Autostraddle Book Club #6: The “Cameron Post” 90s Dyke Care Package Giveaway Is Here

We’re merely one week away from our big conversation about this month’s Read a F-cking Book Club selectionThe Miseducation of Cameron Post by emily m. danforth, which means it’s giveaway time!

Hopefully you’ve plowed through most or all of the book by now and are probably bursting at the seams with questions for emily, who will be taking your questions, because she’s awesome!

So, here’s how the giveaway is gonna work:

  • You’re gonna email autostraddlemoderators [at] gmail [dot] com with your question for Emily by Sunday night, November 4.
  • Everybody who submits a question will be entered in the drawing to win a Lindsey Lloyd care package!
  • On November 8th when we have our discussion, we’ll announce the winner of the drawing, and emily will mail you your special package!

As you probably already know, Lindsey Lloyd is Cameron Post’s fairy dykemother from Seattle who travels to Miles City, Montana, for swimming in the summers. But when Lindsey returns home for school and Cameron returns to her dyke-free life of lusting after straight girls in Miles City, Lindsey takes it upon herself to brief Cameron on everything she’s missing via Postal Mail. This means Bikini Kill heavy mix tapes, old issues of The Advocate and cheeky postcards like this one:

 “True to her word, even before midterms Lindsey had already sent me maybe twenty handwritten notebook pages filled with her observations and current love interests, alway sin sparkly pen, as well as a busted-up copy of Rubyfruit Jungle, a couple of random issues of The Advocate, and maybe a dozen mix tapes with each song written in a different color on the cardboard liner inside. Everything but the tapes I hid under my mattress, which is what I knew that teenage boys did with their porn-mag stashes. The tapes I wore threadbare on my Walkman during cross-country practices.”

emily sent us pictures of the giveaway care package so here’s a sneak peak!

Seriously this is the best giveaway ever. Okay, you know the rules!

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    yesyesyesyesyes! i’ve been waiting for this for weeks! my birthday is the 7th, and this would pretty much be the best birthday present ever. just sayin’.

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    Finished it last week!! Still working on that question birthday entitlements aside this would totally just make my world 🙂

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    Question! Right. I have to admit, immediately after I finished the book I had to go and send a little fangirl email to Emily…

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    I finished this book a few days ago, so if anyone living in Toronto would like to have it, send me a message and it’s yours.

    p.s. It’s really good.

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    Just sent my question! I can’t wait for the discussion, I am going to spill feelings all over the comment section.

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    Emily Danforth came to my school a few weeks ago. She’s awesome. And really pretty. And amazing.

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    Ah! Just sent my question! I loved the book so much, I could barely put it down until I finished it. That care package looks so freaking awesome.

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    Oh darn, I was really looking forward to entering this and then I missed the deadline. I really wanted to know the answer to my question, too. :/

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    I just had to hop on here and say that I’m a few months late to this party…but Autostraddle introduces me to everything wonderful. I can’t put this book down.
    I swear y’all need to put a warning on the homepage saying “Warning: Autostraddle has the potential to become your new religion.”

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