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Sunday Funday is Popping the Question to Her Girlfriend By Way of Revolutionary Rap Verse

A rap duo from Cuba fighting homophobia with rhymes, an arctic fox that just can’t stop laughing, a laundry list of times anti-gay legislators tried to pull some bullshit and failed in the past week, updates about SF Pride and the St. Patrick’s Day parades that will melt your queer heart, adorable photographs of a femme proposing, and a changing tide of acceptance for those of y’all hoping to adopt some kiddies.

First Person

So, We’re Getting Married Now?

“Neither of us were comfy with the public spectacle of the thing, especially G. She didn’t like the thought of publicizing our private relationship. We also felt a bit blah about marriage itself, which can feel like an outdated institution. And there were practical worries, too — like how would we plan a big event, with so much on our plates?”