Jodie Foster and Alexandra Hedison Got Married, Possibly On the Moon

Jodie Foster is a very very private lady, so don’t be too sad that you weren’t notified until about three hours ago that she and her darling girlfriend Alexandra Hedison were officially married over the weekend. Did you know Alexandra Hedison was once on Melrose Place? Hey here’s a picture of Alexandra and Jodie having brunch last October.

I really thought 'Bottomless Bloody Marys' meant something entirely different. Thank god you had these extra pants in the trunk.

I really thought ‘Bottomless Bloody Marys’ meant something entirely different. Thank god you had these extra pants in the trunk.

There are approximately zero details being made public for now, so we’re free to imagine the ceremony and reception however we like. Jodie Foster in a zoot suit? Check. The entire wedding party dressed as the cast of Little House on the Prairie? Yes. Alexandra Hedison speaking her vows via interpretive flute? You know it. Guests enjoying Me-N-Ed’s gluten-free mini pizzas and Franzia? Stars are just like us! Dogs as ring bearers? FERRETS AS RING BEARERS.

You let your imagination run wild, my queer sisters and otherwise gendered and identified persons. Don’t let anything stand in your way. Jodie Foster and Alexandra Hedison sure as hell aren’t.


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    • People have their own ways of dealing with things and going through things. Perhaps you may not have found it difficult in your experience, but for others it’s not so black and white. You do not know what things they have faced, as there may be other variables that are hidden and only known to that particular person.

    • I don’t get this comment. She came out publicly and she just married a woman – what else does she need to do to acknowledge that she isn’t heterosexual?

      Coming out is hard for almost everyone, and I imagine that coming out to the whole world must be even harder. Also, keep in mind that Jodie Foster is in her fifties. The culture was much less friendly towards LGBT people when she was growing up, and there were almost no out actors in Hollywood when she was young. Condemning her for not coming out sooner seems really judgmental.

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