Lady Gaga Kisses a Girl on a Boat, Photographs Exist, Bisexuality Exists


Is Lady Gaga kissing a girl? Lady Gaga has been photographed by the evil paparazzi doing sinful things on a boat in St. Tropez like possibly making out with a woman, therefore proving that just like the Vancouver Island Marmot, bisexuals really do exist. Often they can be spotted mating in the wild with women of various sexual persuasions. They’ve also been known to work for this website and read its contents.

You know, Lady Gaga bisexual Lady Gaga bisexual Lady Gaga bisexual makeout girl-on-girl Lady Gaga kissing girl is lady Gaga lesbian? Lady Gaga girlfriend? Lady Gaga lesbian lover makeout Gaga Lady Gaga?

Although we have mixed feelings about paparazzi photographs in general, our feelings about Lady Gaga are not mixed feelings. They are strong, passionate, powerful bad-romancey feelings.

Number One Feelings:
1. Lady Gaga has an amazing ass
2. Why is she pretending like she wants to get tan, that bitch was born to play the Snow Queen and we all know it
3. Who’s that lady, who’s that lady, sexy lady, who’s that lady
4. Is it possible they’re just cuddling, hugging, steamrolling, or providing each other with necessary body heat?
5. We love a girl who drinks regular Coke instead of diet
6. Lady Gaga drinks tea from a teacup IRL
7. zomg

Seriously this is a very very very nice ass:

Sidenote – a conversation between the Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor of

Riese: if i headline lady gaga on a boat kissing a girl
will our readers completely give up hope
really it’s not my fault that lindsay lohan and lady gaga both maybe kissed girls this week
Laneia: you should say that
Riese: we typically avoid celebrity gossip
unless it’s about lady gaga
or lindsay lohan
Laneia: and then point them in the direction of the safe sex post
Riese: we talk about smart stuff 95% of the time right
my brain hurts
Laneia: 85%
Riese: 85%
that’s not bad
Laneia: no i’d say it’s really good
Riese: also part two of the feminist roundtable is coming up
Laneia: yes
Riese: actually everything we have coming up is smart
Laneia: mhm
Riese: do we actually care if lady gaga kisses a girl
Laneia: it’s pretty to look at
Riese: i am not sure that i care
Laneia: i don’t care, no
the reason people care about celebrity gossip or pretty things to look at is b/c the world is such a fucked up hole of fuckery most of the time. everyone’s in debt and overworked or unemployed and at the very least everyone just wants to go home
Riese: well, it matters a little
b/c people think she’s not a “real bisexual”
i guess that’s why lohan matters too
Laneia: and sometimes it’s just nice to look at something brainless, and there’s nothing wrong with that
Riese: when i feel brainless
i just want to play must pop words
i get confused at celebrity gossip ’cause i don’t know who any of those people are
and i feel like it’s made up
Laneia: by them
Riese: and if i want to read something made up
i would read a novel
Laneia: yes
Riese: but it does matter right? like for it to be true that lohan is bisexual and not just “oh samantha was a blip”
and that it’s not a publicity thing
for lady gaga
to say she’s bisexual
that it’s like REAL THE WAY THAT WE LIVE, sometimes bisexuals like boys sometimes they like girls etc
Laneia: it matters in the same way it matters that we’re right about everything. like, we know we are, but sometimes it’s just not worth talking about b/c no one outside of us believes us anyway
like that their mother really is gay
and they are too
Riese: exactly. i like being right. also sometimes it’s hard for me to come up with something smart to say every day
i’m worried that my brain might explode
Laneia: also you wrote a bunch of stuff yesterday
Riese: that’s true. it’s a good thing i don’t work at the awl
Laneia: well if you worked at the awl, you’d probably be having more stimulating conversations with more people on a regular basis
and no one would ever talk about lady gaga
and what the fuck fun would that be
Riese: maybe someone from the awl will interview tammy lynn for us
Laneia: i think maybe we should wait until she calls us
b/c if melissa called AE
that’s the next logical step
for tammy
to call us
Riese: yeah let’s just wait for her to call us


Is doing no wrong right here, in her interview with Katie Couric:

Watch CBS News Videos Online


More Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Shaming! Just when we thought the worst of this gender-shaming nonsense was over, more people have even more feelings about Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and her outfits!

Well, we think Shiloh looks like the next kickass style superstar, as we explained in “Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s Tomboy Look Scares Media Just Like Ours Scared Our Grandparents.”

Perhaps Shiloh is the next Nat Garcia. You never know.


There were rumors swilling on Monday that Lohan had a new girlfriend, photographer Indrani. Lindsay shot down the allegations. Now we’ve got a behind-the-scenes video of Lindsay’s shoot with Markus Klinko & Indrani for the new Bravo TV show, Double Exposure. Abe Gurko of I Mean…. What?!! (which sounds like the title of an AfterEllen vlog or something) was invited on set of Lindsay Lohan’s photoshoot, and from this particular experience chose to label his photo, “Are these two the new hot item? A very hot combo indeed. What will Sam Ronson say?”

Further fanning the flames of the potential publicity-stunt fire, Gurko writes, “each episode is a different celebrity photo shoot and all the Bravo-type drama that ensues. Lindsay was the consummate professional on this set and gave it her all.”

Does anyone else find it odd how Indrani is talking shit about Lindsay’s previous photoshoots and saying how everyone just exploits Lindsay and doesn’t see her for who she truly is? Emotionally manipulative relationship in the works, y’all.


Fans of Grey’s Anatomy and Callie/Arizona were surprised and delighted last night when, amid some sort of plot involving a crazed gunman shooting people, Calizona had some lesbionic moments. From EW Popwatch:

Still oblivious to what was going on in the rest of the hospital, Arizona and Callie continued to have it out. ”I’m going to go the more traditional route of totally hating your guts,” Callie told Arizona when the latter suggested they be friendly. Eventually the sniping unearthed a deeper-seated problem — that Arizona didn’t trust Callie to stay true to her, what with all the men and women she’d fallen for over the past few years. Callie’s response: ”When are you going to forgive me for not being a good enough lesbian for you?”

We even got a wonderful, rare, passionate lesbian kiss to tie things up when Callie told Arizona, ”I don’t want to have kids if it means I can’t be with you.” And Arizona said, ”No, we’ll have kids. We’ll have all kinds of kids.”

You can go watch the whole thing at Popwatch.


We’ll be sitting shivah this Monday: TNT Marks LAW & ORDER Series Finale with Day-Long Marathon of Memorable Episodes (@spoilertv)


I love when ONTD does Ask Ro posts. It inspires me to answer questions on my formspring.


Chely Wright goes on Oprah and Heather Hogan recaps it for you, tears up a little bit: Chely Wright on “Oprah”: “I won’t allow the word ‘lesbian’ to be used as an insult toward me anymore” (@afterellen)


Kelly Osbourne announced to her 280,000 Twitter followers that she and “Mum,” Sharon, are gearing up for this year’s LA PRIDE Parade. CSW President Rodney Scott says, “The Osbourne’s meaningful support of the LGBT community goes beyond simply making appearances. Sharon & Kelly speak out for social issues that educate and encourage increased participation which carry out our mission of Pride 365, Power, Passion, Purpose.”

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  1. guys, i’m doing this as an act of charity because you guys are my friends, but if you need me to make out with some girls on a boat for you to further prove that bisexuals exist, i mean, just call me.

  2. I’m going to pretend Lady Gaga was personally responding to me whining about her by making out with a hot lady.

    Queer visibility party anyone?

    • I’m going to pretend Lady Gaga was personally responding to me whining about her by making out with a hot lady.


      • PS – I was trying to leave this on the original whining thread, but when I click submit it says I don’t have permission or something?

        Anyway, here’s a new interview with Lady Gaga and it’s full of her being awesome:

        “I am a feminist because I believe in women’s rights, and protecting who we are, down to the core.”-Lady Gaga

        When Lady Gaga says awesome things, we’re all winners!

  3. I accidentally watched that episode in the background last night between fumbling for video games or something, and I happened to look up RIGHT when there was lesbokiss. It was great, because the rest of all that shit with zoomed in beating hearts and electrical mishaps seemed HORRIBLE. Is that the hot blonde chick from Lost, also? yes!

    maybe i should watch television once in a while? maybe i’ll start tomorrow!

    • OMFG, Taylor! Those blondes are so totally different! For instance, one wears those roller skates shoes that freak my shit out hardcore.

      As a sick, twisted Grey’s Anatomy fan, I couldn’t help but think: “God damn it, you guys, there’s a fucking PSYCHO KILLER on the loose and you’re responsible for 42 tiny child souls, can you stop fucking lesbo-processing to DEAL WITH THE PRESENT, PRETTY PLEASE?!”

      Boundaries. Bygones.

  4. Maybe strange sexy lady was helping Gaga be blocked from the paparazzi. Or maybe she was helping her reach something … behind Gaga’s shoulders.

  5. i’m sorry autostraddle, but some of those pics were a little scarring. you know, i was just scrolling innocently through some pictures, nodding like, “get it girl,” living out my interracial Gaga fantasies, until…the 10th photo came up. it was like seeing the physical manifestation of every single craigslist w4w nightmare i’ve ever had. *sniff* whatever the female equivalent of boner-killing is (wet-stealing? sham-wowing?), that picture was it.

  6. I remember commenting on Autostraddle early in the Grey’s season and joining the chorus of bitching about how the lesbians only got to ever drink wine or eat pizza and I have come back to be accountable. I never in million years imagined that I would say this but…Grey’s Anatomy did a pretty good job with Callie and Arizona.There was just the right amount of lesbo drama (Callie deciding to hate Arizona’s guts while Arizona still wanted to be friends) and then a great reconciliation.

    I watched Chely Wright on Oprah and I just want to invite her over to my house for a beer and give her a big hug and say sweet reassuring things to her. Then, we’ll play an acoustic duet of an old Patsy Cline song or maybe Closer to Fine and then she’ll be on the road to lesbo street cred.

    • i stopped watching grey’s anatomy right before they broke up but if you tell me there are more sex scenes or scenes where it looks like they might actually like each other maybe i’ll start catching up.

  7. 1) Lady Gaga’s ass could save the world!
    2) Grey’s Anatomy rocked my socks off last night because A) Calzona got back together and B) That was the best season finale ever. EVER!
    3) Chely Wright’s story makes me cry. Like bitch baby tears as Shonda Rhimes said she cried when she was writing the finale of Grey’s. <3

    Seriously I'm going to start using "bitch baby" to describe a lot of things.

    • Damnit! I didn’t realize I could click and see big pics. I take back my guess. Not B or Jay.

  8. I have a lot of feelings about today’s Entertainment post.

    I was particularly upset/mehh/why’d they say that?! about the comment on the linkage for “Lady Gaga Kissing a girl?” over at ohnotheydidnt – specifically “um WUT..WHO IS THIS BITCH..”

    I was glad for your # 3. Who’s that lady, who’s that lady, sexy lady, who’s that lady because, although Rosie might think (sarcastically) that she’s a “nasty gay” I’d like to think we all aren’t a bunch of pariahs who eat their own, (figuratively speaking of course)

    Lucky mystery woman who gets to play outdoors with the gaga…

  9. I loved Oprah’s interview with Chely Wright. And normally, the Ophs tends to get a little on my nerves with her line of questioning. But whatever, it was the sweetest thing EVER when Chely said she felt two weeks old and Oprah completely teared up and loved it so much. Like, best moment ever.

  10. When I answered that craigslist ad offering “weekend crui$e w/s1ngle white l&dy & large b0dyguard~~” I had no idea it would lead to this. Needless to say, the ass is even better in real life.

    In all seriousness, Shiloh is the only reason I still respect Angelina Jolie (no seriously guys, has she ever made a decent movie? the changeling? that fight club rip-off with mcavoy? really?).

  11. Do people care? DO PEOPLE CARE? I FUCKING CARE. If there were more Lady Gagas and Lindsay Lohans out in the world making out with girls when I was in high school, I might’ve actually KISSED a girl. Sheesh. Do people care… pshaw.

  12. That is really offensive that they said Shi could grow up to look like that caveman. Its also really stupid.

    Shi is supposedly having a soldier theme birthday party, which sounds awesome! (One of her brothers did that a couple of years ago) I shudder to think what the media will say.

  13. Gaga = HOT on both counts.

    LiLo and Indrani = I love that smile :)

    I’m way jealous of Shiloh’s awesome tomboy wardrobe (still).

  14. Speaking of Gaga, there is a fantastic interview with her in the (London) Times today. Read it and love her more.

    She is honestly the first celebrity I have wanted to meet and have an interesting conversation about pop culture with since
    The Care Bears when I was obsessed with them in 1984.

  15. Loved Grey’s Anatomy. So happy that Callie and Arizona got back together and didn’t take the traditional break up route storyline. And there babies would be like squishy cute.

  16. I can’t wait to see Gaga and her amazing ass in concert this week, yeahhh babyeeeee!!! I’ll you know if its tanned or not! ;)

  17. I read Chely Wright’s book, her People and Curve articles, the recap of her appearance on Oprah, and I watched her Today show spot. I really think that she is amazing for coming out and being so open, knowing that it really could lose her her whole career and place in the Nashville scene. But hopefully it does help people understand what it’s like so 1) there will be a little less hate/judgement and 2) more people will feel safe enough to come out and not want to kill themselves.

  18. Lady Gaga kissed a girl and then she was so happy she could die cause she touched herself at night about it….

  19. and could I just say how f*cken wonderful and hot it is that she’s making out with a beautiful brown skinned woman of color??

    like it’s not the same white washed make out scene that makes the “i’m sad the L word is over” crowd get all a flutter.

    LOVE IT. yes, lady gaga, get it girl! Myself and many of my fine ass ethnic women friends/homegirls/colleagues find Lady Gaga incredibly delicious not just cuz of her looks but because of her adventurous and fierce approach to sexuality.

    mmm te quiero mami.

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