LOST Series Finale Liveblog: The Last WTF!


The time is nigh! What began ever-so modestly with a $14 Million dollar pilot in 2004 is about to wrap up six seasons of mindfucking with one of the most anticipated (feared?) season finales ever. Yes, LOST is ending tonight. I still don’t know if I’m supposed to put the name of the show in all caps, but it just looks so wrong conventionally capitalized.

Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Hurley, Jin, Sun, Desmond, John Locke, Ben and like a trillion other pseudo-friends we’ve collected over the past six years will meet their final end, beginning tonight at 7PM EST. Well, I believe some kind of much-needed epic recap begins then, the real show won’t start ’til 9PM EST.

God knows they’ve met a lot of ends along the way: LOST tends to kill off and resurrect its characters on a whim, so who knows what’s gonna go down tonight. If you’ve never seen the show, this will probably be the most baffling two hours of television you’ve ever consumed. That probably goes for if you have seen it too. IT’S ON!


Taylor: err…
this is heartening
Jack’s dad is def not shambly/drunk enough to be “real”
OKAY. 6 minutes left and NO SMOKE MONSTER (except in the Target ads) and NO POLAR BEARS
Karen: are there polar bears in purgatory?
Taylor: why is this ending in a church, really? REALLY?
weird church dead people gala
are these people dead? no really.
Karen: so wait he dies and then all we get is them meeting in heaven at some indeterminate time?
Taylor: this is JUST like the Lovely Bones
jack’s having a moment among the bamboo
is Driveshaft gonna perform right now?
cause they’re all looking to the pulpit expectantly.
okay, dog continuity problem. i swear that’s a different dog all splayed out next to soon-to-be-dead jack.
1 minute left
oh man
Karen: I am going to have to think about this for a while before knowing how mad i am.

Taylor: And, I leave you with this:

Oh hey Juliet!

Karen: i want Hurley to go home and be a fried chicken tycoon not stay here with ben forever
Taylor: yeah, right?
the chicken at hurley’s franchise looks kind of delicious

Kelsey: “Why does Jack drive a duckboat?”
Karen: it makes him eccentric
Taylor: or more shambly? …are they having a gala? kind of like when bravo does those reunion episodes of things before a finale?

this sums up a good deal of the series.

Taylor: i miss the show before they went in the hatch
one mysterious thing was enough for me to fixate on
Karen: what is the captain’s wheel a symbol of?
Taylor: saltiness, seawardness

Kelsey, in reference to Jack’s father’s casket as he approaches it: “I hope feral cats pop out”
Taylor: nope, no feral cats.
Karen: oh shit.

Taylor: guys, where the fuck did this plane come from?
i am so slow
Priya: it crashed when they came back to the island.
Taylor: ohhhh. nonetheless, i would not trust that sketchball to fly a plane

Priya: at least they get to sit in first class

Karen: why oh why did jack put the penis back in the hole? so confused
Taylor: glory hole.
large-scale glory hole.
Karen: the light only works when the penis is filling the vagina?
Priya: best comment of the night.

Taylor: this is like the goonies x church x electrical fire
Karen: they had better impress the hell out of me soon
because this–whatever–is not fulfilling my wishes
Taylor: yeahhh

Karen: isn’t Locke like 1.5 hours out of major surgery?
Taylor: yeah, you know. the island has…uh…properties


Karen: ok at least jack’s response is confusion which is way more realistic than everyone else’s

Taylor: kate’s getting kind of hot again. Bout time.

Kelsey keeps insisting that claire is “turning into a merwoman”
Karen: i think she really just needs to wash her hair. i get crazy when my scalp itches too.
Taylor: me too, actually. pet peeve
Karen: seriously that shit is annoying


Karen: is this plane an osprey or what YOU HAVE NO RUNWAY IT’S SAND
Taylor: what’s an osprey? that sounds cool
omg guys i just realized i drank 3 beers in like 30 minutes and it only vaguely muffled my liveblog overstimulation anxiety
Karen: its a plane that can take off and land like a copter and can hover. its magical
and it only cost billions in our tax dollars!
Taylor: omg i love when my tax dollars go to the most BADASS STUFF EVER
Taylor: shit, does that vending machine trick really work? juliet said if you unplug it and plug it back in, “the candy just drops right down”

Karen: simulataneous orgasm (by the vending machine)
Taylor: it’s the stuff of legend!
and let’s not forget its yet more legendary relative, the simultaneous flashback orgasm!
Karen: that is so rare. you have to be really comfortable with your partner to achieve that

Taylor: sawyer looks like a ninja turtle right now in the best way possible
requisite heterotastic boring couple kiss
spice it up! i wanna see miles kiss hurley!
Karen: i know why was that kiss necessary at this point
Taylor: and like, ben and sun is some kind of bdsm situation
Karen: ben does seem to like provoking people to beat him
Taylor: true
sun could be a kinky mistress
Karen: sun has been secretly hot this whole time
Taylor: i know, right?!
i only realize that in weird moments. like holy shit, she’s unzipping her cardigan

Karen: YES

Taylor: there are way too many smoke monster/target ad mashups

Karen: OH SHIT
Taylor: ok
i was eating a sandwich fuck
Karen: KATE saves the day
Taylor: kate isn’t being ineffectual, yay!
Priya: Locke is always falling to his death.
Taylor: uh john? you gonna live through that getting pushed off a cliff shit?
okay, guys. somebody break down new john who is just a smokemonster
hence blood on jack’s neck? cool
Karen: so is the smoke monster gone now?
Taylor: locke’s successful surgery proves anyone can drink on the job and do just fine.
as i will demonstrate at my workplace tomorrow
i mean, jkjkjk


Priya: cave sex better be a flashback for kate and sawyer.
Taylor: cave sex?!
Priya: oops i meant cage sex. (…)

Karen: Okay fundamental question: how do they think they can get a plan off the ground with no runway??
Taylor: island mojo?

Karen: OK, I must know: did I miss a conversation about why they were sending D down there? Did they direct him to move the phallus? Are they all telepaths now?
Priya: Claire, you were at a table full of doctors.
You really think the roadie’s going to be the best help?
Karen: daniel is really feeling that music
do not let the junkie deliver teh baby
Priya: He seems sober all of a sudden.
Taylor: how many times has claire had this baby? christ
Karen: did that take two pushes really?
Taylor: yup!
just like real life, right?
[Ed. note: almost]
Priya: eww sick placenta.
Karen: oatmeal placenta!
Taylor: shit’s nutritious, priya
about the baby, kelsey said “ew, it’s like a goat, I HATE IT”
kate, be with me. let’s recreate that scene from Gia


Taylor: omg is this the dumbledore cave?!? that cave is SO SAD
Priya: what is this phallic object desmond is clutching?
Karen: AAAHHHH! Missing TOE!!!
Priya: good call.

Priya: I love Charlotte’s dress.
Karen: charlotte looks smoking hot
Taylor: is she the one who died from nosebleeds?
Priya: yes she is.
Taylor: i mean from TIME TRAVEL

Taylor: is that the creeper from the dharma vids?
love him!
Priya: It’s so weird for Dr. Chang to not be creepy here.
Taylor: i hate everything about Charlie’s band Driveshaft.
Priya: Claire and Charlie are cute together.
Taylor: Charlie is so heroinchicgaytwinktastic here
Karen: Charlie’s stare made Claire’s vagina contract
Priya: Are things actually starting to happen in this episode?

Karen: aw is claire going to go back to her pretend baby?
Taylor: guys i love subterranean shit
the hatch buildup was my favorite part of the show ever!
and now we’re in a cavern
Karen: I don’t understand what the hell is going on!!!!
Priya: I still don’t get why they’re working together.
Taylor: i need a beer!
Priya: locke and jack i mean.
Taylor: i just drank like 3 beers cause i felt nervous!
Karen: exactly why are they collaborating on getting desmond down there?
Priya: Jack is so cocky.
Taylor: guys i am an idiot. i JUST realized the smoke monster possessed john locke
Priya: ummm yeah. . . that’s a big point you missed.
Karen: does jack think sending desmond down there will kill locke? And locked thinks it will destroy the island? They couldn’t have scripted that conversation for us?
Taylor: omg extremely tall waterfall with goonies style lighting, yes!

Taylor: i love when sayid is unnecessarily articulate. he’s an englishman. can’t blame him?
Karen: He is so hot in a torturer kind of way
Priya: omg it’s shannon!
she’s back.
and her abusive bf.
Karen: Shannon!
Priya: sayid is so sexy.
ughh it makes me so sick that it took her for him to have his flashback.
Karen: hot sex tension
Priya: Shannon is such a freak.
Taylor: oh man, that incestuous chick is back!
Priya: Also, if i had a flashback like that, i wouldn’t think it really happened, i would think i was a creepster.
Taylor: Shannon looks like julianna moore in boogie nights!
Priya: she does!
Taylor: for real
moar roller skates and cocaine pls!
Priya: Damn Sayid works fast.
Karen: Yes, what about the love of your life Nadia?
Priya: He sure forgot about her fast.
Taylor: oh wait, his tragic imprisoned love?
Priya: seriously

Karen: wait when did they agree to drop desmond into the light?
Priya: Desmond can see the future! he knows!
Karen: how does desmond have consciousness of both worlds IN BOTH WORLDS?
Priya: Why doesn’t Jack listen to anyone?
Karen: because he’s a bro!

Priya: Locke has man boobs. and Jack is getting them. Sawyer is the only one who has his pectorals in excellent shape.
Taylor: omg i was JUST noticing manboobs
Priya: moobs
Taylor: hahaha
Priya: jinx
Taylor: nice pectoral maintenance, sawyer

Priya: okay.
KNEW IT. Juliette is his ex wife! ughh that was predicable. I wonder if Juliette likes being everyone’s sloppy seconds.
Taylor: whoa whoa. eww
Priya: Juliette and Jack are better together than Juliette and Sawyer. They’re both dull.
Taylor: agreed.

Karen: Time to go get a beer


Priya: The besties are reunited!!!
Also, these commercials are going for like, a million dollars a spot!
Karen: Guyliner Charlie!
Priya: I hope when I got shot in the back with a tranquilizer gun I fall square on a bed.
Is Desmond secretly a bomb?

9:17 PM:

Karen: Look how cute their little hovel is!
Taylor: Terry O’Quinn is brilliant.
Priya: True dat

9:15 pm

Priya: Rose and Bernard! I forgot about them.

9:06 PM

Karen: I like scraggly Desmond better than hair gel Desmond.
Priya: Desmond sounds like he’s about to sell kate into sex slavery.

9:04 PM
Taylor: Oh snap, sideways world montage!
Priya: They’re bringing the body to the concert? What?

The mirror! going to be significant.

9:02 PM
Taylor: what is that true about that guy’s eyeliner?! how does that happen to someone? that’d shave off like 2 minutes of bullshit in my morning routine
Priya: His arm tattoo is intense.
Karen: And bro-riffic.

9:00 PM
Taylor: I’m SO confused and it is just starting. MOAR BEER!
Karen: They really put dead bodies in packing boxes?

8:51 PM
Priya: Richard does not have eyeliner! he talked about how his eyes are naturally like that and it’s caused him problems with casting all his life!
Karen: never bought the “that’s his natural look” excuse!type here -Karen
Taylor: omg, the creators just recognized the fact that Richard CLEARLY has eyeliner tattooed onto him. THANK YOU


Hi Karen and Priya! Thanks for being LOST consultants! Let’s do it!


Some catching up to do? We’ve got ya covered. It’s the 11th hour. GO!

+ Wikipedia’s probably a good place to start for getting a refresher course on the cast of characters.

+ Television Without Pity provides some of the best snarktastic recaps around.

+ Want to see the entirety of LOST reenacted by lolcats?

+ The last issue of Wired brought us a ton Comprehensive LOST info, including some fascinating behind the scenes stuff from the creators and this amazingly thorough character infographic. (Click through for a legible version!)

+ Check out the recently surfaced LOST audition tapes and see our island-bound friends before they knew what exactly they were getting into.

+ Can’t get enough of Sawyer’s compulsive nicknaming?



Taylor: Tech Editor. Has seen probably 90% of LOST episodes, which makes her an infidel by fan standards. Went as Sawyer for Halloween in 2007.

Kelsey: Autostraddler. Along for the ride. Sporadic LOST-watcher, with a pretty good gr

asp of what’s up.

Karen: Friend of Auto, LOST consultant, winsome lady and loyal Lost-follower. Her relationship with Lost is “semi-serious fandom tinged with scorn.”

Priya: Friend of Auto, LOST consultant. Fact-checker, all around fanatic.

Laneia, Riese, Assorted other Autofolks will be making cameos & giving their two cents!


I’m one of those people who would much rather read about television than actually watch television, often developing very specific opinions of said programs without ever viewing them. Soooooo I’ve never seen LOST, even though everyone has told me to watch LOST, which just makes me want to not awtch it even more. I get most of my TV-related opinions from New York Magazine, which is where in 2006, I concluded that after several years of not watching LOST, that LOST wouldn’t be losing all its viewers with its increasingly tedious shaggy-dog story if it had just committed from the get-go to being exactly two seasons long. In fact, that’s how all of television could be fixed. Amirite or what?

So, tonight’s finale! It should be a good one. I haven’t had the time to read anything about it DESPITE IT BEING IN MY FUCKING FACE ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

Basically this is what I know about the show: Charlie Salinger left Bailey and Jennifer Love Hewitt behind, probably got on a boat/airplane/raft of some sort which I guess crashed or something so he ended up on an island with a bunch of strangers, which I imagine being like that show Temptation Island which I also never saw/but read about. In most of the photos there seems to be a large man with curly hair, ladies in tank tops, and A LOT of shrubbery.

Most Hated Character: I don’t like that guy with the big sideburns and the curly hair because the big sideburns are weird to me, they are like HUGE SIDEBURNS.

Fave Character: The chick that had sex with Gia!

Longshot Prediction: I think the obvious answer is that someone will turn out to be gay, or that Jenny will come back from the dead. I just asked Taylor if Michelle Rodriguez was in this show, ’cause I thought she was, and she was going to be my fave character b/c of her (suspected) homosexuality and Taylor said that M-Ro got killed but that sometimes people come back from life. So I predict that Charlie Salinger will lick a posioned envelope, fall off the railing, turn into a dolphin, come out of the pool, and then walk to the police station in a slow-motion montage. Dana Fairbanks will be there, and Alanis Morisette will be playing G-d. Then hopefully the whole cast will come out for a curtain call, like they did on Full House.


Play this at home! Just don’t implicate us when you end up crying over Desmond or hookin’ up with your ex.

Our units here are a big swig of beer, an unladylike gulp of wine or half a shot, if you’re daring like that. Bear in mind, this shit’s gonna be 2.5 hours long.

Someone dead returns: 1 drink

Anyone drinks Dharma Initiative beer: 1 drink

Sawyer calls someone a nickname: 1 drink

Smoke Monster: 2 drinks!

Polar Bear: Finish whatever you’ve got (Down your beer!  I hope you bought a case!)

*Submit your own rules to us and we’ll add em!



“Shit, I really should have properly caught up. I’m like 3 episodes behind. Whatever. I’ll call it like I sees it.”

Most Hated Character: Michael, that sketchy smarmster pilot dude. Any time Desmond says Brotha’

Fave Character: Er. I like Jin. He doesn’t piss me off too much. And who doesn’t like Hurley? Ben’s fun to watch.

Longshot Prediction: Geez, I don’t know. I’d really like to listen to that tikatikatika Smoke Monster noise a lot more. Also I’d like if Sun and Kate made out. That’d be nice. Or Juliet. I’m not picky.


“Libby, I love you.”

Most Hated Character: Desmond, brutha.

Fave Character: It used to be Locke. Ya know what? IT STILL IS.

Longshot Prediction: Sawyer’s gay. Jack is his lover. Kate gets pregnant with two girls and settles down in a nice country cottage. Sayid has been faking his accent the whole time. Sun and Jin are actually Japanese. Libby and Hugo get married in the Pysch Ward. Locke is God.


“I expect disappointment and bitterness on my part. If Desmond and Penny don’t wind up together tonight, I swear…”

Most Hated Character: Jack.  Matthew Fox has too much of a bro quality for me.

Fave Character: DESMOND.  (Or Hurley.  Sawyer?  Sayid.  No, Sun.  Jin.  Anyone but Jack basically.  But especially DESMOND).

Longshot Prediction:  Hurley and Desmond save the world, buddy cop style.  Closing shot:  they are sipping margaritas with Penny and Libby.


“This episode is going to be bittersweet since it marks the end of Lost, but I’m ready for it!”

Most Hated Character: Juliet

Fave Character: SAWYER! And Sayid and Desmond.

Longshot Prediction: I think the Island is going to be destroyed and the smoke monster is going to try to take over Locke’s body in the sideways world when he finally escapes the Island. And Richard is not done for yet…

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    • I’m not even watching Lost, just playing my own drinking game called “Drink every time someone mentions #lost on my twitter feed”.

      brb, alcohol poisoning.

  1. I watch my first episode of Lost two months ago, the series premiere, and I never went back to finish.

  2. I saw a bit of it earlier and was that girl from High Art in it? I felt like she was in it. This show is really weird

  3. side note from all this insanity and awesomeness, kate and claire have some serious gay undertones in the ep. they should get married so they both get to be aaron’s mommy. yay.

    • I’m still watching season 3 of lost so I’m not watching or reading the liveblog yet, but you know what I am doing? I am watching alias. Let’s have an alias party, foist!

    • ALIAS finale was better in that it sort of addressed the mysticism of the show. We got an answer to the WHY question. I take back everything I said about alias versus lost.

      I will take a giant red ball of liquid over this church ending preaching people to “move on.” I hate it when writers tell their viewers to move on.

      • Even with its cult following, I think the shortcomings of Alias stem from the complexity and specifics of the plot/subplots, which admittedly were sometimes bizarre. J.J. Abrams seemed to have learned his lesson in appealing to a broader, more mainstream audience with Lost but I think he and his writers lost a sense of direction near the end of the series.

  4. lost was so so so so so so shittt!!!!!

    hate it so much all for nothing writers need shot!!


    I have not read this. I still have not seen it yet and am still really scared of spoilers until I can watch tomorrow afternoon. I realise it is a very dangerous thing even going near the internets/twitter. So I am looking at everything with one eye open. Therefore, I will process feelings here later. But I am so scared.


    Taylor you are awesome for doing this. And Kelsey is awesome for still loving Locke, because I like knowing I’m not the only one still on his team. (does that wind up being a bad idea?)

  6. SHIT. I was too caught up in ontd_lost to realize this was going on! anyway I liked it! /loved. made me cry, hole in my heart now, etc. This show really is one of a kind, changed the television game, etc.

  7. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

    if I had known this existed I would have really enjoyed watching the finale more with my roommate! granted, I saw the very end of the finale online as a stream of the east coast feed over half an hour before it started here on the west coast, and I had to contain my laughter.

    I’ve enjoyed watching the show in the way I get to yell at the tv for killing POC and having homo-free air travel (seriously, no queers on the flights or the island, ever? maybe lapedius or miles was gay), and I will miss tuesday pizza night with my roomie.

    lulz @ them all being dead tho

  8. The end didn’t really live up to the hype. It was very purgaheavenish. Jack died next to the dog and dog backwards is god.

    I was really hoping for aliens.

  9. Am I the only one who felt this liveblog was a little misguided in the boob department? Man boobs and Sawyer’s great pecs? What about Juliet in that dress?

    • Libby had some really nice cleavage going on recently. I think maybe my sex drive shut down during the course of the finale to allow more brain capacity for plot-processing. It’s shameful of me, really.

  10. Haven’t read yet but I’m gonna say this before I do ’cause I said it aloud while watching and knowing Autostraddle the way that I do, I’m 90% sure it’s gonna be in there somewhere: The light of the island comes from the original set of The Goonies. Not an actual fact in a ‘that’s an actual fact’ way, but true nonetheless. Reading now.

  11. so… a few months back one of my best friends and me had read/heard somewhere, that the “solution” could have been there in the first episodes. we rewatched the pilote which was really, really boring compared to the other seasons. in the end we came to the logical conclusion that it had to be the dog, and I’m sticking to that!

    no seriously, for years and years the fans literally begged for them not to be dead and what did they turn out to be? ok, so they obv didn’t die before coming to the island, but really? and kate was right, the man was called christian shepherd… hella annoying that he was the one opening the doors to the heavenly gates or whatevs.

    no, I don’t know what to think or feel about this. it explains a lot but still, no explanation at all. I’d like to see what Jacob told Jack, though.

  12. So glad I had low expectations. I didn’t expect to get any answers, but I hoped I was wrong. Sigh. My parents asked me what the island was. I said I didn’t know and they askedhow I could faithfully watch a show for years and years and still not know nwell that’s lost for you. I kind of feel cheated and strung along by the writers.

    I said it above, but I hate it when writers try to be all meta and tell viewers on a finale that everyone dies (all characters will die eventually) and people need to move on (viewers should take the glimpse of life we got and move on to a new show). Really?!? We know!!!! We just want to know what the eff was up with the island! At least I did. I didn’t really care about what happened off the island. I mean it was great to understand what the side flashes were, but what about the mysticism? They had no idea what it was! So they copped out and ignored it and decided to leave it up to the viewers to interpret. Well at least it’s over and I won’t be spending anymore time trying to figure out lost.

  13. Okay, I’m back. I cried the entire time and ate a piece of cherry pie when it was over to drown my feelings.

    Even though the writers took the easy way out with it, I liked it on the whole. These are things that made me happy:

    – BEN LIVES. Honestly, that was really the only thing I cared about. If he hadn’t, I probably would still be weeping and like, eating cigarettes or something.
    – John Locke got to be John Locke again. Over the last two seasons I really missed him. I was always with the Man of Faith from the beginning and it made me SO sad that was gone. The moment between he and Ben at the church was wonderful.
    – JULIET. Her smile is so warm and comforting. I missed her and seeing her again helped me to forgive the fact that we had to watch her die like four times.
    – The fight on the rock face was amazing. Come on, it was just amazing.
    – Even though the reunions were weird, the way they like “OMG I REMEMBER MAKESOUT,” I didn’t care because everyone got reunited. And that was all I cared about.

    Okay, that’s all.

    • THIS.
      I spent the last 50 minutes crying. I loved the finale. I really did. Sawyer and Juliet? “It worked… we should have coffee sometime”…OMG. I only got that this was what she said when she detonated the bomb because of TWOP and then I cried again. The bomb was The Incident! It wasn’t anything really important.

      You guys, Jack dies. I didn’t even like him that much at first. But he’s the one that dies. After FINALLY doing something right.

      THEY WAITED FOR EACH OTHER TO MOVE ON!!! ok, I’ll go cry a bit more because obviously I’m still not over it.

      • Er uh, obvs the below comment is in reply to yours. The perils of mobile internet.

  14. Only the last 50 minutes? I’m pretty sure I started uhm… like… immediately? I kind of really cried on and off from the moment Juliet reappears. And then every remembered connection, every time Ben was in peril (panic happened when the tree fell), and every time I realised something. So yeah, like I said, really I only wasn’t crying during commercials. It is possible I’m already in a glass case of emotion to begin with. But it was REALLY EMOTIONAL OKAY.

    I think the Juliet+Sawyer reunion was the one I waited for the most. Even more than Charlie+Claire, and I kind of never stopped feeling wibbly over that….

    I never liked Jack either (I have a fan theory about siding with jack/locke in the beginning and how it brought you to the end), but I really started to care for him this season. The moment that did it was when he walked to the edge of the beach and jeared quietly after the sub sank.

    Okay, I’m gonna come cry with you even though my eyes still hurt.

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