PHOTOESSAY: Meet Me in The Keys

Recently I got to adventure with five other queers on on behalf of the Florida Keys & Key West! If you’ve never been to The Keys, the little islands off the coast of Miami, you’re missing out on some very colorful places and a truly wild time. On the outside, The Keys are a laid back stretch of beachy towns with predictable tourist traps and seaside souvenir shops, but there is a rich history of queerness just beneath the surface, as well as incredible experiences like snorkeling off Molasses Reef or watching the sunset from a catamaran.

Queer Girl City Guide: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Today, Baton Rouge is as much a travel destination in Louisiana as New Orleans. The city has seen a revival the way many mid-sized cities across the U.S. have in recent years. Here you’ll find a highly curated list of activities, sights to see, and places to be seen in Baton Rouge from a resident queer.