Tinkerbell’s Team Pick: Real L Word – Watch Them Watching Us Being Them

Hello Autostraddle. This is Tinkerbell. As you may or may not know, everybody at Autostraddle is very complex and multi-dimensional. Some Autostraddlers are capable of often giving the conceptualized product known to television audiences as The Real L Word tough love while also, alone or separately or together, consistently giving the ladies of The Real L Word actual love. Or “hearts” as some say.  I am being serious Autostraddle. I wouldn’t lie to you, I am a dog who can barely speak a word let alone an untrue word.

Today the tweeter machine informed me of this fantastic video in which “Nat” has dark hair and baked goods are exchanged and, starting at about the three-minute mark, The Real L Word Parody Video Part One is watched and commented upon by Jill, Nikki, Rose and Nat. It’s very “meta.”  Also at the end Rose reminds the ladies of Autostraddle that she’s not our biggest fan but however loves Jess. Jess is so nice and loveable. If she was here I would ask her if she thinks it’s weird that one of my eyes is bigger than the other.

Special note from Riese: Many have asked me “when will part two of The Real L Word parody be ready.” Well, what happened was that Final Cut crashed again, henceforth eliminating not only Real L Word Part Two but Julie & Brandy in Your Box Office‘s Season Premiere AND my mind/sanity/will to live/edit videos. So I have to start ALL OVER AGAIN and therefore I feel like you might get it for Valentine’s Day.

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i am a dog, i like littlefoot, leisha hailey, and to be skinny and pretty.

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