Love That Looks Like Me: Finding My Queer, Non-Binary Place in the Wedding Industry

“And there was Susan and Rachel at the heart of it all, dancing to the band Susan had sworn would play her wedding if she ever got married. As they laughed and moved to the music and worked up such a sweat that their jackets had to come off, I saw a glimpse of the future wedding I hope for, marrying someone I love, the two of us not fitting so strictly into the feminine.”

La Boda Jota #2: Wedding Planning Woes

“At the start of every year, I feel an itch to plan and make vision boards and examine my life and my goals. I knew one thing on my 2018 to-do list was certain and it was getting married and having a wedding.”

Letting the Team Down: Failing at Gay Marriage

“For all of our joint bank accounts and shared wardrobes, for all our talk of travel and home loans, of potential babies – she was right, it was just a piece of paper, easily crumpled and lost with no consequence.”