Gallery: 50 Sexy Vampires and Witches For a Happy Halloween

It’s Halloween, which means it’s time to pause and appreciate girls dressed up as witches or vampires. Who’s your favorite witch/vampire?

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  1. I’m going to pre-emptively guess the number of people that will complain about there being no Willow from Buffy (probs specifically vampire Willow) as being 13, because it seems like an appropriate figure.

    More importantly, that picture of water-skiing witches is sublime!

    • I’ll just get in line.

      If this wasn’t a queer site, I could at least post some unhinged rant about bias and heteronormativity for leaving out maybe the most well known lesbian-identified fictional witch who is also a vampire in an alternate universe.

      But it is a queer site…so…I’m an left with the less satisfying explanation that someone probably just forgot. And that makes me sad.


        I’ve never seen Buffy. So I went through all these buffy pictures looking for vampires, and I found this one vampire with a really fucked up forehead and I was like, this would be weird. But Buffy isn’t a vampire, right? She’s a vampire slayer? Someone explain this to me.

        • Buffy is the vampire slayer. Willow is the witch, and Buffy’s best friend.

          The vampires in the Buffyverse only get the fucked up forehead when they’re about to attack.

          In one episode of Buffy, Doppelgangland Season 3, there is a vampire version of Willow from an alternate universe. (Who also, rather creepily, hits on this universe’s Willow, but it’s the season before Willow realizes she’s a lesbian. So, it’s just sort of funny.)

          Willow is a good witch, and occasionally a dark witch when she gets pissed off.

          • I need someone to help me decide which episode to watch tonight: Fear, Itself or Doppelgangland?

          • Watch both. That’s what I’m doing!

            But if you have to pick only one, I’d say go for Dopplegangland if you want sexy, sexy evil!Willow, or go for Fear Itself if you want to laugh (or just adore Anya beyond all reason, like I do).

          • I’m half way through Doppelgangland! I forgot how funny this one is.

            “I’m 1120 years old, just give me a frigging beer!”

          • was she a witch in the beginning? i saw the pilot episode! was she a witch in the pilot episode or does she become a witch later? all i remember is that she was not a lesbian yet.

          • Willow starts dabbling with witchcraft in the 2nd season. She comes out as a lesbian in the middle of the 4th season. uhmm…I’m not sure how you feel about spoilers or if you plan on watching it, so I’ll just stop there.

            Willow has a hell of a character arch in the series. What you saw in the pilot is quite different from how she turns out.

    • This. Exactly this. Want evil Willow.

      Willow: It’s horrible! That’s me as a vampire? I’m so evil and…skanky. And I think I’m kinda gay.
      Buffy: Willow, just remember, a vampire’s personality has nothing to do with the person it was.
      Angel: Well, actually… [Buffy gives him a look] That’s a good point.

      Oh, the foreshadowing.

  2. Idk.emma watson yes!evan rachel wood yes!the girl who plays some vampire in twilight yes.but blood and teeth and more blood and weird witch costumes….I just don’t know.

    • and also Jessica
      and Pam
      and I had the biggest crush on Kate Beckinsale in Underworld when I was a teenager

      I guess I’m just one of those cliche lesbians who love vampires a bit too much. Should I be ashamed? I’m not.

    • Ladies, girl likes Azkedellia so much that she dressed as her for Halloween. (And let me tell you, Caitlin has great taste in women.)

  3. The absence of Dark Willow (and all the other kinds of Willow) and Carmilla leave a gaping hole in this otherwise satisfactory gallery.

  4. The inclusion of Sabrina in this gallery cracks me up, since Melissa Joan Hart is a vile homophobe.

  5. Can I just say that I am really looking forward to the part of the the 90s nostalgia craze that will make dressing like a character from The Craft popular again.

  6. Am I the only person who has a problem with so many of the photos in this gallery depicting women dressed in ways that sexualise them primarily for the benefit of men? (Further to that, are we not perpetuatin that here?)

    Much as I enjoy some amazing eye candy, my stomach squishes when I think about why these women are dressed the way that they are. =<

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