Okay listen, if you didn’t grow up watching Niecy Nash convince hoarders to throw things away in Clean House after you unlocked your own back door coming home from school to an empty house because your mama was at work, we have very little in common. If you didn’t sneak episodes of Reno 911 because your same mama was home by the time it came on and thought it was a little too grown for you, we also have nothing in common. But if you did, bayyyybbeeeee have I got news for you! Niecy Nash just announced via a Twitter post that she is MARRIED. And not just married, honey, Mrs. Nash, or should I say, Mrs. Betts, done went and got gay married!!!! 

As in to a woman! And a fine one too!!!!!

Mrs. Carol Denise Betts said “love wins”, and yes it does! Also, look at her looking like a WHOLE snack in that dress?!???? Wow! This is so JOYFUL!!!

How the two kept this a secret for so long, I’ll never know, but it was just the surprise I needed after a hellish last week. On her stories, Niecy posted a picture of her new wife and her boo-ed up together, beaming with the caption, “Plot twist 🌈”. Uh, yes. Plot twist INDEED!

God DAMN they are fine. I’ll get over that eventually, but right now I’m swooning. Nash’s new wife, Jessica Betts is a musician and a star in her own right, and the two of them seem perfect for each other. Also, no heteropatriarchy, but I’m obsessed with Niecy taking Jessica’s last name. She said, “GAY RIGHTS!!!”

Congratulations are pouring in over Twitter and Instagram, as well as dropped jaws and choruses of “oh my GOD?!” because really, how didn’t we know?!

I’m so happy for them and their joy, and wish them a long happy marriage together. Love really IS real y’all. And it’s winning!!! Whew, this is gonna pull me through for the rest of the week. Mazel to them and their families ❤️❤️❤️ Go leave them some love on their social media accounts.

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Ari is a 20-something artist and educator. They are a mom to two cats, they love domesticity, ritual, and porch time. They have studied, loved, and learned in CT, Greensboro, NC, and ATX.

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  1. this is very very good, also someone on twitter said that jessica betts played at her first (straight) wedding??? i have no idea but if true, lol, love the gay agenda

  2. The lightening fast post on this very important queer content is the reason I love love love Autostraddle <3

    Also, NIECY NASH welcome to the club!!!!!

  3. WHAT?! I thought she was still married to that one guy. Well, we won again. Finally, some good news in 2020.

  4. Was she out before? I know there was a TLC show on her previous marriage. They both look so happy, Congrats!

  5. i wish her well! this stud better treat her right becauseeeeeee we KNOW some THINGS. MISS NIECY…be happy and be careful this could be her greatest joy and greatest mistake! Such is life and love in lesbianism. Also oooo lesbians move SO FAST. BE CAREFUL CAROL

  6. Three seasons of watching Niecy Nash in those jumpsuits on Claws, I feel like I willed this into existence.

    Granted I would’ve preferred that she was marrying me but I suppose I’ve got to be more specific with my prayers next time.

    • you’ve moved it into the realm of possibility – celebrate your power.

      i can’t decide if i want to be Jessica Betts or date her. i mean, not date-date her, she’s married… but my goodness, i did not even know i had a thing for dapper ladies until now.

      I wonder if the marriage plot twist is the stealth part or the gay part …?

  7. This makes me feel that coming out is like becoming a new sparkly twilight vampire – it will give her extra strength and beauty for IDK at least a solid year and I am HERE FOR IT.

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