100 Ridiculously Hot Lesbian & Bisexual Women

Due to Exec Editor Laneia & Editor-in-Chief Riese‘s personal preference for more masculine-leaning women and this website’s constant effort to promote gender presentation diversity in our imagery, we sometimes forget about people like Sarah Facepalmer/most of the world.

Sarah Jesus Christ P*lmer, a Contributing Editor here at Autostraddle, would describe herself as “a gay girl who likes gay girls who look like girls.” Now before you get offended about the “girls who look like girls” idea, take a deep breath and recognize that you know what we mean, and we’re not the enemy, and then exhale and move on.

Okay! Now as you may or may not know, we’re not into the habitual worshipping of straight models/actresses  over here — this is a queerlady site and we wanna talk about lesbians and bisexuals and other queer ladies!  Also we’d rather introduce you to a lesbian you’ve never heard of but sure would like to make out with than devote any screen-space to like, Megan Fox. Because come on really, Megan Fox? Really? Right?

So, basically we asked ourselves: what would happen if the Autostraddle Hot 100, the AfterEllen Hot 100, GO! Magazine’s Women We Love and the Maxim Hot 100 got together and had a baby?

Well — here you have it, as judged by the universally accepted standards of beauty, 100 SMOKINGLY HOT PHOTOGRAPHS OF SCORCHINGLY BEAUTIFUL HOT 100 LESBIAN AND BISEXUAL WOMEN OF THE WORLD … mostly femme-of-center but some fancy masculine-of-centers too.

Dear femmes — next time your uncle/ex-boyfriend/neighbor/barista says “you don’t LOOK like a lesbian” — just link them to this gallery. ((and maybe also to this roundtable.)))

This is what that baby will look like:


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  1. is the photo of Tasya van Ree supposed to be her? cuuuz it’s definitely not. but THIS LIST IS AMAZING THANK YOU I LOVE YOU GUYS.

  2. I noticed how there’s quite of few ANTM alums here.

    At any rate… this is now bookmarked… for later… Research purposes, you know.

    • I agree these awesome women need a few hours of intense “research”. But then again I think I’ve been doing a bit to much “research” lately ;)

      • ikr — i feel like there is an actual explanation for this and i think that explanation is that it’s the only reality show (besides the all-lesbian shows like Gimme Sugar and TRLW, which are also represented here) with a cast consisting entirely of young women and the topic of the show isn’t their relationships with men (housewives!) or dating men (the bachelor!). Right? I mean not even all the ANTM gays are on this list. AND the whole show is ABOUT being hot! I guess as much as Tyra Banks annoys me, she did do that!

  3. Ooh, new crushes for me. Thanks for the list. Also? Good esteem booster for all the gay ladies out there. We are beautiful!

  4. Does the “Femmy Edition” Subtitle mean there’s going to be a “Butchy Edition”? (please say yes)

  5. after a short (but unfortunate) autostraddle hiatus due to sketchy interwebs– this is srsly the perfect welcome back

  6. Wow wow wow wow wow.

    Also, HOW did my ‘dar not go off with Jasika Nicole on Fringe?!!?!?! It’s so obvious now.

  7. You might wanna take Nicki Minaj’s pic out of there…She admitted to lying about being bi to boost her career… >:(

    A better replacement- Skin from Skunk Anansie.

  8. We should have a post called You Can Come Out Now, of all the women we have agreed should be gay, whom we wish to invite to the fold.

    Ellen Page, Kristin Stewart, Piper Perabo….

  9. Brandi Carlile isn’t exactly girly, sure she’s pretty and she wears her hair down but… then again it’s because she’s a preformer and that’s her image! same goes for Jorja Fox, Davonee Sou, Cara Castrounova and Jenny Shimizu for that matter, really. Not to mention Tegan and Sara and their boyish styles.

    I guess that’s why the title is “Femmy” or femmy-ish.

    • yes, that’s exactly why the title is “femmy'”!

      :-) :-)

      these are models and actresses, they have lots of looks…. i left those photos in because i like them and i like femmes (RHYME!) but if the presence of kate moennig, jenny shimizu, etc is troublesome… then i have plenty other girls with long hair i could swap in?

  10. Is Katherine Moennig really considered femme? And is she actually out/confirmed? I’m confused!

    • I thought the same thing “Kate came out?” Not she needs to, she’s freaking Shane for God’s sake…

      • Kate Moenning has not “come out” officially yet. Even though everybody knows she has been doing naughty things with sexy Holly Miranda for almost a year. She is not fem either. But, she is hot and sexy.


      These are “Femmy” PHOTOS, not “photos of femmes.”

      Also they are ‘femmy PHOTOS’ not femmy ‘WOMEN’.

      I like femmes and I like that picture of Kate Moennig.

      Also Kate Moennig is gay and everybody knows it, pshaw

  11. Also: this list in general is fucking awesome, and I love you, Autostraddle!

  12. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss gratitude is immense, thank yooooou!! I needed me some eye-candy.

  13. But now I’m curious…what would happen if you took equal parts femme-leaning and butch-leaning and put them in the same list?

    Maybe if one were to juxtaposes butch and femme, they would compliment each other rather than competing with each other on similar features.

    • Considering what I presume to be Lacey Stone’s extensive history in kicking ass and taking names, I wouldn’t risk it.

  14. Emily of Real World D.C, Jodie Foster, and Amber Heard. Dear Cheesus those women… When I saw saw Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs, I knew for sure I had a serious thing for girls. And I had a huge crush on Emily during the Real World D.C (by the way, best season they had in years). And Amber Heard. Hot and intelligent. I love femmes.

  15. Great list.. I would add Laurel Holloman. I don’t know what it is about her but I find her pretty hot.

    I’m bookmarking this too :p

  16. I was going through this, but had to stop so I could text my gf: “ASTRID IS A LESBIAN! ASTRID IS A LESBIAN!”
    Guys, you learn something everyday.

  17. THANK YOU for putting princess donna in this. I want to be her and top her and bottom her all at the same time. Unnngghhhh so obsessed.

  18. I just want to say thank you AS for always showing us HOW MANY OF US THERE ARE OUT THERE. I feel like this is a public service. Mwah!

  19. this was awesome!!! thanks so much!!!!

    also i may be out of the loop but what exactly does it mean ‘technically unconfirmed’ for jorja fox? i get the other ‘unconfirmed’s…

  20. i feel like i should write thank you notes to all those nice ladies on the list, all the nice folks at AS and maybe post it for leah detrich to judge…i think i would win her book (autographed!!).

    the echo my friends above: thank you! my hope and dream is that all the ladies on this list like/are attracted to/would f*ck butch bois like me :)

  21. I enjoyed the gallery, but I think Megan Fox is bisexual, maybe, this is what I heard/read/made-up? So why not Megan Fox?

    • I guess because the spirit of this is not “who told a men’s magazine they think women are beautiful too and would like to kiss one” but “women who have actually established themselves as on the market for a same-sex partner/girlfriend, either in the past, present or future.” megan fox, mia kirshner, drew barrymore, laurel holloman = feels to us like it falls into the straight-girl worshipping thing?

      • I know what you mean, but I don’t really think it’s fair to question celebrities’ stated sexual orientation. If Megan Fox calls herself bisexual, she’s bisexual in my book. I think it’s unfair to expect women to date a particular number of other women before we’ll take their queer credentials seriously. The fact that she waited until after she was hitched to a dude to tell the world she was bi doesn’t mean Megan never had experiences with girls. And it certainly doesn’t mean she hasn’t had feelings. I’ve never dated anyone of either sex, so what does that mean for me? That I’m asexual? I don’t know, I think the crushes I’ve had on various boys and girls over the years speak for themselves.

        I think we should just trust people in how they label themselves. I don’t think women who really are looking to just titillate men would actually call themselves “bisexual” as Megan and Drew have. It’s one thing to say “Oh, I really like boys but kissing girls is fun sometimes!” and it’s another to actually take up a label that throws you in with the queer community.

        • Sadly, there have been celebs who have used the bi label for attention (Nicki Minaj anyone). Not to mention those folks who flip-flopped at the drop of a hat.

    • Yeah, that’s what I thought. But whatever, I’m kind of sick of seeing her face on every website anyway.

  22. How is it possible that after like a million years of being out/comfortable with the gayness AS can still make me feel validated in a way I didn’t know I was missing? It’s like: oh, look, there I am. Femmey gay girls. I do exist.

    AS 4EVA

  23. Sigh! now I can’t concentrate on writing my essays anymore! Why is it that I find hot girls more important than finishing my portfolio?!

    (AS I still love you irrevocably!)

  24. Thanks for creating this list! The other hot 100 list was great too, but since I’m relatively femme I felt a little frustrated that the list was so heavy on boyish lesbians and seemed to uphold the idea that lesbians can’t be femmey and hot.


  25. One error – Nik Pace is either bi or straight. She had a big scandal a few years ago concerning Braylon Edwards. As far as Real World/Road Rules alums, I would have gone with Ayiiia (who is a self described unicorn and has had several romances with women outside of 3 hookups with women on the shows themselves), Evelyn Smith, or Brooke Labarbera (who has only dated women for years). For all the talk, Emily Schrom and Sarah Rice spend all their time on the shows talking about and wanting men. I know they say they are bi but I wonder if it is more a gimmick to get on the show.

    • emily said in interviews that she actually did date girls while on the show and has dated girls but that they actually played that down to put the focus on her relationship with the man, Ty, obviously. god.

      From Afterellen:

      AE: Sorry, I have to ask. Did you go out with or hook up with any women while on the set of The Real World?
      ES: I did indeed. I am a little shocked that in the regular season you will not see it. I have a feeling the editors wanted to continue to make the “relationship” between Ty and me look a lot more exclusive and meaningful than it ever was. “The Sh-t They Should Have Shown” show is full of fun though. *Cough cough*

      AE: Have you dated any women after the hot Starbucks girl?
      ES: I have dated more girls than guys believe it or not. At this point in my life, it is just who I am naturally drawn to. Plus women are such better kissers! Well, actually, everything for that matter!

  26. What about ariel levy? I think she’s pretty hot. I mean, granted, there probs aren’t a lot of super sexy pics of her floating around the internet, but still. Femmey, famous, hot.

  27. Thank you so much for putting together this 100.I saw the Chrome advert on TV last night featuring the “it gets better” campaign, and well, with this and last months hot 100 too, how can it not? You guys give me hope :)

  28. I do love this, both as a self-esteem boost – recently at Pride I got glared at in a ‘you’re not gay-looking enough way’ and a lady called me ‘straight-acting’ which, um, no – and because I had no clue half of these women were that way inclined. It’s nice to know there are more of us in the public eye than I thought.
    Plus, y’know, these women are all so…wow.

    But I would really love a butchy/androgynous edition too.
    Because I am such a fan of bois/studs/butches kjdhgjhglGJHL I cannot even.

    • What does “straight-acting” even mean? That’s always baffled me. #1 I don’t think there is a way in general that all straight people act, and #2 therefore what’s the difference between the way straight people act & the way gay/bi people act, aside from who they flirt with?
      My wife & I are both femme, but most certainly not straight.

      • I’ve heard “straight-acting” a lot in gay social circles, which usually means “not effeminate”…

    • Wow, that is such bullshit! “Straight-acting”? What a rude way for someone to dismiss your gender presentation. Sorry that happened to you…

  29. Where are all the black lesbians, I feel left out. I only counted four out of one hundered. :(

    • i count 9 black lesbians and 3 black bisexual women in the gallery… there’s 2 pgs

  30. I was like “why is everyone talking about Brandi Carlile? I can’t see her on the list.” And then I noticed there’s a second page! With Clea DuVall! And more awesome people! I’m excited.

    • One might think the whole “this list has a 100 people in it” would have tipped me off..one would be wrong.

  31. Thanks! I wish there was a wallet version of this that I could whip out every time someone says “but…you don’t look like a lesbian!” or a girl in a bar asks me if I’m “new to women.”

    That said… what about some body type diversity!?! Not seeing many curvy girls, big girls, sporty femmes, trans femmes etc. here, which is a shame cuz girly girls are awesome in all forms :D

  32. Great list. But you missed my favourite… although that’s not surprising since she doesn’t have a presence in North America. I love Rebecca Tan who is based in Singapore.

  33. Wow. I mean its a great pass time looking at hot chicks but its so amazing to learn that there are so many more lez/bi/queer girls than i thought! I had no idea somebof these girls were queer! How cool! Thanks AS! XD

  34. Ah! Finally a list about women whose sexuality doesn’t involve gender bending. Thanks!

  35. If I’m not fully prepared for it, seeing a pic like that of Portia de Rossi makes me cum in my panties. HOLY SHIT!!

  36. I am a queer femme. Yet, I find it offensive to have people on this list who are unconfirmed. It’s rude.

  37. For the idea of the “ok you can come out now” gallery of women we wish we could welcome into our corner

    My vote goes to Zoe Bell.

  38. Where the flying fuck is Brooke Candy? I’m Androgynous, and absolutely love me some femmes….but really, how could you forget the(in my book) hottest one?

    • Just realized this list came out two years ago and Brooke was unheard of. Hahah, that’s what I get for reading archived posts.

  39. Awesome list! One thing, though: Amber Heard is listed as a lesbian, but she’s engaged to Johnny Depp. She’s previously claimed herself “label-free,” so…queer? Bisexual? Just a wee correction. Nice picks! I love me some femme ladies.

  40. Much turn on, so wow, very girls!

    AS, this is the best christmas gift ever. MEDIA REPRESENTATION.

  41. I thought Amber Heard was Bisexual, yet it states she’s lesbian…
    Just thought I’d mention it but still great list you guys keep the great work coming!

    • note the date of the article: 2011. at the time all the headlines were “Amber Heard comes out as a lesbian” and it isn’t clear she ever used the word herself, but at the time she didn’t seem to correct it to bisexual either.

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