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Pop Culture Fix: “The Good Wife” Spin-Off Will Prominently Feature Two Women Smooching Nakedly In Bed

Here are three examples of two women on The Good Fight being lesbians, bisexuals, gays, homosexuals, or otherwise queer-identified women. Cats are still what’s good in the world. So is Samira Wiley. The Sense8 Christmas special has arrived. St. Vincent covers Guitar World. Lexa will literally never die. Ellen Page and something about zucchini. And more pop culture news!


The Audience Is Everyone: An Evening with Ellen Page’s Tallulah and Women in Film

The more I look at film trends over these past social media-soaked years, the more I see the same pattern emerging. The films that end up doing well and making an impact are those that treat their characters with enough care to make them complex, treat their audience with enough respect to make the story engaging and compelling. Ellen Page’s new film Tallulah is one of these films.