Daily Fix – Adam Lambert: “I thought people would figure that out if they were savvy enough, and they did.”

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+ Obama rings up cash among the stars, enjoys rosemary mashed potatoes: “A gaggle of sign-waving protestors … must have caught the president’s eyes because he relayed one of their messages to the crowd … “One of them said, “Obama keep your promise,’ ” the president said. “I thought that’s fair. I don’t know which promise he was talking about.” (@nytimes)

UPDATE: Obama wasn’t actually making light of anything, the story was twisted to make it seem that way. Hm. Though I am still slightly concerned that he didn’t know what they were protesting. (@daily kos)

+ This five-part Adam Lambert video interview on Entertainment Weekly‘s Idolatry is actually incredibly compelling — he’s a fantastic interviewee with a solid vision. Topics include Idol as a career platform rather than a competition, helping Allison pick her songs, playing with fashion, the social impact of guyliner and Johnny Cash as “rebel.”:

EW: “[Bill O’Reilly] called [photos of you kissing another man] “embarrassing photos” and I was like, “embarrassing to who?”
Adam:I wasn’t embarrassed, I guess he was?”
EW: “Bill was embarrassed.”

On the subversive implications of his song choices:

Adam: “For me picking a song had to mean something to me, somehow … so, with Black or White … it’s making more of a statement … I knew the original intent has a lot to do with where we’re at with our country right now and our president, and then you know the other civil rights issues, I thought people would figure that out if they were savvy enough, and they did.”

+Lady Gaga talks sex and men and gets pissed when the interviewer tries to reduce Gaga’s loveliness into “sex, music and fame.” When asked what she looks for in a man, her only detail is “A big dick.” Which is amazing.:

+ If you read only one thing (besides everything on Autostraddle) today, read this from Jezebel – “How Social Conservatives are Ruining Marriage“:

The more people …  shit all over feminists … for trying to make it something less of a wholly religious, patriarchal institution that strictly exists for the subjugation of women and their sexuality to men and their sexuality, the less keen I am.

The more I read about how asswipes like Tucker Carlson thinks fucking can save a bad marriage and Dennis Prager thinks women should just submit to their husbands who, without the bounds of matrimony and civilization, would devolve into rape-y chickens, and I frankly begin to worry a lot about being involved with people to whom the institution is important …

You know what small things give me hope about marriage?  … Watching the enthusiasm with which, in a variety of non-traditional outfits, same sex couples flocked to courthouses and simple ceremonies, flush with the pleasure of having the state sanction their love and their relationship.

And that’s not even getting to the Weekly Standard piece that claims marriage exists to “protect females from rape, degradation, and concubinage” …

+ “While so many celebrities try to hide their personal lives from the media, it’s refreshing to see Star Trek‘s George Takei (and husband Brad Altman) speak so openly about their 22-year relationship.” (@queerty)

+ Genderfuck Thursday on Dorothy Surrenders!

+ On The Gay Tonight Show Dame Edna calls Wanda Sykes a “darling little possum” which I’d like to incorporate into the lexicon ASAP.

+ Ten Hottest Women in Sports Movies! We are members of the All-American girls we come from cities, near and farrr! (@afterellen)

+ *Schwarzenegger: Prop. 8 Will Be Overturned* (@ Advocate)

+ Tori Amos: Why I Can’t Watch American Idol ”I have a hard time with the demeaning comments to the artists,” (@ohnotheydidnt)

+ Drew Barrymore, Pete Wentz and others protest Prop 8 (@ohnotheydidnt)


How Do You Like Us Now?

HYLUN last: 55

+ David Boies and Theador B. Olson — last seen representing Gore and Bush, respectively, in the contested 2000 vote count in Florida —  are filing in Federal Court to overturn Prop 8 on the basis of federal constitutional guarantees of equal protection and due process. Both sides are nervous. (@nytimes) – +5

+ Gay Discrimination Proposal: Transsexual Speaks Up: The ordinance would protect GBLTQs from discrimination. Commissioner Wyatt (of course his name is Wyatt) complains that “It’s part of a bigger movement. It’s part of the homosexual agenda that’s being debated across the country.” Trannssexual Darlene (of course her name is Darlene) would like to have a few words with Wyatt about the bible she knows & loves. (@ My Eyewitness News) -5

+ “Providing yet another example of the threat that gay marriage and the gay agenda provides to school children and parental authority, the Alameda Unified School District last evening adopted a new curriculum, to specifically elevate respect for gay, lesbian and bisexual students and their families over respect for diverse racial and religious backgrounds.” (@prnewswire ?!!??!!?!?!!!) –10

+ Promoting same-sex marriage in Iowa: ”It’s certainly generated some publicity because of that we don’t really need to do a lot of advertising that Iowa is a place where you can come and get married.” (@ WQAD) +5

+ Gibbs grilled on Obama’s position on marriage — and he’s got nothin’. (@the advocate)  -10

Total: 40. Yikes. Clearly we need some cheering up …


Auto-Straddler of the Day


daphne-iconfrom Intern Daphne:
Ok now I can’t deny I’m secretly still a myspace freak. But great news Myspace users. Leighton Meester recently joined myspace music. Check her welcome message here and her profile here.

alex-iconfrom Alex:
A collection of inspirational and totally hot vector business card designs: 60 gorgeous Vector Business Cards (@vectortuts)


carly-icon2from Carly:
The new La Roux video for “Bulletproof” is amazing and can be seen here. The treatment reminds me of Robyn’s “With Every Heartbeat” video.

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  1. isn’t the “gay curriculum” a good thing? I mean obvs it’s bad for the conservatives but isn’t it good for us?
    And also, yay for Schwarzenegger, yay for Sharmen! Ah, back when the L word was good.

    • The way the article is worded, framed and executed is that 5-year-olds are being taught against their will — and without their parents knowledge — about “the gay agenda.” They use “the gay agenda” to frame us as evil people who try to force ourselves on others (when really we just want equal rights), and it’s also said that the children are being taught to “elevate” respect for gay/bi people over respect for diverse racial and religious backgrounds. That “over” is key — and I can’t imagine that it’s true, any of it. The frightening thing to me is that such a biased article somehow made it out into what appears to be mainstream press?

      carmen has such a nice ass, though.

  2. Thanks for the business cards link. Maybe it will inspire me to actually do some work today.

  3. I grew up in Australia and totalllly forgot about Dame Edna. She’s the best. Darling Little Possom even. Her stand up is brilliant. Thanks for the flash back :)

  4. From now on Lady Gaga owns my soul/pants. Also, if I were that journalist, I would have ended the interview, apologized for my ignorance and lack of creativity, and gone to find a different job.

  5. I’m really starting to like La Roux. I’ve been following them ever since Carly first made mention of them a while back on AS. So thanks for the update. (BTW, I think it’s time for another Beat on the Street.)

  6. Lady Gaga just proved that she is even more pathetic than I thought she was…and that’s saying a lot.

    What she looks for in men is a “big dick”? Even though it has been PROVEN that girls who take in a sausage (or strap on) only feel anything (whether that be pleasure, fake pleasure, or screaming pain) within the first inch and a half of their vaginal opening? This irritating woman basically spends her whole life worshiping the gay male community while ignoring lesbians completely. I shouldn’t be surprised that she trots out the most tired cliche ever whenever straight girls who pretend to be sexual discuss men (ie the big schlong is king, no matter how ugly the dude is, how thick his back hair is, how bald he is, how many misogynistic jokes he tells, etc.) but…i still am. You’d think that she’d at least have a little more of an imagination. Or I’d at least hoped that Autostraddle would have seen her comment as something other than “awesome”. You know, like maybe the self-conscious idiocy of a woman who has probably never had an orgasm in her life and has fag-hagged her way into influencing even MORE straight women equating “the gays” with gay men, using the term “girlfriend” to mean their straight female friends (meaning that lesbians have no way to refer to the girls with whom we sleep, unless we’re forty year olds with adopted babies and call them our “partners”), and choosing their male dates (yes, they get to use the term “boyfriends”) by the length of their schlong (hey, a ton of gynecologists out there will make more money from all the urinary tract infections that result from gaga’s followers)than their looks, personality, or ability in bed.

    lindsey, my gf, is now doing a lady gaga impersonation and i will try to write everything she says “typical. alejandro, fernando, big penis, please fuck me, my poker face poke me in the rear, i love gay men, what’s a lesbian?, stefanotti germanofski, that’s her real name, lady gaga, freddie mercury is rolling around his grave in shame, you don’t represent me, you drag slag phoney, why couldn’t it have been you in the bathtub instead of whitney?”

    last night i had an interesting conversation with a straight female friend of mine, allison. she said that ninety percent of the straight girls she knows claim to “love sex” and “love big dicks” but have never had an orgasm in their lives. i asked allison (since neither me nor my girl are into dick) why they like big dicks so much if they don’t come (and given the aforemention stat i quoted earlier). allison said that in her opinion it makes them feel good to lord something over guys the way guys lord boob size, thinness, etc over girls. good lord. at least these guys don’t have to faux-gush about how much better it is to have a big boob up their butthole instead of a small boob.

    i’m done ranting and am going to give lindsey something that lady faghag has never had…an ORGASM. but before that i’ll give my girl the last word.

    linds: “i agree with you, tar-bear, any time girls talk about big dicks being the one thing they look for in a man, it means they have never really had an orgasm and probably don’t even know how to spell ‘clitoris’, never mind instruct their boyyyeeefrennn to touch it the right way”.

    please, autostraddle, don’t be fooled by lady gaga.

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