• Autostraddle Roundtable: I’d Rather Laugh With the Sinners than Cry With the Saints

    “It took me a very long time to come to terms with what I felt for girls. Not because of my own religion, but because of the religion and judgment of others, and because growing up in such a small town greatly limits what you see as viable options for yourself.”

  • The Morning After

    eHarmony.com sponsors the gays even though we’re not allowed in and RuPaul is making a comback!

  • Jim Douglas Can Suck It. Also, Rachel & Dolly Are Supreme Beings

    Marriages and civil unions in Vermont and Hawaii are being opposed by douchebags, and runaway LGBT teens in New York City may be left in the cold without funding. But the good news is that Rachel Maddow made us a drink.

  • Daily Fix – 3.20.2009 – Best. Friday. Ever.

    Oprah’s “O” magazine discovers lesbians, gay mayoral candidate to run in Mexico, the Nerve Date with Jen & Lexi is super great, and Riese is mad at Ilene Chaiken.

  • That’s One Tall Woman

    Obama, Tallahassee, and Judge Judy all love the gays, Tyra Banks is creeping us out, and Stef has great new music picks.

  • Riese-on-Haviland Stillwell: Life is an Upright Cabaret

    Haviland Stillwell, who you may know from the world-famous Haviland & Riese Vlogs, or perhaps from Broadway’s Les Miserables and/or Fiddler on the Roof, will be performing her one-woman spectacular of audio-visual singtastic delights, “West Coast Debutante” in Los Angeles at the Upright Cabaret on April 23rd. Because Haviland is both an international rising superstar and my BFF, I was able to sit down with her cyber-coastally and have a little AIM Chat about her big show, lauded on the website as: “a sassy night ranging from Kurt Weill to Madonna, from upbeat to out of control and beyond. Come see this versatile, charming and adorable “tight little ball of spunk, bad ass, and class.” Who doesn’t like tight little things? That’s right, we all love tight little things. Here goes!

  • Meet Natalie, Our Designated Driver for Social Justice! Also. Also! Answer Her Questions!

    Meet Natalie! She’s here to write about social justice issues; specifically, about politics and LGBT rights and feminism and women’s rights and social justice and social norms and categories… things that irk her, things that excite her, things that make her go “what the what?!”, things that challenge her, make her uncomfortable in my own skin, things that are pleasurable and exciting. Get ready.

  • The L Word Episode 505 Recap: Lookin’ At You Kid

    The last 20 minutes were some of the best I’ve seen on this show. It was fun and quality and featured all those verbs they sing about in that opening song we all cream over. Um, fighting, winning, fucking, whatevs. Up until that? Blah blah podcasts blah love cindy blah. You get the picture.

  • The L Word Episode 411 Recap: Literary License to Kill:

    Why are there twice as many lesbian squabbles as lesbian sexy moments in this show? Oh yeah, it’s because this is the way that we liveeeeeeeee. This is the one where Ilene reminds us all that men are disgusting, loathsome creatures by making henry cut his toenails.

  • The L Word Episode 508 Recap: Lay Down the Law

    Tasha faces THE BIG BAD and Nikki experiences some serious liquid heat and Jodi wears a terrible frock at a really strange dinner party.

  • The L Word Episode 606 Recap: Lactose Intolerant

    Episode 606 of The L Word, titled “Lactose Intolerant,” is the worst thing I’ve seen on television since Episode 604 of The L Word. Howevs; whereas 604 was calmly terrible — bumbling softly along its housework-heavy path of mediocrity — 606 was outrageously, actively, aggressively terrible.

  • The L Word Episode 502 Recap: Look Out, Here They Come!

    Good news: on a scale of one to ten, this episode was “not bad!” There was a surprising amount of sex from miss i-never-give-the-girls-what-they-want chaiken, it was directed by Jamie Babbit, Foxy Brown came to the jailhouse, and Inconceivable showed up from ‘The Princess Bride.’

  • The L Word Episode 501 Recap: LGB Tease

    Jenny is more Jenny than EVER this season, Shane fucks it up again, Helena’s even pretty in jail, and someone commits arson! arson! Oh yeah, and Alice and Tasha are cutehotadorablesexybeautifuletcetc.

  • The L Word Episode 601 Recap: Long Night’s Journey Into Day

    Xena the warrior princess shows up for another round of adoration from her number one fans: the lesbians. Also, shocker: Jenny DIED.