No Filter: Just 12 Really Cute Pictures Of Samira Wiley Because I Don’t Know What Else To Do

Welcome back to No Filter, in which we survey the week in celebrity Instagram and pretend to have close and intimate friendships with very famous people as though we had rich and fulfilling personal lives! Donald Trump was just elected president;ย I don’t know how to get through a regular column. The only thing I could think of that would be comforting was a cute scrunch-faced selfie of Samira Wiley, and I thought you might feel the same. Thus, we will discuss celebrity gossip and then get right to the good stuff.

First of all, Radar seem convinced that Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor are planning to have a baby, which is pretty out of left field and seems not true? Neither star has acknowledged this rumor, and I’m pretty sure it’s bullshit, but without Gossip Cop or Special Agent Dana Scully around to debunk my theories, nobody can really be sure of anything. Secondly, our pal Ruby Rose is apparently dating Jess Origliasso again? Good for you! Last but not least, Lindsay Lohan is selling shirts about her brand new accent and donating the proceeds to charity, which is something alright.

Now let’s get to work.

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What'd you do today? ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

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Samira, you did such a good job.

You ever just roll over in bed and Samira Wiley is there in a hoodie, looking adorable?

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You ever just get dressed up for a hot night on the town with your babe girlfriend Samira Wiley?

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Curly top.

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You ever gently tease Samira Wiley for holing herself up in the bathroom to take the world’s most precious selfies? Like, you give her shit for it, but let’s be honest; secretly you made that picture the background on your phone.

You ever just give Samira Wiley a baby to hold for a while?

You ever just relax in the shade with a cool beverage and your cutest friend, Samira Wiley?

You ever experience mixed emotions while riding a tortoise?

You ever make a scrunched up squidgey face and melt the hearts of everyone in America?

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Ice cream sammich

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Or is this your cutest face?! How can we ever quantify such a thing?

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Gahhhh!!!!! #dressingroomswag

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Are you ever just so taken aback by how adorable you are in your outfit that you need to bend over backwards (literally) to take the perfect selfie?

You ever get overwhelmed with your own cuteness?

Or do you transfer all those emotions onto this tiny dog?

Join us next week for our regularly scheduled programming, and may Samira Wiley have mercy on our souls.

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  1. Rhea Butcher and Cameron Esposito have hinted at bringing a tiny human into their family. So that could be something.

  2. Samira is such a perfect little doll. I’m too numb to feel much but I’m glad to see Lilo is making sweatshirts.

  3. As the scared and kind of dazed human I am today this is exactly the level of engagement I can cope with. Thank you for making me feel that that is an okay place for me to be at.

  4. This is like when you’ve vomited all night long but then your girlfriend brings you a lozenge and it soothes your ragged insides.

  5. Sarah Paulson denied the report when one of her fans asked her on Twitter… but she was hardly going to give someone on twitter an exclusive insight into her uterus plans.

    And why would it be left field? Sarah & Holland have been together for almost two years and the likes of Mick Jagger and Ronnie Wood have all become fathers in their 70s.

  6. Dear Stef, after a basically sleepless night in bed, where we kept shouting things at the dark walls, the woman I’m dating and I woke up at 5 AM, checked our phones, shouted more, but then took the time to look at and exclaim over every single one of these photos. Thanks. <3 you.

  7. As an Australian I can report that this is the first time either Ruby or Jess have officially confirmed that they were dating in 2008 in the first place, it was just heavily rumoured back then. I also can’t think of another all-Australian lesbian celebrity couple. So, that was a really nice start to the week before it went downhill.

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