Daily Fix: The Art of Losing Your Crown is Not Hard to Master

Today on Autostraddle: Even Sudafed & Swine Flu Can’t Stop Carlytron from being Your Tuesday Televisionary. Also! Green & Riese Read YA Books for lesbians and want to talk about it. It’s really cool. You should read it.

Also! We have a special girl-on-gallery in honor of our favorite not-entirely topless model, Miss California. Although those allegedly additional pictures of our hypocritical honey apparently aren’t available at this time, we do have plenty of  photos of other girls — smart, non-asshatty girls — who also enjoy covering their breasts with a carefully placed limb! Will she lose her crown? We hope so!

Also we’re gathering a pretty kickass Intern Army, so keep your eye on the  Interns Page, where we will roll out our lovely ladies one-by-one as they advance out of Basic Training.

+ Um. REALLY PAPI? Network Television Shows Increase in Sexual Diversity (!?!) I don’t know what kind of Network Television Joel Booster is watching, but there ain’t no gay ladies on my primetime schedule. Granted the only show I ever watch on the teevee is Law & Order which come to think of it does feature quite a few psychotic lesbian killers and trannie hookers. Hm. Maybe I’d watch other shows if there were girls making out on them. Anyhow. (@the dec online)

+ “Riese is gonna love this.” – Intern Daphne: American Idol trading cards: Priceless (@Newsday)

+ Here’s Adam Lambert, Our Gay of the Week, doing serious justice to Led Zeppelin in last night’s American Idol:

+ Is your teenager rebelling by pretending to be bisexual? Has your teen pretended to be bisexual because he/she thinks it’s cool? Or has your teenage daughter pretended to be bisexual to attract boys? Well, Dr. Phil wants to know more! (@afterellen)

+ Alexandra Hedison interviewed by Rachel Shelley for the cover of June’s DIVA Magazine: The L Word Postmortem. Season 6: How Did They Get It So Wrong? (@Diva Mag)

+  Jordan Catalano is such a lesbian anyhow: LiLo + JaTo spotted together, possibly making out. BWWAHHH! Riese Rants: I’ve been worried about this exact sitch from day one — that if SamRo & LiLo were to break up, LiLo would start being with boys again and the media would come all over itself in excitement to declare that SamRo was just a satanic phase for this troubled drug-addicted youth and in fact Lohan is 100% hetero. So I hope that unlike some people (PINK!) she continues to identify (when asked) as bisexual or label-free.  (Also, she’s not hungry, she swears! She JUST had a yogurt at lunch!)

+Beaches Blooper Reel! YEAH! BEACHES! THAT BEACHES! @jezebel)

+ This keeps pissing us off: CNN/Oprah.com: Calls Sudden Lesbian Syndrome a ‘New’ Trend Without Any Proof (@ ACLU)

+ “Being a Republican is like being on Survivor.” Oh is it now? Let’s play GOP Survivor! (@the bilerco project):


How You Like Us Now

Yesterday’s Total: 45

Can’t Forget the Fear Quotes (@goodasyou) -3

Study says New York Latinos support gay marriage (@Times Union) +5

Running the Numbers in Albany for Gay Marriage (@nymag) +5

Approved: Out-of-State Same-Sex Marriage in D.C. (@The Advocate) +15

CNN poll: Generations disagree on same-sex marriage: “But among those 18 to 34 years old, 58 percent said same-sex marriages should be legal. That number drops to 42 percent among respondents aged 35 to 49, and to 41 percent for those aged 50 to 64. Only 24 percent of Americans 65 and older support recognizing same-sex marriages, according to the poll.” (@cnn) -5

Religious right not united in push to repeal benefits for gay couples (@Seattle Times) +0

NOM ads on LGBT sites – a pheNOMinal waste of money! (@bilerco project) +5

Maine Same-Sex Marriage Bill Passes in the House! (@bilerco project) +30

Total: 97!!



from Green:
It’s Hat Day on the Martha Stewart Show! But that’s not the exciting part — Erin McKenna from Babycakes NYC, and author of this brand-spankin’-new cookbook, will be making gluten-free vegan chocolate chip cookie sandwiches! Yum! If you miss the show, the recipe will be on Martha’s website. Vegan food for the daytime crowd = one small, delicious step towards world domination.

stef-iconfrom Stef:
Crystal told us all about Taylor Momsen’s band Pretty Reckless, and I was REALLY bummed I had to miss their first-ever show at the Annex last night – but it’s alright because there’s video already! The music is surprisingly not terrible, and the lyrics are predictably ridiculous. It’s a great start for a 16-year-old though – by the time she’s 25 she’s gonna be a force to reckon with for sure. Her stage presence reminds me COMPLETELY of Theo Kogan from the Lunachicks, who made this video when Taylor Momsen was still in diapers.

crystal-iconfrom Crystal:
It’s hard to explain what this website does. I guess it’s an interactive music clip that allows you to draw the music you’re listening to. It takes a minute to load, but it’s totally worth it.

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  1. Will there ever be a girl-on-gallery of girls straddling things? I’m just sayin’…it seems appropriate.

    Also, more Riese Rants, please.

  2. Don’t worry Riese – she called bs on the story – said she never even saw him there. I too hope her PR won’t go back into hyper-heterosexualization mode. Did you hear that her ‘ex-bf’ admitted he was a beard?
    There were never even any sapphic rumours at the time so that only means one thing – Morton=beard and Lohan=gay LOL.
    The Hard Rock Cafe heir told Inked magazine, “I didn’t really date her . . . I really didn’t.”
    and then a ‘source’ (aka Dina Lohan or her PR) fired back
    but a source reminded Page Six that he was happy to use her fame for his own benefit. “Harry had Lindsay wear Pink Taco T-shirts every day for the press”
    Ha! BEARD much?

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