The Comment Awards Are Watching Scary Movies With Our Butch Friend Erica

Hello, muffins and scones! I’m so happy that we’re here together! Hey, it’s been a long, hard week – do you need a photo of my senior doggo, Cyrus, getting all cozy in our weighted blanket? I think you do!

This week, Kayla annotated the letter she wrote to her parents asking for a puppy, and I have never read anything so perfect in my life.

Meg wrote about purity culture, bisexuality, and finding a God that made sense to her.

Sally curated some lesbian sci-fi book covers from the 80s and 90s, JUST FOR US.

It’s spooky season, and danijanae’s got some low-key horror movies to watch with your sensitive butch date.

Heather wrote about D&D, because of course she did.

A.E.’s got some feelings about Janet, our favorite not-a-girl from The Good Place. 

Vanessa wants you to fuck your friends, but only if you want to! (I do not want to, and I STILL loved the clear communication and healthy boundaries she writes about here.)

And then there were your comments!

On “Batwoman” Boldly Goes Where Few TV Shows Have Gone Before — Into a Gay Lady Love Triangle!:

The Heart’s A-Blazer Award to Meg:

kate’s blazer / lace top / earring combo fully murdered me, and then the donning of the suit brought me back to life. i love this show and am SO GLAD to have your brilliant recaps to read after each episode.

On Attempting to Excavate British Queer History:

The Badger of Honor Award to Northern-Barbarian:

This is great! In 1967 the same Lord (can’t remember his name, sorry) who sponsored the bill to de-criminalize gay male sex also sponsored a bill to protect badgers. This inspired the wonderful slogan “Don’t bugger the badgers and don’t badger the buggers!

On 10 Low-Key Horror Movies to Watch With Your Sensitive Butch Date:

The Stranger Than Fiction Award to Silence L’Roman:

Literally the only time I watch scary movies is when my butch friend Erika watches them with me and promises to keep me safe, so I am feeling very seen by this good good article.

The Untitled D&D Game Award to Christina and Snow:

Christina: You rang the cursed bell? Sounds like the half-elf is taking inspiration from the Untitled Goose, and I love it. / Snow: Be gay, bang a gong, get it on

On What We Love and Hate About Dating Geminis:

The Double-Entry Award to Morgan Le Gay:

Proud Gemini here. We invented parties and the double-ended dildo so keep sipping that Hatorade

On Our Luggage: A Non-Binary Ode to The Good Place’s Janet:

The As-Is Award to Bunny Brown and A.E.:

What has one thumb and loves this article? This not-lady! Fun fact: Janet is me, and my entire life story can be summed up in the episode where she malfunctions because she can’t reconcile her people-pleasing nature with her heartbreak and jealousy over Jason and Tahani’s relationship, leading to the cheerful announcement “Hi guys. I’m broken!

On 6 Easy Steps for Fucking Your Friends Without Fucking Up the Friendship:

The Back to Back Award to Anon and Chandra:

I take great comfort in knowing that a friend has my back and will throw me on it.

And on Also.Also.Also: Make Cute Halloween Costumes in Plus Sizes, You Cowards:

The Gnarly Award to Michelle:

oh man I’ve got so many feelings about the lesbian sea turtle utopia

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  1. I love that Cyrus is your senior doggo. It’s like you have a whole dogforce and he’s the one that’s risen to a supervisory position.

  2. I love everything about that badger conversation (including the comment award title) but cannot believe that nobody alluded to its other euphemistic British meaning.

    • I’ve never actually found that to be much of a thing (if you mean badger as equivalent to beaver), but keeping in the spirit of things I can reveal I once totaled a car thanks to impact with a badger.

      • But you only need the most tenuous of connections for the sake of a pun!

        (I only know about it in the first place because I had a product in my bathroom called Badger cream, and my cousins visiting from England snickered about it)

  3. Untitled Maniacs are doing all the crazy shit these days, damn the law and to hell with the consequences.

    This was shared with me, just had to include it here

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