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Also.Also.Also: A Queer from North Carolina Gets Real With You and Other Stories for Your Weekend

A cat is skiing, abortions are happening or not, Uggs still, this radical doula I love, eat these things before you drink alcohol, we are buying so very much legal weed wow, Murder House could be yours, Laura Jane Grace talks about titles, Mallory Ortberg writes relatable perfect things, I’m afraid of panthers maiming me and so very much more!

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Oklahoma Sets New Record Number of Anti-LGBT Bills, Can’t Wait to Discriminate

Oklahoma introduces a bunch of anti-gay bills which can potentially be really dangerous, Hillary Clinton officially wins the Iowa Caucus, 16-year-old Gynnya McMillen wasn’t given CPR until 11 minutes after she was found “cold” in her cell, a father in Tennessee was arrested for chasing his daughter with a knife after she came out to him, Germany opens its first LGBT refugee shelter and more news stories!