PHOTOESSAY: Meet Me in The Keys

Recently I got to adventure with five other queers on on behalf of the Florida Keys & Key West! If you’ve never been to The Keys, the little islands off the coast of Miami, you’re missing out on some very colorful places and a truly wild time. On the outside, The Keys are a laid back stretch of beachy towns with predictable tourist traps and seaside souvenir shops, but there is a rich history of queerness just beneath the surface, as well as incredible experiences like snorkeling off Molasses Reef or watching the sunset from a catamaran.


Snapshots of Pride Across Time

This series was an opportunity to honor our queer history by recreating iconic pride photographs through a modern lens, making explicit the connection between the past and the present that forms the living legacy we’re all a part of.

Society + Culture

Photoessay: NYC’s Trans Day of Action

Trans Day of Action took place on Friday in New York, inviting trans, gender non-conforming people and allies to mobilize and demand “access to both public and private spaces without fear of harassment or brutality.” It was hosted by the Audre Lorde Project and set off from from the Christopher Street Bridge, a historic safe haven for marginalized members of the LGBT community.