It’s Friday! Have You Seen That Comment? Where’d It Go?

I feel like this week went by superfast. How about you? Let’s see what happened: Taylor took a first look at Red Dead REdemption and watched the LOST series finale with you. Jess’s Audiostraddle Weekly had plenty of Glambert, Bonnaroo’s lineup, and a new song from The Roots. We counted down ten people who can do no wrong and talked about race and sexuality on part two of the feminism roundtable. Lily’s finished with freshman year over at College Lesbianage, and Riese and Haviland have a new advice vlog for you. And now, on to the comments!

On Lady Gaga Kisses a Girl on a Boat, Photographs Exist, Bisexuality Exists:

The Call Now And We’ll Double Your Order! Award to southpaw : “i’m sorry autostraddle, but some of those pics were a little scarring. you know, i was just scrolling innocently through some pictures, nodding like, “get it girl,” living out my interracial Gaga fantasies, until…the 10th photo came up. it was like seeing the physical manifestation of every single craigslist w4w nightmare i’ve ever had. *sniff* whatever the female equivalent of boner-killing is (wet-stealing? sham-wowing?), that picture was it.”

On Lesbian Safe Sex 101: The Doctor Is In (Also, the Cartoonist):

The Lolcat Award to bizzle : “Speaking of visiting lady part doctors, I recently went to a clinic to check out a chronic cough/throat thing and on the ceiling was this poster. It speaks for itself.

The Here Comes The Bride Award to leah: “It is either referencing G-d or a man, either way S.C.A.R.Y. When you call my gyno and get put on hold, you get to hear that famous wedding song! Not the actual dum dum da dum…but that other one. You’d know if you heard it. I’m like, wow, they just assume all women are just waiting to marry!”

The Little Low On The Sperm Today Award to captcaywick : “when i came out to my parents my dad sat there all quiet… the next day he asked me how hard is it to wear a condom on my tongue!
Miss you my naive dad!”

On LOST Series Finale Liveblog: The Last WTF!:

The Dharma Initiative Beer Award to TSwizzle : “I’m not even watching Lost, just playing my own drinking game called “Drink every time someone mentions #lost on my twitter feed”.
brb, alcohol poisoning.”

On Top Ten People Who Can Do No Wrong, Like Jane Lynch:

The Fuzzy Logic Award to lady sauce: “Delurking to say YESSSSS to this list. Though, if I were to have a quibble, it would be that Rachel Maddow should be number one. Or at least number two; I understand the rules of Jane Lynch being the definition of doing no wrong. But, for that to be the case, Autostraddle would have had to have done wrong, which I actually don’t think is possible. But who knows if that assessment (that Autostraddle-can-do-no-wrong) is correct because it came from me, someone who disagreed with Autostraddle, so clearly I am capable of doing wrong. Right?”

The bcw Award for bcw to bcw : “i would argue that maddow’s hair may constitute a wrongdoing, but i can forgive it, because she’s rachel maddow, and can do no wrong.”

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  1. if a comment awards post is posted and nobody comments on it, does it make a sound?

  2. damn! I thought maybe this might be my week.

    one day, AS. One day I’ll have earned my own comment award!

  3. Have I seen that comment? Where’d it go? I don’t know!

    This is a test comment because I seem to be incapable of posting my comment on the newest post about the Malawi couple. Tried twice.

      • Hey Brianna, I just approved your comment on the Malawi post. Sometimes when you post hyperlinks, our filters think the comment is spam, and it takes us a while to catch it. :)

  4. Maybe Maddow is protecting the lesbians with her hairdo. Can you imagine what it would do to the girls who already love her if she went with something super stylish? It would probs be too much. Q.E.D. Maddow: still doing no wrong.

  5. Omg Autostraddle I can’t believe you liked my comment, I’m so honored!! This is better than the time I took my roommate’s cat to the park and thirty lesbians swarmed me to ask which shelter I’d gotten it from.

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