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ParentDish surveyed 10,000 mothers on which celeb they’d entrust with their children, and childless Ellen & Portia came out on top! Clearly two mothers are better than one. We were so inspired by this dubious poll that this weeks’ Autostraddle Roundtable asks the team: What two ladies would you like to be your two Moms? Here’s what Parentdish said:

Ellen and Portia 31%
Jennifer Aniston 22%
Rachel Ray 20%
Angelina and Brad 18%
Oprah Winfrey 9%

Also today on Autostraddle: Stef interviews Girl in a Coma! And y’know, if you missed it this week: half-naked women, young adult novels, tuesday televisionary and Lady Gaga cartoon recap!

The Daily Show tackles D.C. Mayor Marion Barry:

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+For Gay Couples, Obstacles to Health Insurance: article includes facts and tips for gay couples. (@nytimes) Also in the New York Times today: on the movie Outrage and Secret Lives in the Age of Gay Rights and the editorial board agrees that when it comes to same-sex marraige, This is a Question of Fairness.

+There’s always a personal reason, is my theory. I almost feel slightly sorry for her now, that the way her parents handled their divorce fostered such a cruel environment of homophobia, hatred and confusion. What the world needs now is therapy, sweet therapy. Queerty asks are Carrie Prejan’s parents gay? And Jezebel ponders how the Miss California saga goes on. Now starring Carrie Prejean’s Mom and Dad.

+Big Brother star Makosi Musambasi speaks the truth: “Those who say ‘no’ [they have not experimented with another women] are lying. Those that are not liars will tell you … a woman’s body is the most attractive thing on earth, appealing to everyone.” Also, she herself is “straighter than a ruler.” (@the ZimDiaspora)

+Yesterday Rhianna was accused of dressing too gay. Today it’s Kanye West! (@the daily beast)

+Elizabeth Hassleback disowns Joe the Plumber for not wanting queers around his kids. This is big news for her humanity, as now only 99% of her choices and statements are idiotic, down from 100%. (@huffpo0)

+President Obama recently released the first budget of his presidency – which included some tremendously exciting news! The proposed FY10 federal budget eliminates all funding for abstinence-only-until-marriage programs. Write your senator to support this initiative!

+Equality California has a new ad campaign — “Win Marriage Back: Make it Real!” Featuring real couples like Frances & Cynthia who go to Denny’s every day, just like my Grandparents!

+We love Rosie for a bajillion reasons and this is one of them. (@ohnotheydidnt)

+Student suspended for appearing in gay porn. (@the advocate)

+Gay issues closing in on president, and queerty’s not the only one calling him out:

+Charlize Theron: “Until we engage the communities of Middle America, we will not achieve full equality in California.” (@perezrevenge)

+Fight to the Finish: “Is Prop. 8 unconstitutional, or should the voters have a chance to overturn it in 2010? Depends on who you ask — just know some of the big names in marriage equality aren’t quite seeing eye to eye.” (@the advocate)

+Megan Fox: Is Hot. (@egotastic)

stef-iconfrom Stef: I know, we’re all obsessed with Amanda Palmer, right? Bay Windows has a great article about the play she’s doing with her old drama teacher at her former high school. The piece the kids are performing is an original they all collaborated on called “The Needle That Sings In Her Heart” and it’s about Anne Frank(!).. I can’t make it up to Boston this weekend to see it in action and I’m super depressed about it, but we will have a spy in the audience – and you can watch the whole play streaming online at 7:30 PM Saturday night, right here!

green-iconfrom Green: Saturday is World Fair Trade Day! Paul McCartney says, “It’s all about justice and human rights…” O Rly? I love human rights and justice and trading things [fairly], so clearly, I’m super excited! To find a local event near you, click here. To learn more about WFTD [not to be confused with WTFD], head on over to their website! You guys, if you do nothing else this weekend, buy local! Support your city! I love your shirt, btw.

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  1. o hai, we already got someone to cover the play for us, but you guys should still familiarize yourself with it cos it looks AWESOME. also it will be streaming saturday night, and i will miss it, which makes me sad.

    • wow. that was crazy! loved this: “clearly this issue is very, very personal for you.” nicely done.

  2. also…marion barry is the former mayor of dc. he’s just a council member now.

  3. I don’t understand Jennifer Anistan as a pick as on of the moms? Is it because some people think she’s hot or does she really appear to be motherly? I personally see her as a big stoner that would be fun to party with but not someone who I’d want as a mom. She would be a little needy and out of it. Brangelina I get, if you were there biological kid. You can get over a bad childhood if you are as hot as Angelina. Okay that was really shallow. Yes to Portia and Ellen, they seem very loving to each other and their pets, I think they would nurture you and spoil you with all Ellen’s money. I don’t know about Oprah – you would be a bid latchkey kid!

    • i think basically the idea was this:

      1. two gay women
      2. single white woman who cooks
      3. single white woman
      4. not-married white couple with children
      5. single black woman

      you know? is that bad to say? I feel like that was the underlying message.

      • Thank you for clearing that up. I didn’t actually read the article. I just read what you wrote. I am in the middle of finals and you are my procrastination from studying site.

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