The Comment Awards Made It Through The Garbage Fire Somehow


Hello, you perfect people! We’re five days in to a whole new year! I just want to say that YOU ARE DOING SO WELL! You are a brave and wondrous creature and I love that you’re here. We’ll do this year together.

This week, Ellen Page and Emma Portner interpretive danced right into marital bliss. I’ve actually got an exclusive photo from their marriage, which I am thrilled to share right here!

Ellen Page and Emma Portner dancing. Interpretively.

Riese did this huge thing for us! I think you should read it! In 2017, Lesbian and Bisexual TV Characters Did Pretty OK, and That’s a Pretty Big Deal.

I continue to not believe in horoscopes, but also this one was spot on, because Corina’s a genius, and starting off your new year with a brilliant, insightful pep talk can’t be a bad idea.

If we are what we read, this is who you are, Straddlers!

Mey’s got all the comics we need to put in our faces in 2018.

Here’s the peak lesbian content you’ve been looking for: Style Thief: How to Dress Like Riverdale’s Jughead Jones.

And then there were your comments!

On In 2017, Lesbian and Bisexual TV Characters Did Pretty OK, and That’s a Pretty Big Deal:

The Pitch-Slap Award to Freakazoid:

I must say that I just loooooveeeeeee when Riese decides to slap me with numbers. YOU’RE A GODDESS!!!!

On Pop Culture Fix: The Fosters’ Foster Children Fostering “Fosters” Spin-Off ‘Cause “Fosters” Is Ending and Other Non-Fostered Stories:

The Golden Girls Award to Carmen SanDiego:

“Stef and Lena: Empty Nest” should be the spin-off, not the straight girls.

On Wait Did Ellen Page and Emma Portner Just Get Married? WELL, OKAY THEN!

The U-Haulin’ Award to Laura (with brilliant set-up from Luce):

Luce: Wait what, they got married after dating for less than seven months????? / Laura: Ellen Page, finally bringing us authentic representation of lesbian relationships in the mainstream media

And the Gal Pals Award to Chandra:

Congratulations, Mrs. and Mrs. Portner-Page. You may now hug the bride with your legs in friendship.

On Style Thief: How to Dress Like Riverdale’s Jughead Jones:

The Mmm-Bop Award to Annelisa, chapinero, and Laneia:

Is being team #jughead going to be like being obsessed with Devon Sawa or Leo for the next generation of pre-out lesbians?

And the Sheepishly Devoted To You Award to Sam:

I saw one episode randomly because my roommate was watching it one night, and was on the Levi’s website ordering sherpa trucker jacket by the end of the show.

And on Top 20 Most-Read Autostraddle Posts of 2017:

The Made It Through the Garbage Fire Somehow Award to Allison:

Way to go Carmen! I’m so glad a bunch of these posts are personal essays and news/politics articles. I love everything ya’ll write about television, movies and celebrities, obviously, but I’m happy that the other stuff is getting the credit and eyeballs it deserves as well. Thanks to everyone at Autostraddle for another amazing year of quality queer content – I couldn’t have made it through this garbage fire of a year without you!

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  1. Congrats EP award winners!

    Still not persuaded that Emma Portner is not being also played by Ellen Page; next up she will have a fling with Emmeline Pankhurst whom she is photographed with at protest marches, but still be seen hanging out with Edith Prim, her bff the homebody.

    All of whom will be revealed to just be aspects of herself in the upcoming arthouse flick “Eternal self of the loving mind”.

  2. As a person who is trying to get their hairstylist to make their hair look like if early/mid-80s George Michael and Kurt Russell had a gay baby and that gay baby was Steve from Stranger Things, I v. much appreciate this comment award. Thank you.

  3. My excitement at winning a comment award is only tempered by my girlfriend saying “I don’t even know who Devon Sawa is.” You win some you lose some. Although maybe I actually win cause now we can watch Now and Then!!

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