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Love & Canada: Just So Much Canada


“After explaining who Shannon was in relation to me, we were let in to go through airport-like security around 7:40, I was handed a laminated piece of paper with ‘Applicant 1’ on it and an accompanying feeling of having won at waiting in line, and we were let up to the floor for the interview at 8.”

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Bea Arthur, Caitlyn Jenner, and the EEOC Are Lookin’ Out For You This Sunday Funday


Meet the first lesbian couple to marry in Puerto Rico, rewatch Caitlyn Jenner’s ESPYs speech, pet a sea bunny, celebrate Ramadan with your chosen family, check out what the Ali Forney center did with that donation from Bea Arthur, and then get a f*cking job because the EEOC wants to protect you from your potential employer’s bullsh*t while you do.

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News Fix: Even Legislators Are Mad About the Pay Inequity for the Women’s Soccer Team and More News


Sandra Bland was found dead in police custody Monday morning, two women who won the right to both be listed as their child’s parents on the birth certificate, explaining the Iran deal via legos, the Obama administration’s new pilot program to increase internet access for low-income households, a study explaining how much wealth we lose out on if we’re not white guys, Obama speaks at the NAACP’s National Convention, and more!


This Is Sunday Funday’s Very Gay Love Letter to Megan Rapinoe, The Notorious RBG, and Kate McKinnon


Taylor Swift and the rest of the world are in love with the USWNT, Megan Rapinoe is too gay to function, the all-lady Ghostbusters cast is suited up and ready for action, the Lumberjanes crew just won two Eisner Awards, and Seattle’s City Hall underwent a huge cat-like transformation this weekend. All this and more good gay stuff going on around the world – RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!