Adam Lambert is Free to Do What He Wants on SYTYCD, Gyrate on Chelsea Lately

Adam Lambert safely rocks So You Think You Can Dance along with Mary J, Leona Lewis and J-Lo and later Glambert shares hilarious banter with Chelsea Lately. Out Magazine names a David Bowie the “greatest, gayest” album ever made, pre-fame Gaga, “Spotlight on African-American Lesbians” launches at the GLBT Historical society, rumors of a Jem movie, and The Runaways first trailer with Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett.

Tuesday Televisionary: The One Where TV Gets Secretly Really Gay

“The Tony Awards aired on Sunday night, and not only were they gayest thing on TV all week, they were probably the gayest thing on TV ever.” Leisha Hailey’s on Maneater and Carly makes her roommate watch for her, Showtime debuts Nurse Jackie and the new season of Weeds, SYTYCD gets dykey haircuts.