The Comment Awards Are Sixty-Nining


Hey there, you crazy kids! Guess what: this is my 69th post for Autostraddle! And I just wanted to say that I receive so much from all of you — I hope that I’m giving enough back.

(I’m so sorry).

This week, Heather interviewed Rachel Weisz about her new film Disobedience! I assume Heather is now dead, and continuing to show up for work as a ghost, like a much more interesting version of Professor Binns.

Okay, this is so comprehensive and amazing: Laura put together a complete list of LGBTQ women running for United States office!

Carmen is recapping Vida, and it looks amazing.

Mey wrote up a helpful guide to sleeping with trans women! I am loving this Sex 101 series.

I don’t know if you heard, but Lena Waithe won the Met Gala.

Mika launched a fashion advice column, and it’s perfect!

THIS IS RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS: Lesbian and Bisexual Women of History Who Were Obsessed With Their Dogs, Part 1. I read this to my dog and he loved it.

Queer! Alien! Makeup!

And then there were your comments!

On Grease Bats: Summer Exes:

The Hunter And The Hunted Award to Em:

I enter most social situations with the calmness of a hunted gazelle

On The Autostraddle Interview: Rachel Weisz Opens Up About Disobedience’s Six-Minute Lesbian Sex Scene (Plus an Exclusive Clip):

The Just One, I’m A Few Award to Mika Albornoz:

[Image of Cosima from Orphan Black pretending to be her sestra Allison, giving a campaign speech and saying "as a lesbian...supporter..." Her head has been replaced with the head of Rachel Weisz.]

And the Final Cut Award to Sally and Heather Hogan:

Sally: This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. I would be interested to know if the unclear parts that got edited out were Heather’s screams of delight whenever Rachel Weisz gave another perfect answer. / Heather: Hahaha! I really do wish you could hear the recording so you could hear the noise I made when she asked me what I thought of the sex scene. / Sarah: Please describe it! / Heather: You know that gurgled sound of a cartoon character getting choked? Like that."

On How Well Do You Know The History Of Menstruation Products?

The Hypatia, You Complete Me Award to Carmen SanDiego:

Hypatia, I get it. I would also throw used rags to get rid of men

On Find Your Fit: The Wannabe Business Casual Taurus With Jiu Jitsu Biceps:

The @ Me Next Time Award to Cherilyn:

Never in my life have I been so personally attacked by a headline.

On The 2018 Met Gala’s Best Lesbian, Bi, and Queer Looks:

The Holy Spirit Award to Chandra:

Sorry Hayley Kiyoko fans, but after this, Lena Waithe is my own personal Lesbian Jesus. ? Also does this mean Janelle Monáe can be Bi Jesus? ‘Cause she sure dazzles the bijesus out of me…

On 7 Super Queer Cookbooks For Your Super Queer Kitchen!

The Whatever Heather Wants Award to Heather Hogan and Reneice Charles:

Heather: Reneice! Write a cookbook! / Reneice: Well if Heather says to do it, I have to do it!

And on No Filter: Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli Met Melissa Etheridge and the Lesbian Vortex Has Never Been Stronger:

The Cannes You Believe It Award to BooBear:

OK but did you see this? [Image of Kristen Stewart, at Cannes, staring at Cate Blanchett's breasts]

The Comment Awards will, of course, be back next week, but I’ll see you after camp!

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  1. Hey queer girl, Happy 69th !

    I so love the Comment Awards, I could just eat them up


    I am so ashamed

    I have failed you all

  3. Near a cavern, across from a canyon,
    Comment curating Spring through Fall,
    Lived a queergirl, sixty-niner
    And her gal-pals, Straddlers all.

    Oh my Darling, Oh my Darling,
    Oh my Darling queergirl.
    You are here and loved forever,
    With your pupster, queergirl.

  4. I can’t make heads or tails as to where starting to thank you for this award

  5. Bryan Adams about the song “Summer of 69”: “One thing people never got was that the song isn’t about the year 1969. It’s about making love, a la ’69!”

  6. I think we should toast to queer girl, and the outstanding contribution she has made to our community for the past 69 weeks.

    So…bottoms up everyone!

  7. It’s the way you double down on making sure we don’t miss a single ecstatic moment here that we really appreciate.

    queer girl: more than lip service.

  8. I wondered why the comment awards article had so many comments today only to see everyone talking about 69. Hmm hmm. I should have known a sexual pun was involved.

    • Here it’s either that or food.

      You could say this was a double-decker pun-maker of a topic.

    • grown adults losing their minds over punnuendo is really my favorite type of Autostraddle, I MUST say

  9. Has anyone seen the new queer movie, Duck Butter? I’ve been hearing great things about it.

  10. Here’s my contribution towards getting 69 comments. It also seems fitting that I’d get a comment award about Cate Blanchett’s boobs, given my name. Thank you, QG!

  11. 68 comments. So that means I’m the one making it 69? What an honor bestowed upon me.

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