The Comment Awards Aren’t Over October

Hey there, swizzle sticks! This week I discovered that my “90s  School Dance Jams” playlist is perfect music to shower to and that Choco Tacos still exist. Fellow northeasterners, are you okay post-Sandy? I hope you have electricity and someone to cuddle with.

Halloween might be over but sexy vampires and witches are forever. Pretty Little Liars got lesbosexy last week too. November is off to a really great start because we have two calendar girls this month and are going to put bow ties on all the things. There’s also Swedish music for you to enjoy and more dispatches from our College Lesbianage Class of 2016.

Can you believe that by this time next week the presidential election will be a thing of the past? Don’t forget to vote! In the meantime think about how much better tv and the internet will be without election ads. DIY Make It Better Boxes make things better too. So do comment awards.

On Katy Perry Perplexingly Honored By Trevor Project:

The Firework Award to Emily: “Kate dissed a girl and I liked it.”

The Puppy Eyes Award to difficiledame “Maybe the Trevor Project is going the positive reinforcement route. Like when you’re tired of your puppy pooping in your shoes, you make sure to give it a treat the one time it actually does use the bathroom outside.”

On Climate Change You Can Believe In, Even If These Guys Don’t:

The Force of Nature Award to Willis:

On Oh Gay Cupid:

The Double Clicks and Double Whiskeys Award to anna: “Revisiting this and I realized that if I came on to women online the way I come on to them in person I would need to use my computer drunk most of the time.”

On How To Throw A Private Party Dressed As Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard:

The In Your Box (Office) Award to cynthia:

On Autostraddle Book Club #6 The “Cameron Post” 90’s Dyke Care Package:

The It Wouldn’t Be A Lesbian Gift Pack If It Didn’t Award to Jaime: “Does the cat come with the package?”

On Schooled: Remember That Gay Teacher You Had?:

The Awkward/Awesome Award to Rose:

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  1. Here’s a comment: How is it that Autostraddle, the homo-gay-lady website of record, has not yet reported the marriage of Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual!?

    • I googled just her name and the first thing that popped up was: “Newlywed Evan Rachel Wood: I’m Still Bisexual”

      • Because a lady felt the necessity to ask E.R.W. on twitter if bisexuality magicaly disappers when a bisexual person gets merried.

        And I feel like I need an extra pair of eyes, because rolling just one pair is not hard enough sometimes and I want to make an extra major *major eyes roll* @ the twitter lady.

        • so wait, if a bisexual enters in to a life long commitment with a person of the opposite sex that doesn’t just render them automatically heterosexual?

          my small heterosexist worldview is now crushed.

          • YOU GUYS you have no idea how often I have to explain this to people. It’s really weird. Like, your attraction to other human beings doesn’t magically disappear when you get married, regardless of sexual orientation (contrary to what popular belief about what “marriage should be” has been for waaaay too long).

            So then why would your sexual orientation (in my case, every which way) disappear, either? It’s baffling to me that so many people are baffled by this.

            Also, hooray comment award! :)

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