The Comment Awards Are Smooching Stephanie Beatriz on Primetime

Hello, my friends, my pals, lights of my life! Did you see this yet? (Spoilers for Brooklyn 99). I haven’t actually seen the episode yet, I’m saving it for tonight, but it isn’t every night a show on NBC starts to look like the writers have been reading No Filter, and I AM VERY, VERY HERE FOR IT. Cameron Esposito was the first entertainer I ever saw go into a straight space and queer it, to the point where the white straight cis dude patrons looked more and more uncomfortable and I could just feel the space I had to breathe expanding. It was a profound experience, especially for someone who was newly out at the time, and I’m just so thrilled to see Cameron guest starring on a primetime network show!

This week, Reneice made baked brie. Omg.

Mackenzie wrote about the power and heart of Queer Eye‘s Black Girl Magic episode.

Rachel wants you to ask a real person whom you’ve met before on a date IN REAL LIFE and I am not okay.

I did not know this was happening and now I’m super excited! Ellen Page and Lauren Morelli’s “Tales of the City” Is Maybe the Gay Reboot We Actually Need in 2019.

In No Filter, Lena Waithe is still dreamy AF, and Kehlani is still pregnant.

Gentleman Jack is on its way, and you’re not ready.

Meg’s got our queer tarotscopes, and I am not prepared to talk about how much she just needs to @ me next time!

And then there were your comments!

On FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: I Need Help, Tell Me All About Your Skin Care Routine!

The Maybe She’s Born With It Award to Denise:

Denise: My detailed skincare routine: 1. [is blank] 2. [is blank] 3. [is blank] / Vanessa: HAHAHAAH MY PEOPLE HAVE FOUND THIS THREAD / Angiles: Comment Award!

On Queer Eye’s “Black Girl Magic” Is the Blackest, Gayest, Most Moving TV Episode of 2019:

The Cam…Per…JESS Doo Doo Do Do Do Doo Award to CJ:

THIS EPISODE IS SO MUCH. Also- y’all. She keeps saying she hasn’t found her people yet. Campership or nah?

On “Supergirl” Episode 415 Recap: A Family Affair:

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Suit Award to deleted_account:

Lesbian culture is knowing that we own Lena in a suit to Cate Blanchett’s Lou Miller from “Ocean’s 8

On No Tinder, No Problem: The Ancient Art of Asking Someone on a Gay Date IRL:

The Helping Hands Award to Ashley and Ish:

Ashley: I read “a lesbian poetry workshop

On For Your Consideration: Chaos Journaling:

The Journo-Anarchist Award to Yvonne S. Marquez:

I feel seen. I’m also a journal anarchist. I can’t stand lines in notebooks anymore. I want to write a whole ass slanted paragraph in the middle of the blank page and then write my grocery list in the corner and then also jot down a reminder for my therapy appointment in the other corner.

On No Filter: Imagine Yourself on This Date with Lena Waithe:

The Real World: No Filter Award to Ava:

As I was reading through these I was mentally cataloging all the thirsty gay comments I was going to make, then I got to Stephanie’s post about Rita and now I can’t breathe. Oh, my heart.

And on The Lazy Jewish Queer’s Guide to Rainbow Hamantaschen for Purim:

The Cat in the Hat Award to Iarran mé:

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  1. The only reason I know it’s Friday is the Comment Awards are here ! What an infernal week.

    Thank you QG for making my day brighter by bringing me these tidbits of joy.

  2. I hadn’t seen that deleted_account comment. So good.
    Also great job with the comment names this week, QG

  3. That skincare routine tho!! 😅 I feel way seen. For a good part of my high school/early college years, I would just dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and swipe it across my face to “clean” my skin. I thought the stinging sensation was a good sign Lol like “ah yes my pores are burning from being detoxified!”

      • I abruptly stopped this routine at age 20 after I told a makeup artist about it, and she gasped and said “What?? Do you want to look like you’re 88 when you’re only 28?!” 😭 I felt super embarrassed and also defiant bc 28 seemed so far away and I thought maybe she was exaggerating a little. Reader, I am now 31 and I look exactly on par for my tired old age I think.

      • my skin care routine is…a moisturizer that was $3.99 at trader joe’s, washing with water in the shower, and sometimes a sugar scrub with actual sugar crystals from the sugarbowl, lol

        • My routine is Dove soap and moisturizer that has SPF protection.

          A sugar scrub sounds super fancy to me.

          • oh my gosh you soap your face? i’ve never soaped my face and i feel like it would be so drying? but so many people do!

            the sugar just scrubs off the dry skin, my skin is ALWAYS dry.

  4. What fantastic comments! Awards all round well done.

    Also, I’m gonna go classic and ask a food question. Why does ice cream taste so much better you’ve swirled it around your bowl with a spoon? It’s literally the same ice cream. Thoughts?

    • I wrote that poem ’bout that cat,
      I wrote that poem ’bout that hat.
      Could I, should I, write some more?
      Could I, should I, write galore?

      Put hamantaschen in a box,
      put hamantaschen in your socks.
      Do hamantaschen go with lox?
      Dry hamantaschen are like rocks.

      I should make some with some jam.
      (Probably should not use spam.)
      (Also note: AVOID THE HAM.)
      My hamantaschen will be glam!

      I’ll make the kind called “made at home” –
      that’s a must for this here poem,
      for in that one is “1 egg” seen
      and, of course, it must be green.

      MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA thank you all I love you goodnight!

  5. What?! A comment award? For being obssesed with “Carol”? I knew one day it would pay off to compare any- and everything to this masterpiece. ;)

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