Daily Fix: The Gays in Maine Marry Mainly on the Plain

Hello! Do you live in Maine? I know a fantastic wedding photographer! Today on Autostraddle Stef interviews the super-famous queer-girl fave band Girl in a Coma. With much thanks to Reader Nyja and in honor of our douchebagette of the month Miss California — here’s some half-naked smokin’ hot celebs!

+ Maggie Gallagher says you should leave Carrie alone. Good idea. Carrie can then leave us alone, by letting us have the same rights as everyone else! Ta-da! Problem solved. Here’s a video of Maggie and Perez duking it out on Larry King last night, which I find upsetting in about 10 different ways:

+ Feministing argues: Stop fighting homophobia with misogyny. Jezebel breaks it down pretty well in their roundup of the Carrie Prejan disaster.

+ Jennifer Beals interview: “I’m a Runner!” (@Runners World)

+ Marlee Matlin gets her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and JBeals is there. (pictured) Bette would be proud that the puffy sleeves concept has been extended to an entire dress. Holler!

+ Mormon Marie Osmond loves her lesbian daughter, believes in equal rights for gays and lesbians. More importantly, the reportage of this news made Grace the Spot do a happy dance. (@afterellen)

+Diane Arbus — 38 years after her suicide, two new exhibitions challenge you to think differently about her controversial psychological body of work. (@the telegraph uk)

+ Lindsay sleeps over at Sam-Ro’s after a night out. I’ve gotta say the only good thing the L.A stalkerazzi people have done for The People is make us all feel better about the walk of shame. “I gots to look better then Nicole Richie and her giant glasses, shit,” we say, in our leggings, drinkin’ our stale bottled water, wearing our shades. (@gossip girls)

+ Grey’s Anatomy lead and Broadway superstar Sara Ramirez interview at AfterEllen:

E: Speaking of theater, so many theater actors are openly gay. TV actors are so rarely out. What’s that about?

SR: It all comes down to money. Studios are afraid that advertisers will be put off by gay actors and gay characters. At the end of the day it’s all about selling a product.

Theater has always been a place for misfits, myself included. When you come to Los Angeles, you have to learn to play the game. You can reach a much larger audience but you have to step more gently if you want to stay in the game. It’s very hard on people.

+ Gay & Lesbian Manners: To drink or not to drink with your alcoholic, lesbian sister? (@ Huffington Post)

+ This is the stupidest thing I’ve read since yesterday when I read that thing about Jordan Catalano and Rayanne Graff. I mean, I honestly believed we were past all this!: Rihanna’s Choice in Fashion at NY Gala Fuels Lesbian Rumors! Has someone already made the joke about how it’s not about the suit, but about how lesbians have bad fashion sense? If not, FIRST! (@lezgetreal)

+ How about THIS? Huh? At the How to Prevent Teen Pregnancy “Town Hall Meeting”? Well I know how to prevent teen pregnancy, Bristol. Lesbians, that’s how! LESBIANS! In SUITS! Like the MATRIX! Watchout!


Lady Gaga’s NYC “Pop Culture Parking Lot” (5 points for anyone who knows what that title references):

Lady GaGa owes everything to the Gays (@queerty)


How You Like Us Now?

last time: 97

Maine Governor Signs Same-Sex Marriage Bill (@ NY Times) +20

This whole thing, well, it makes my heart sing and gives me goosebumps a little – Obama responds to lesbian soldier’s letter (@ Windy City Times) +10

Louisiana Moves to have same-sex couples from having names on birth certificates.(@365gay) -20

Gay marriage in D.C.’s future. (@metro weekly) +10

White House Memo: As Gay Issues Arise, Obama is Forced to Engage, and invited gay rights organization leaders to meet Monday with lead officials. “We’ve elected probably the most pro-gay president in history; he’s very good on the issues but he is not good on gay marriage.” (@nytimes) +1

Nights Out Dan Choi booted from National Guard. (Rachel interviewed him once you may recall) -10

total: 108!


green-iconfrom Green:
I am fascinated by menstrual art [see Judy Chicago’s Red Flag, Tamara Wyndham’s Red Tide, both probs NSFW]. Fascinated. So when I found VivaLaCraft‘s super cute, seriously feminist Menstrual Lunar Calendars on Etsy, I bought one immediately. Do I need it? Not really. Can I resist a menstruating cartoon grrrl, complete w/ grinning blood droplets? No, I can not. Choose from a variety of shapes and styles to find the woman who most resembles you! [I’m Charlotte, obvs]

stef-iconfrom Stef:
I know, we’re all obsessed with Amanda Palmer, right? Bay Windows has a great article about the play she’s doing with her old drama teacher at her former high school. The piece the kids are performing is an original they all collaborated on called “The Needle That Sings In Her Heart” and it’s about Anne Frank(!).. I can’t make it up to Boston this weekend to see it in action and I’m super depressed about it, but maybe one of you fine readers can? Please email me (from the contact page) if you can cover the show for us!

alex-iconfrom Alex:
The Maddow Map Room! Infographics(+ Maps) + Rachel Maddow = really geeky awesomeness

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  1. re: Rihanna’s fashion choice – for fuck sake. My gaydar would go off perhaps if she were wearing cargo shorts and an oversized t-shirt. Collar up. Maybe a visor… or something. Clearly the heteros are confused.

  2. The letter from the lesbian soldier to Obama just made my day. My best friend leaves for boot camp in the fall, and her one regret about enlisting is that she’s going to have to live a lie. I hope for her and for every other gay and lesbian soldier that Obama does keep his promise to overturn that ruling. On a lighter note, is anyone going to the Quad Cities Pride Event next month in Iowa?!

  3. Is that Bristol Plain standing next to the cheerleader? Save the cheerleader…

  4. Lady Starlight’s Pop Culture Parking Lot is reminisent of Heavy Metal Parking Lot… 5 points to K haha
    ps: I’m the first interview with the disco stick xo.

  5. ps that girl with the disco stick in the beginning of lady starlight’s pop culture parking lot TOTALLY BOUGHT THE ALBUM AT THAT SHOW. we were like ‘wtf, you spend $60 at michael’s art supplies but couldn’t spend $12 at virgin?’

  6. bette would have loved rihanna’s outfit. those are some serious puffy sleeves.

    • Looks like Soap Porn to me, or is it called Porn Soap? Anyway I have to agree that it’s kinda … hot, but you can tell that they are not gay at all, not that all actresses who played gay scene are gay, but some of them are better than other.

      You guys from the auto-straddle team should do a top 10 about the best lesbian scene of all time or make it a top 100.

  7. You know you’re bad news when Perez Hilton makes you look like a pompous jerk.

  8. oh my god the maddow map room. this makes me so happy and reminds me that i’m a geek.

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