Sunday Funday: Tinkerbell Will Come Out on the Cover of DogFancy, Papa, Paparazzi

Today on Autostraddle: The newest girl-on-gallery features hot girls in the Wild West. Also, check out the Top Ten television storylines we’ve suffered through to get to the lesbian parts with first-hand accounts of TV-endurance trauma from Riese & Crystal as well as Interns Elizabeth, Xandra, Lola, Katrina and Emily. And FYI, the Autostraddle Roundtable which usually drops on Friday will actually drop on Monday.tegan-and-sara

+ Tegan Quin has donated an undeveloped disposable camera full of never-before-seen photos that she’s taken herself to an auction benefiting  documentary film festival DOXA. Probs Sara is planning to do the same thing for Autostraddle’s lesbian lesbian festival. (@ohnotheydidnt)

+ An ode to Roller Disco! (@jezebel)

+NOM finally makes a typo-free ad: “Now if they could only correct their fundamental flaw of requesting a “NO” vote on basic fairness, maybe they correct their reputation as ably as they’ve altered their typos!” (@good as you)

+Maya Angelou supports marriage equality: “To love someone takes a lot of courage,” the 81-year-old said in an interview with the newspaper. “So how much more is one challenged when the love is of the same sex and the laws say, ‘I forbid you from loving this person’?” (@the advocate)

+ A Muslim EastEnders character will have a gay romance. Fun fact – a recent survey of 500 British Muslims by research company Gallup showed none were tolerant of homosexuality. So this’ll be fun. (@femalefirstuk)

+ Two cute girls can’t wait for when the downward spiral towards hellfire begins and we can not only marry someone of the same sex but also have sex with ducks!

+ Knowing someone gay affects individuals’ views of LGBT issues: “When controlling for ideology, those who know someone who is gay or lesbian are significantly more supportive of gay marriage than are those of the same political persuasion who do not.” (@gallup)

+ Lady GaGa’s new video for Paparazzi, which Stef has warned everyone will probs make your head explode and is the best thing she’s ever seen.

+ 90’s fashion: Blossom v. Clarissa Darling: “Perhaps my annoyance with Blossom comes from the fact that I, at 10, thought Blossom had totally ripped Clarissa’s style and tried to pass it off as her own. Now that I am 28, I am pretty sure that’s not what happened. (In fact, now that I’m 28, I’m pretty sure both of these ladies owe a great deal of their style to one Penelope “Punky” Brewster, but that’s another debate entirely.)” (@jezebel)


+ On Tuesday, in a story about efforts afoot in the Netherlands to re-invent Polaroid film, the New York Times solicited reader polaroids. They got nearly 1,000 submissions, and they’re all on display now on the Times’ photoblog: Polaroid Gallery. (@nytimes)

+ Adam Lambert will come out on the cover of Rolling Stone. (@the vancouver sun) Riese Rants: Firstly, when does this magazine hit the stands, I must buy five copies and frame them! Secondly, comments regarding this story are makin’ me crazy. “I can’t believe America is trying so hard to find Adam’s orientation. It is NOT RELEVANT to what Adam wants to do,” say the fans. I disagree. We live in a heteronormative paprazzi’ed society, and any star who fails to perform gendered behaviors such as dating people of the opposite sex will be asked to explain why not. Therefore in this world; denying gayness is not keeping your private life private. It is, essentially, accepting either 1) straightness (e.g., John Travolta) or 2) an obviously ridculously closeted lifestyle (e.g., Queen Latifah). Lying is bad.

However, Adam hasn’t lied, Adam has been open and unashamed, I don’t think he needs protection from his fans, he is fine with who he is and comfortable with his sexuality. Why are we so hung up on linguistics? Like people saying Kate Moennig’s not out. Yes she is! Once upon a time she talked crazy about boys, but that was centuries ago. What does she need to do, announce it on the cover of Curve or something (I mean obvs Curve‘ll put any L Word actress on the cover, they’d cream over an actual interview or photoshoot to accompany the alleged coverstory)? Kelly Clarkson, on the other hand, appears to be making all the mistakes Adam isn’t making. It’s never going to be a non-issue. This “it’s not our business” business implies something dirty is being done, something shameful and secretive — and it’s not. Being gay is not a dirty secret that needs to be hidden. Adam knows that, he’s just clever enough to use this redic system to his advantage and get the RS cover story. Bravo, we love Adam Lambert! Let’s all tell the truth. Okay DONE. (@the vancouver sun)

+ TV stars who should be in movies, including Carmen DeLaPica Morales/Sarah Shahi. I might actually go to the movies if her ass was on a very large screen. Maybe. (@cinematical seven)

+ New Hampshire will become the 6th state to legalize same sex marriage! (@queerty)

+ In California at Meet in the Middle For Equality; Michael Ian Black, TR Knight and the girl who played Mel on Queer as Folk, others.


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  1. I’m just wondering… why is everyone sure that Kelly Clarkson is gay? I’ve always gotten gay vibes from her, but not enough to completely convince me she’s a lying closet case. Was there some piece of evidence that I missed?

  2. hello dawn it is me tinkerbell. i do not know of anything public about kelly clarkson but we know people who know people. we are respective of dinosaurs, avatars and hollywood closet cases but when they say bad things about being gays and also she sings lovely music like behind those hazel eyes even me tinkerbell cannot be quiet. i would like to touch her hair when i am not with my boyfriend littlefoot.

  3. Lady GaGa makes me want to invest in a pair of crutches.

    If I ever opt to go the murderous route, that is how I want to go out.

  4. Fingers crossed for New Hampshire. And yeah, I didn’t really know Kelly Clarkson was gay. But I kinda hope she is.

  5. oh, and you REALLY know Kelly Clarkson is gay? You don’t know anything. You can assume all you want. Maybe she is, but, she has been asked numerous times, and denies it. That’s good enough for me. She has had a few boyfriends…public knowledge, but, just because she isn’t dating now, means nothing. There are a lot of people that aren’t dating, are we to assume they all are gay? That’s a ridiculous assumption.

    and Adam IS HOT!!

    • Tinkerbell doesn’t know anything? I am devastated.

      But still, I really don’t see the Kelly Clarkson being gay thing- so therefore, but I don’t know anything either

      • I think what Tinkerbell is trying to say here is that she’s been around some “insiders” recently. Also, she talks the crazy a lot.
        But, speaking for Tink if I may – she would never make the assumption that someone is gay based on the fact that they’re not dating anyone. Obvs Team Autostraddle has a little more brains and class than that.
        and I’d like to add that I agree – Adam IS hot!!

    • Hello Clark it is me Tinkerbell. I am so excitant that someone has commented to me!
      You asked: “There are a lot of people that aren’t dating, are we to assume they all are gay?”

      I answer: “No!” That’s silly, why would we do that?

      You said “Adam is HOT!”

      I agree. Autostraddle loves Adam Lambert right now, he is our favorite human being.

      You asked “oh, and you REALLY know Kelly Clarkson is gay?”

      I am confused because I do not see why you would be mad about such ideas. I love gay people! Also, I love Littlefoot.

      Thank you Clark you are very lovely too. I will go listen to Mad World again now.

    • I think most gay ladies end up having boyfriends, some are even married to men. Lavender marriages, etc. So I feel like that would be really weak criteria on which to judge someone’s sexuality, and as alex said we’d never do that.

      Anyhoo … My point was not that one must prove one’s sexuality by dating someone else. the distinction I wanted to draw attention to is that I do not feel that in this day & age, denying homosexuality = “keeping your private life private.” Rather, because of how our silly society is, denying homosexuality = accepting heterosexuality.

      Adam Lambert has not denied it, and I think that’s awesome. The fact that he’s saving the prized words “I am gay” for a Rolling Stone cover story is savvy, smart and kinda awesome — he’s done nothing to hide himself or be ashamed of who he is, but he realizes that the media is obsessed with getting those words and he’s using that to his advantage. And I think that’s awesome, he’s playing the system without sacrificing his integrity. I salute him and can’t wait to see what he does next. He’s incredibly talented, we all love him here, and think he’s hot, and would like to have his gay babies.
      As for Kelly, I never suspected she was gay, or really cared either way, until Tinkerbell got the inside scoop. so, you know.

      I suppose we can’t really know anything, but it seems just as likely to be true as the other information freely published about her sex & dating life all over the internet. Why should a gay rumor be treated as if it is so offensive when rumors that hoo-ha is dating whomevs are not? I mean, Tinkerbell knows some VIPs. But that’s not the point.

      We can all think what we want to think. Everyone is lovely.

  6. JBeals made a camera too. I looked when Tegan tweeted about it the other day. Her camera was still pretty cheap but Jennifers was already at like, $4000. They’ve both jumped up in price since then.

  7. Oh, also- that’s ‘Fucking Luanne’ in the sex with ducks video. Riki Lindhome is always hysterical! I wonder if she is going to be in the GirlTrash! movie…?

    • thank you! i’ve watched the video several times trying to figure out where i knew that girl from!

  8. Oh Lady Gaga. Your clothes are so fabulous. You’re so sexy on that couch having an orgy. We love you even in the midst of murder.

    Basically… I want Lady Gaga to lick my face. That is all.

  9. I never said a gay rumor is offessive, I was meerly pointing out there is no evidence that she is gay, so why put the label of being gay out there. Unless she has admitted to it, which she hasn’t. it’s all speculation as far as I’m concerned. I don’t get the gay vibe from her. Hell, I’m gay myself, and if people were labeling me straight, after I said repeatedly that I’m gay, would piss me off. So Tinkerbell, unless you have intimate pictures of Kelly with another girl, and not just “hanging” around with her girlfriends, I’m not convinced just because you say so…sorry, but, that’s how I feel.

    • Ok! We’re defo not trying to convince anyone, ’cause we know we can’t provide evidence, just what Tinkerbell knows from insider sources. So that’s totally cool, totally fair and yay! Let’s just close our eyes and love Adam now.

  10. Wow… so much heated discussion since I last commented.

    I personally agree with Riese that being a celebrity now means that you can’t deny you’re gay in the interest of “keeping your private life private.” It’s not the 50s anymore, so people in Hollywood really have no reason to remain closeted.

    To me, there’s a big difference between maintaining a private life and being closeted. No one in Hollywoood would ever deny being straight, but they might refuse to talk about their “opposite marriage” partner. So, I think that people should never lie about being gay or whatever their sexual orientation is, but should be allowed to not comment on who they’re dating and what their relationship is like. (Although I, personally, love celebrity gossip and would prefer I get to hear about whoever LaLohan is dating).

    FYI: I also believe that Adam Lambert is handling the whole thing with poise and pride. He never denied being gay, didn’t try to butch himself up, and didn’t make any ridiculous denying comments about the pics of him kissing guys. It’s totally awesome and a great way to promote himself to milk ll the publicity for a Rolling Stone cover.

  11. I love Lady GaGa like no other.
    I guess I’ve always just known that Adam Lambert was gay. I saw him years ago on the Wicked tour and was well acquainted with many of the cast members at the time. It’s always been common knowledge. There’s always a strange dynamic between theatre and mainstream media when it comes to sexuality. One can be completely “out” in those circles, yet the general public often doesn’t know until much later. Take Neil Patrick Harris, for example. I can’t think of anyone in the Broadway community or fandom that was surprised or didn’t already know when he officially “came out” a couple years ago.
    Kelly Clarkson is a divisive issue. Many of my gay friends, with good gaydars, absolutely do not think she’s into girls. They flat out deny she could be. It’s strange, but whatevs. I definitely get a gay vibe from her. Plus, some of the stuff she’s said to brush off or side step the issue are very similar to what I’ve heard many closeted/in denial people (including myself, many years ago) say. I would advise anyone who has doubts about Kelly’s potential gayness to check out her song “Maybe”. Seriously, give it a listen and then get back to me.

    • MLE, I know the song maybe, and everyone takes something different from lyrics of every song they sing. Being a big fan of KC, and knowing “some” of her personal story, I took that song much differently than you.She wrote that song not long after she broke up with Graham Colton. He was an opening act for her tour, and they fell in love and dated about 6 months before they mutually broke up. He said in interviews that they still had feelings for each other, and he loved her very much, but, he was just starting out, and really couldn’t handle all the fame that came with her. He was also afraid people would think he was riding her coat tails to make it in the business, instead of making it on his own. He wrote a number of songs about her as well, after they broke up. Kelly said she still loved him also, but, because of her busy schedule with her career, and how dedicated she was to her career, she really didn’t see how it would work with him going his own way, and her going her own way with their music, they would never get to see each other, and she didn’t want a long distance relationship. But, the lyrics to me, say she is still in love with him, regardless of them not being together, and maybe someday, down the road it’ll work out between them.

  12. Off her newest cd, I beleive her song “Already gone” is also about him, and that relationship. Check that one out on youtube.

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