Also.Also.Also: Bermuda Has Officially Repealed Same-Sex Marriage and Other Stories You Need

Hello if it’s your birthday today we have that in common so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ? ? ? If it’s not your birthday, I still hope you have a terrific day. I’ve started using videos more in my stories on Instagram and it’s a real journey. A real growth experience. I usually avoid looking at my face so it’s startling when it’s right there on purpose and I’m talking to it? And honestly I’ve tried going into selfies/selfie videos with the empowerment mindset, I really have! I’m just not there yet. I still feel like the teenager who wanted to try out for cheerleading but never did because I never wanted anyone to know what I wanted, which was to wear a cute outfit and put ribbons in my hair and yell things that rhyme! Taking a selfie is like that — I don’t want anyone to know that I wish I felt cute! Anyway hi if you’re new here, this is my confession booth and you are my Real World camera!!! Thank you! Have a nice day!!

Queer as in F*ck You

Bermuda Officially Rescinds Marriage Equality and now UK Under Pressure Over Bermuda Same-Sex Marriage Repeal.

Why It’s Gotten Harder For LGBT People In Haiti Since The Earthquake.

Queer Families Still Struggle to Access Leave.

Trulia Now Surfaces Data On LGBT Protections as You Search for Houses.

Meet Olympic Snowboarder and Lesbian Mom Cheryl Maas.

This Elderly Lesbian Who Was ‘Slapped and Told That Homosexuals Burn in Hell’ Is Suing Her Care Home. They’re expecting a ruling in this case sometime in the next few weeks.

How Trans People Are Reclaiming Religious Naming Ceremonies.

This Psychologist’s “Gaydar” Research Makes Us Uncomfortable. That’s the Point.

This Club Night Is Making Sure Trans People Of Colour Get Home Safely.

The Queer Moms Chronicling Their Journeys to Parenthood on YouTube.

24 Black LGBTQ+ Activists Who Changed The World.

Doll Parts

This gave me so much joy! And listen, reading it on a screen is one thing, hearing the story on the radio is a whole glorious other thing. Ughghghhhh it was a gift! I got kinda sad about something on Wednesday afternoon and then remembered this happened and felt 45% better. ‘Pads And Tampons And The Problems With Periods:’ All-Male Committee Hears Arizona Bill On Feminine Hygiene Products In Prison. To learn even more about this bill and why it’s beyond necessary: 12 Pads A Month, No Tampons: Is That Enough For Arizona’s Incarcerated Women? (narrator: “it is not.”)

New Erotica for Feminists.

Black Panther Is a Beautiful Showcase for Natural Hair.

The Shock Collar That Is Misogyny.

This Consciousness-Raising Cafe Wants You to Eat Like a Feminist.

I Spent Two Years Trying to Fix the Gender Imbalance in My Stories.

“Flyfishing Discovers Women,” and Promptly Asks If They Actually Flyfish.

Keep Up

When Deportation is a Death Sentence: The Fatal Consequences of U.S. Immigration Policy.

Saw This, Thought of You

Hiiiieeee so the person running Tig Notaro’s twitter posted this on Tuesday and I read it while I was making dinner and just cried and cried wheeee!! To the Man with the Boombox Backpack & To Everyone who Danced.

Performers And Staffers At “Sleep No More” Say Audience Members Have Sexually Assaulted Them.

Smart Girl Scout Who Sold Cookies Outside San Diego Weed Dispensary May Have Broken the Rules.

Stef wanted to make sure you saw this Babadook Furniture from Ikea.

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  1. Even though I’m cis and agnostic, I really enjoyed the article about trans people reclaiming religous and cultural ceremonies. It’s nice to be reminded that faith can be a tool of empowerment instead of a weapon of oppression.

  2. Her name is Laneia
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    Laneia yeah!
    Laneia yeah!

    Happy Birthdaaaaaay!!!!

  3. omg birthday twin!!!! happy birthday, laneia! and thank you as always for the great link round up

  4. I am having an awful day to start with and then I read that Boombox backpack link and I just lose it. But somehow I smile afterwards. So, thanks for making my day a little better. I hope you have a nice birthday.

  5. It IS my birthday! Happy birthday to you too Laneia! I hope you’re having the loveliest day :-)

  6. These links were a JOURNEY. I was so deeply and existentially sad after the Haiti article, and then the trans-people-reclaiming-naming-ceremonies article (FEATURING OUR VERY OWN MEY) made me so happy.

  7. The future of America’s business is safe in the hands of that Girl Scout, there’s no doubt she’s marketing genius.

  8. Happy birthday, I hope your week is positive and fully of love, family, & cool lgbtq people!

    I really like the idea of club paying for taxi for TWOC/TFOC as I’ve been to events where stepping outside of the event waiting for uber/lyft/taxi can be dangerous. Why I parked in a safer part of the area and ubered from there. I am also starting to notice more events are doing similar things like donate to help a QPOC or TWOC get for half off.

    • !! thank you! i forgot to do any yesterday and i’m very disappointed in myself bc there was a beet beer called ‘wet beaver’ and everything!

      • Whaaat thank you for sharing that here, at least! Don’t worry, your audience will still be there when you return to the tiny phone stage

  9. Call it superstition but I have never wanted to go to Bermuda (triangle mystery and all) and this just solidifies that my decision has been valid.

  10. Happy Birthday lovely Laneia!!!! Hope you have/had a great day and Best Wishes for a wonderful year.

    Aquarians of the world unite!!!!

  11. WHY YES Feb 8th is my birthday! Happy Birthday! I had a magical evening because Mary Lambert was performing in my town on my birthday, just for me, obviously. I hate concerts, but her concert was GREAT it was 18 bucks, I got sparkling cranberry juice for two bucks, unlimited popcorn, a place to sit, I experienced the live power of Mary’s voice and the other performers without ear plugs, it wasn’t too dark or too big and like basically everyone was queer and I felt so safe it was amaaaaazinnnnnng.

  12. I find that I’ve had to come back to this roundup because I can’t get the story of the older lesbian who is being assulted and demeaned in her care facility out of my thoughts. Firstly to be excluded from mourning the death of her partner by that partner’s birth family is bad enough. Although, it is a common enough experience for those of us whose sexuality falls outside of the cishet norms. But then to be assulted both verbally and physically by other residents of her care facility and then to be ignored and unprotected in her distress by the staff of that facility, continues to haunt me. It may be that is because I fear the same ending for myself but the fact that she has to take legal action to protect herself in a setting to which she must make some financial contribution and within which she is expected reside, just makes me so angry and is contributing to both my sorrow and my nightmares.
    Her strength and her willingness to fight for both her own rights and those of others in similar situations now and in the future are both laudable and extremely courageous. I wish her every success. She is taking up the fight for herself and for us, but I truly hope that this is last time any of us must do this work. It must be personally devastating to have to fight to live in a place where you know you are not wanted.

    ThankYou,Laneia, for bring this link and this woman’s bravery to our attention.

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