The Autostraddle Insider: Issue 67, March 2020

Letter From Your Editors
this is us:

1st: KaeLyn // Sarah // Meg // Laneia // Carmen // Vanessa2nd: Malic // Riese // Drew // Shelli // Valerie Anne // Kamala3rd: Rachel // Dani // Kayla // Stef // Casey // Nicole


we are thinking of you

all of you

who went away for school and found themselves there, who tentatively very tentatively with all the requisite trepidation attended two (2) Queer Student Alliance meetings and experienced one (1) requited crush and considered switching your major to what her hair smells like and then you woke up ready for more (infinity) tiny steps towards a real stroll of a life and instead were told it was time to go home, home, home, to the family you haven't figured out how to tell yet

who are begging your parents / roommates / friends to take this seriously

who think of nothing but your grandmother, who you cannot see

who experience fever, tiredness, and dry cough

who have tried to file for unemployment on a website that kee...

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