What’s New and Gay To Stream in November 2020

What’s new on Netflix in November 2020? What’s streaming on Hulu in November 2020? What about Amazon?! HBO Max?!!! Well I have all those answers for you right here right now. Here’s what’s streaming in November 2020 with lesbian, bisexual, queer and trans characters!

Wanna see what was up in October? Here you go.

LGBTQ+ Women Related Content New To Netflix Streaming in November 2020

A New York Christmas Wedding – November 5

Jennifer is a little wary about her upcoming wedding to a man named David, and then she meets her guardian angel who seems a little gay! Anyhow, he shows her another version of her life wherein her Dad is still alive, her priest is very cool and hip with the modern times, and she’s engaged to her real true love, HER BEST FRIEND GABRIELLA. Which reality will she decide to indulge??!!

American Horror Story 1984 – November 13

Heavily influenced by classic horror slasher films of the ’80s, Angelica Ross is a regular character in this ninth season of the FX horror anthology series.

V for Vendetta (2005) – November 15

Has this movie just been like… making the rounds all year? I feel like I have written a blurb for this film four times for different networks

Lesbian and Gay Content New To Hulu Streaming in November 2020

Skins (UK): Seasons 1-7 – November 1

After being ruthlessly yanked from Netflix at some point in recent memory, the entirety of this highly influential British TV series about messy, inept, angsty, good-looking teenagers in Bristol struggling to find themselves and keep their shit together is coming to Hulu. The third season introduces us to Naomi and Emily, a romance for the ages. Season Five delivers Franky, who becomes a lot less queer in Season Six. Don’t watch Skins:Fire aka Season Seven.

Foxfire (1996) – November 1

This is truly a big month for streaming networks delivering ’90s movies with light lesbian content that absolutely had a MAJOR impact on my personal development. Foxfire is one of my favorite queer movies of all time! Teenage girls take revenge upon the men who violate and oppress them! Jenny Lewis is also in it!

Wild Things (1998) – November 1

Another homoerotic ’90s classic, this neo-noir crime thriller stars Neve Campbell, Denise Richards, Mat Dillon and Kevin Bacon got a lot of attention for a threesome scene that caused me to audibly gasp in a movie theater in Arkansas in 1998.

Killing Eve: Season 3 – November 6

Our favorite black comedy drama spy thriller’s third season finds Eve recovering from Villanelle’s attempted murder of her and adjusting to civilian life while Villanelle finds her lesbian wedding interrupted by Dasha, her trainer and former assassin. The cat and mouse game proceeds all season long with great outfits and sexual tension.

Grey’s Anatomy: Season 17 Premiere – November 13

The premiere of Season 17 will be set one month into the pandemic with Seattle Grace handling an influx of patients who have been injured in a fire. Two episodes will air on premiere night, the second being “a lot more character based.”

Station 19: Season 4 Premiere – November 13

Like Grey’s, Station 19’s action will unfold against a resplendent pandemic background, and Season 4 will see love blooming between station captain Maya Bishop who has faced her childhood trauma and is ready to commit to girlfriend Dr. Carina DeLuca.

Burden of Truth: Season 3 – November 21

The CBC legal drama’s third season, which aired in January in Canada and this summer on The CW, will land on Hulu this month. Season Three finds Luna working with Kat, a young associate at Joanna’s law firm. And by “working with” we mean…. working with but also… ;-)

The Happiest Season (2020) Hulu Original – November 25

I have been anticipating this event for what appears to be nearly two years, a lesbian Christmas movie starring Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis, co-written and directed by Clea Duvall and also featuring Dan Levy, Alison Brie and Mary Steenburgen.

Bombshell (2019) – November 26

Heather’s review of Bombshell explains all the reasons why this film is problematic and bad, but honestly I enjoyed it quite a bit despite all that. It tells the story of conservative asshats like Megan Kelly and Gretchen Carlson who came forward to get Roger Ailes ousted from Fox News for being a sexual predator and paid the price. Kate McKinnon plays an actual lesbian working at the network ’cause it was the only job she could get and is undoubtedly a highlight of the whole damn thing.

LGBTQ+ Content New To Amazon in November 2020

Transhood (2020) – Hulu Original – November 12

This documentary was filmed over the course of five years in Kansas City and follows the lives of for young people and their families as they navigate growing up transgender in America’s heartland. You can see the trailer here.

American Horror Story 1984 – November 13

Heavily influenced by classic horror slasher films of the ’80s, Angelica Ross is a regular character in this ninth season of the FX horror anthology series.

Uncle Frank (2019) – November 25

Alas there aren’t any gay women in this film but it’s a gay Alan Ball film so I just wanted to tell you about it. Listen sometimes we enjoy gay male materials. Set in 1973, Uncle Frank follows 18-year-old Beth (Sophia Lillis of I Am Not Okay With This) as a visit to see her Uncle Frank — the family black sheep because he is GAAAAAYYY — turns into a road trip back to South Carolina with Frank and his boyfriend to the family patriarch’s funeral.

Bombshell (2019) – November 26

Wow, Amazon and Hulu are BOTH getting their little fingers upon this film on November 26th. Big day for bombshells.

November 2020 HBO Max Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Content

Cruel Intentions (1999) – November 1

Once again we have a homoerotic thriller from the ’90s! This soapy teen take on Dangerous Liaisons stars Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon, Sara Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair includes one (1) same-sex kiss and a lot of sex, in general.

Now and Then (1995) – November 1

Roberta — played by Rosie O’Donnell as an adult and Christina Ricci as a child — was supposed to be a lesbian in this film, but test audiences were “creeped out” by Roberta, a gynecologist, delivering the baby of another character. Hard to believe some of us grew up during this time period afraid to be ourselves. Anyhow!!! So you will just have to tell this lesbian story in your own head, which won’t be hard because this is up there on the beloved films by girls who turned out gay list. All our favorite ’90s child actresses (Christina Ricci, Thora Birch, Gaby Hoffman, Ashleigh Aston Moore (RIP)) play BFFs growing up during an eventful small-town summer in 1970. Riding bikes, sharing secrets, knock three times on the ceiling if you want me, twice on the pipe, etc.

Industry: Season 1 – November 9

Lesbian content in this BBC/HBO co-production, which follows a group of ambitious young twenty-somethings competing for jobs at an international finance film after the 2008 financial crash, looks like it might land somewhere between “zero” and “yikes” but um, we’ll see! As is often the case in prestige dramas of the financial nature, there’s a gay male situation for sure, which also lowers our chances but again, truly anything could happen!!!!

Stylish with Jenna Lyons: Limited Series – November 26

Former J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons, a very fashionable lesbian, debuts her eight-part reality series in which she is building her own brand.

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  1. So…it sure is looking like Netflix is in the process of de-gaying the platform (of queer women and queer people of color, at least), right? I thought I was just being paranoid, but compared to Hulu, Amazon, and HBO Max, Netflix’s LGBTQ+ content is paltry and dwindling fast.

    I’m increasingly getting the sense that the new VP of Global TV*, Bela Bajaria, only has any interest in representing the “G” in “LGBTQ.” Or maybe she just reminds me of the former friend, a straight women who, while we were at a gay bar, complained to me about being hit on by a woman…while she was at a different gay bar and that’s coloring my perception of her.

    *Which (for those who do not know) is a totally new position that passive-aggressively defined the well-liked, openly-gay former VP of Original Content, Cindy Holland, out of a job. She’s the one responsible for green-lighting most of the shows that put–and kept–Netflix on the map.

  2. I read the description for Uncle Frank as “Listen, sometimes we enjoy gay male *mermaids*” instead of “materials” and got really excited for a moment. Technically both are true! I love a good gay uncle, whether they are in black sheep or merman form.

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