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Dear Prop 8 Gays & Anti-Gays, Judge Walker Has Some Questions For You Now.

Judge Walker released NINE PAGES of critical thinking questions about the arguments in the Prop 8 trial. Closing arguments start in a week! Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga were pardoned last week and now Steven seeks a “normal life” with a new girlfriend. Also, White House on DADT and MORMONS ARE GETTING SUED for failure to disclose its Prop 8 contributions.

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Obama to DADT Activists: I’m On Task, Don’t Yell!

GetEqual interrupts Obama’s speech, again. Closing arguments for the Prop 8 trial will be heard on June 16, but will there be cameras? Also, a behind-the-scenes look at trans rights advocacy in Washington, Clayton McKleskey of The Dallas Morning News wants to know if we can stop talking about gay stuff yet, and more on college courses on gay marriage (or, as we like to call it, ‘marriage’).

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Queer the Census: Be Counted or Pay the Price, Homos.

Get a sticker and queer the census, or go without education and health care. Just saying, it’s up to you. Patraeus says the time has come to repeal DADT. Also; just like kids in middle school, more and more seniors are daring to come out as queer or trans. Even more legal analysis of the Prop 8 trial and what it all means! Plus, a lesbian couple was granted a marriage license in CA because of regressive gender laws, and you can get married at Mt. Everest!

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It’s OK to Hate Gays: Exodus International Counters GLSEN’s Tolerance Campaign

Exodus International counters GLSEN’s message of tolerance with the “day of truth.” Health care is changing in NY and marriage recognition is changing in MD; Miss Beverly Hills is just as bitchy but not as pretty as Carrie Prejean, and the NAACP’s feelings about gay marriage could be maybe on the way to changing. Stuff might be happening again with the Prop 8 trial, people in the Netherlands are protesting the Catholic Church’s exclusion of gays, because obvs Jesus would love to go to your gay wedding.

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Day 12 of Prop 8 Gay Marriage Trial: On the Last Day, The Other Side Epically Failed

It’s the very last day! And Blackenhorn continues to dig his own grave; defending polygamy and generally being a petulant h8er: “I feel like there must be some secret clause in legal proceedings that when someone says something this f*cking stupid, they automatically forfeit the case for their team. Like losing the Snitch. The polygamous Snitch.”

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What If This Headline Made Something Up About Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Breaking Up

So many events this weekend, like SAG Awards, Hope for Haiti & Sundance! An arrest has been made in the Buffalo hate crime case against a young lesbian! We say goodbye to Conan & Kim Stolz’s hair and hello to civil unions in Hawaii! Porn stars are maybe lesbians, Salute Your Shorts is somewhere now, the NOH8 guys on MSNBC and LADY GAGA COOKIES EXIST.

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Prop 8 Gay Marriage Trial, Explained: Lez Legal Eagle Answers Your Lawfully Ignorant Questions

If you’ve been following the Prop 8 trial this week, you might have a lot of questions about the law and stuff, or perhaps like us you only KINDA understand what’s going on. Our resident legal expert Jessica is here to help! Here’s part one of two of Jessica the Legal Eagle Lawyer Explains It All– if you’ve got questions, she’s got answers.