Daily Fix: I’m Coming Out, I Want my Facebook Friends Network to Know

Today on Autostraddle: Carly’s Tuesday Televisionary discusses important topics including obsessive-compulsive disorder, the whackness of crack, the importance of drinking on the job and the hotness of Lizzy Caplan. Autostraddle roundtable discusses the future of gayness. We are having a party! And we have a new girl-on-gallery: Real Lesbians & Bisexuals Part 2!

+ Oh-Emm-Effin-G – my favorite Sunday pastime (searching for gay weddngs in the Weddings/Celebration section of the NY Times) is going to go live: More than 300 same-sex wedding or commitment announcements have appeared in The New York Times in the past seven years — now many of the featured couples are coming together to commemorate Stonewall. (@the advocate)

+ I feel very used/vulnerable today. For starters; this FoxNews op-ed about Prop 8 made me LOL a few times! I couldn’t even decide which quote to cut-and-paste! What’s wrong with me?

+ I realize now I’ve been hoodwinked! I’ve been tricked! I’ve been tricked into becoming the kind of person I never thought I’d be — the person who looks at paparazzi photographs of humans going shopping! … hmmm … maybe he just brings out my subversive side: Adam & his boyfriend go shopping! I can’t stop! (@justjared)

+ Apparently I am suffering from GBICT, or Gay Blog Induced Carpal Tunnel. In an effort to relax, I turned on the teevee. I saw this terrible thing called True Life: I Hate my Small Boobs. So I had to look it up and see what the fuck was up with that girl’s Mom: @thefrisky and @ jezebel

+ Neil Patrick Harris will host the Tonys, which I’ll only watch if someone is performing a song from RENT. NPH says “I’m getting physically aroused that you’re telling me [that Betty White wants to do a bit where she comes on to you].” (@e!)

+ Gays in Seattle want to expose anti-gay petition signers with the help of gay-activist group KnowThyNeighbor.org. (@the seattle times)

+ They aren’t stopping with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! — there are 46 other remakes in the works, including Flight of the Navigator, Drop Dead Fred and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

+ Harvard to endow chair in Gay Studies! (@nytimes)

+ Bill proposes immigration rights for gay couples! Things are really gonna heat up on AfterEllen’s flirting thread now! (@nytimes)

+ How to Come Out on Facebook: “Coming out used to be an exhausting process. You had to come out again and again and again to all your friends at different times. Nowadays, even with social networking, gays still have to come out, but one of the key differences between our pre-profile selves and our new online presentations is that now (finally!) the burden is also on our friends to discover and digest our identities … it’s kinda nice.”

+ 20 Feminist TV characters: Lisa Simpson, Roseanne, and an intro lamenting that “unfortunately, all of them — including the animated ones — are Caucasian.” (@jezebel)

+ Glee! Boot Camp:

+ Gay Couples View Marriage as Legal Protection, Not Commitment Symbol, Study Shows. (@university of texas at austin)

+ Sims 3 Mega Post. (@ohnotheydidnt)

+ I love this woman, really, regardless: it’s ask Ro time! (@ohnotheydidnt)

+Betty Bowers explains traditional marriage to everyone else. A lot of motherf*ckers and rapists and stuff!

+Lesbian Democrat “Outs” Three Republicans: “We have more gay people serving in South Carolina than probably in anyplace in the United States; they’re just not out of the closet. We have an awful lot of people in the closet– Lindsey Graham, Glenn McConnell who’s our Senate president pro tem, our Lt Governor…”

+ Gay marriage will pass state Senate, says Manhattan Sen. Thomas Duane: ”Sen. Thomas Duane (D-Manhattan) said he’s received assurances of support from more than the 32 senators needed to approve the bill.” (@ Daily News) +10

+ Church of Sweden Elects Lesbian Bishop: P.S. She is the first lesbian bishop in the world. ”The newly-elected Lutheran bishop of Stockholm says that being a lesbian means she wants to stand alongside people who feel powerless.” (@crosswalk) +5

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x-iconIntern X: Sophie Madeleine is a super cute musician with chunky bangs and a ukulele. Put “Take your love with me” on your next romantic mix-tape and thank me later. Listen to here whole album here.

alex-iconfrom Alex:
Watercolor (or “colour” as Stef would say) is so hot right now! This one’s called Design Inspiration: Watercolors(@designm.ag.) Disregard the “design” part, cause work this gorgeous is for everyone of course.

stef-iconfrom Stef:
I spell it that way because I’m proper. Anyway! I’d never describe myself as a Decemberists fan (I saw them last year and was bored to tears), but this video of the band doing a TOTALLY RAD cover of Heart’s “
Crazy On You” may change my mind. More people should cover Heart! This is the best Heart cover of all time.

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  1. The How to Come Out on Facebook article is a prime example of how the internet has allowed people to become more open and comfortable with their identity. I dig it.

  2. Drop Dead Fred!!! I forgot about that movie. I probably watched it a thousand times when I was a kid.

  3. So I watched this True Life clip about the mother who was trying to convince her daughter to get fake boobs and I seriously am so angry right now. This is why people should be screened before they are allowed to procreate. This woman has no business being a mother. Makes me ill!

    • the worst part is later in the episode her mom really does make her daughter upload photos of herself (the mom) to this porn site to get her boobs done! like where she has her legs spread open and stuff! I couldn’t believe that this had aired on television without a total national outcry and someone putting that woman into an institution.

    • I watched this at well and as disgusted as I was by the whole thing, I was seriously transfixed. People live their lives this way. You’re right – that woman has no business being a mother.

      Makes me thankful that my mother, father and everyone else in my life raised me in such a positive environment.

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