someone Asked Me, that is a clear boundary line in the sand that shouldn’t even need to be SAID IN THE FIRST PLACE, but uh evidently this is not a boundary everyone has

      • There’s your litmus test, Hollis… Find a girl who you are prepared to give your last merino wool sock to, and marry her.

    • “As we all know, the litmus test of compatibility is willingness to poop whilst making eye contact with your significant other, and how many of us can say we did that within 7 months??”

      Happily married for eleven years here (together for fourteen), and I just barely accept my partner walking past the locked bathroom door while I’m on the toilet. I figure that one of us is going to become old and decrepit sooner than the other anyway, so why be in such a rush to unapologetically fart in front of each other or share bathroom time? We’ll get there, whether we want to or not. ?

      (Also, I’m not a native anglophone, so this is just a super weird relationship standard I hear a lot about online, but never in real life)

  6. I don’t follow Ellen Page on a professional or personal level but when I saw the announcement and clicked to check out the pictures I said to myself “I thought her skater girlfriend had blonde hair” needless to say I have since corrected my faux pas and wish the happy couple well.

    Also in that Christmas dancing video, Ellen has no rhythm, she can’t even walk to the beat.

  7. Congratulations, Mrs. and Mrs. Portner-Page. You may now hug the bride with your legs in friendship.

  8. It’s good to know that even Professional Lesbians aren’t immune to the UHaul effect

  9. Tbh their dance videos were already practically a wedding ceremony but congrats on making it official

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