The Comment Awards Invents Time Machine

Hello Fighters!

So this week…sucked. This thing happened with He Who Shall Not Be Named, which was not only a roller coaster of emotions in and of itself, but then the comments, the heart-wrenching comments. All of the moisture in my body has left via my tear ducts. I get that the Comment Awards is supposed to be a light-hearted post, but when all of our hearts are so heavy, I don’t see how that is possible this week, but I’ll give it a shot.

The things that didn’t suck this week include:

Learning embroidery because you’ll need something to do during these next four years.

Interesting podcasts because you’ll need something to listen to while you embroider.

Samira Wiley because Samira Wiley can never suck ever.

Alex Danver’s of “Supergirl” fame came out of the Fortress of Solitude. That means she’s a gay lady.

DeAnne Smith coming to a television near you.

Erin being Erin.

Also Sally Ride! And Comments!

On “Supergirl” Episode 205 Recap: Welcome To The Team, Danvers!:

The Best Choice Ever Award to Allison:


On Kathie Lee and Hoda Have Wasted Over 3200 Glasses of Wine on “The Today Show”:

The LOTUS Award to Rachel W.:


On We Grieve, and Then We Get to Work:

The Past is Prologue Award to Nissiku:


On Post-Election Open Thread: We Love You And We Will Never Stop Fighting For You:

The We The [LGBT] People Award to Chandra:


The Next Generation Award to lila:


The Ditto Award to Denise:


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  1. When Prop 8 was passed eight years ago in California, I felt a lot like what I felt this week; although this is by far worse for more people. After Orlando, I was crushed for weeks, but I made some of the strongest connections of my life, and as fucked up as that time was for our community, I know that I am better for it. This week sucked, but we are here together, and we will get through this with even stronger connections to our community, and to the communities that share in our collective fear and anxiety about what the future will bring.

    You don’t really know who your friends are until shit gets tough. You don’t even know who you are until you have to stare down something as terrifying as the next four years. This is not going to be easy, but nothing about our lives ever is, and we do a great job despite that fact. You may not feel it right now, but you are strong enough, and when you feel like you aren’t, you have people here who will help you remember that. You are not alone. We were made for this shit. And I’ll be here whenever you need me to. I will help you get through this because I am your friend; especially when shit gets tough. I trust that you will be mine.

  2. FYI, I’m 13 episodes into Supergirl now, and I can confirm, it was indeed the best choice ever. For 42 minutes at a time, I’ve been able to escape from our reality into one that is all about love, family, and empathy.


    a) Did anyone realize that Hillary’s campaign slogan is the same as the motto of the House of El – “Stronger Together”? When Kara says that in episode 2 (which is literally titled “Stronger Together”!) I started crying again.

    b) In the Supergirl universe, there is a female President. You can bet THAT made me cry.

    c) They really hit the aliens-as-immigrants metaphor hard, especially in episode 11 when a quasi-Trumpian Senator promises to a build a dome over America to keep out aliens. Yup. Crying again.

    • I read an interview with someone who works on Supergirl who said that in one of the early eps Superman says, “I’m with her,” about Supergirl and that it was not a mistake even a little bit. :)

  3. Yesterday I decided to start watching Supergirl because I pretty much just go and do whatever Autostraddle calls on me to do, and the first episode was girl power eeeeee and then I saw that the second episode was called “Stronger Together” and I burst into tears and couldn’t keep watching.

    This community is one of the most important places on the internet. Adore you all.

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