185 Lesbian & Bisexual & Otherwise-Inclined Ladies: Girl-on-Gallery 2.0

Last summer when Autostraddle had just launched, we often put our intern army to work constructing thematic image gallerieshot girls get wet! Hot girls in menswear! Hot girls in hoodies! And, one of our most popular posts of all time (perhaps the only Search Engine Optimized post we ever pulled off?) hot girls in short shorts for the hot hot summer.

Now that we’ve run out of topics, they don’t come as often, but when they do, they’re pretty awesome — girls in glasses! Alternative Lifestyle Haircuts! Trans/Genderqueer gallery! Sexy Curvy Girls!

But it’s been over a year since we made our “Actual Lesbians & Bisexual Women” Girl Gallery (Part One and Part Two) and g-damn if we don’t know a lot more homos now than we did at that time.

So we thought it was time for an update! We’ve added about 80 more women to the pictures we’d collected from last year. Here’s how we described that girl gallery:

Disclaimer: In the case of this photo gallery; the term “actual” is used to differentiate between “the women we lust after who we wish/hope were gay but are unfortunately exclusively endeared to members of the opposite sex” and “the women we lust after who have been known to lust after other women as well.”


The word is not intended to differentiate between “fake” lesbians/bisexuals and “actual” lesbians/bisexuals. We apologize for any confusion. The focus of all our galleries is on the photos — and sometimes it’s nice to look at photos of women who theorhetically might also want to look back. (-eds.)

IMPORTANT: This is not a comprehensive or representative list. IT IS NOT A LIST AT ALL! It’s just pictures! Just for funsies to look at! It’s meaningless!

By and large,  this is mostly just women who are famous or semi-famous (or a friend of ours that we’re putting in the context of other famous people to encourage their own rise to fame) and also in the business of being looked at — e.g., actors, comedians, musicians, models, sometimes writers and athletes — people for whom being photographed is part of what they do, rather than a side effect (e.g., politicians).

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  1. Can I just ask why trans MEN are featured here so much more often that trans lesbian/bisexual WOMEN are? I clicked on the trans/genderqueer gallery hoping finally for some inclusion :/

    • You know, when this link popped up, my first thought was “I bet one of the first few comments says, ‘why isn’t sub-category X represented here?'”

      I hate being right.

      I don’t mean to gripe at you, who are of course entitled to feelings and opinions in every way, but what would be really great is if people said, “hey, this gallery is great and everything, but I really think person X is totally hot and I found this awesome tumblr…”

      Because we can all give as well as receive, and if the editorial team finds they are not so closely-aligned with some of the queer pantheon as they’d like, perhaps they’d appreciate some suggestions (assumption on my part).

      Anyway, for my part, any gallery that features Tallulah Bankhead and Sophie Ward (who it only now strikes me must have been an early childhood crush when she was in Young Sherlock Holmes) has got to be amazing.

  2. I guess parents stopped teaching their children that if they can’t say anything nice, they shouldn’t say anything at all. Some people are so negative and critical, it’s just embarrassing. Obvs this gallery is amazing and I’m happy to see how high that number is getting!

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