No Filter: Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli Met Melissa Etheridge and the Lesbian Vortex Has Never Been Stronger

Welcome back to No Filter, in which we survey the week in queer celebrity Instagram and maturely discuss all the activities of a bunch of hot, rich people we do not know personally. This week, I must begin by mentioning Kristen Stewart’s incredibly lesbian hair situation as she navigates the red carpet in Cannes with your good friend Carol Aird. In other very gay news, Cara Delevingne and Paris Jackson hung out in public.

Speaking of couples who refuse to acknowledge that they’re dating, Tessa Thompson and Janelle Monáe did not walk the red carpet at the Met Gala together but did attend afterparties together. Don’t think we weren’t paying attention.

Also worth noting: Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual recently discovered A-Camp alum DeAnne Smith and it is a dream come true:

Additionally, Evan decided to weigh in on the revelation that DJ Khaled refuses to perform oral sex upon his long-suffering wife, and upon reading this quote I fell to the ground and had to rest there for a moment.

Riese wanted to make sure you were aware of this important moment in lesbian history.

There’s some kind of irony in Evan’s Westworld character venturing out into the real world (no spoilers) vs Evan’s actual human self venturing into a fictional TV show, right? I think?? Maybe?
Every once in a while I like to be reminded that no matter how hot Demi Lovato is, she still has this fucking lion tattoo.

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Oh, hello, didn’t see you there.

Am I the only one here who develops crushes on guitars?

This is actually true.
This is possibly the most billiards-appropriate outfit I’ve ever seen.

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Sex is fire, sick and tired of acting all tough

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Your ex girlfriend Hayley Kiyoko is here, quoting herself on Instagram. Do you think she’s thinking about me? She’s probably thinking about me.

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Don’t play yourself.

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OK, I won’t.
Only Janelle Monáe could turn casually walking up some stairs into some kind of MC Escher-esque art.

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‪i match the wall

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Cameron Esposito has perfected the art of lesbian camouflage.

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It Started As A Streak: The Story of Blonde Contagion

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It started out with a kiss how did it end up like this
It was only a kiss
It was only a kiss


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  1. @stef I saw Hayley Kiyoko last night, and she was definitely thinking about you.

    Also, I’m about 1000% gayer after that show.

  2. What’s wrong with Demi’s lion tattoo?

    Also, Cate Blanchett in a pink suit is my sexual orientation

  3. Well, Mr Brightside is stuck in my head
    Good thing I love The Killers

  4. That ERWB comment killed me dead. I can’t even process anything anymore. If anybody wants to find me, I’ll be spending the rest of the day under my desk.

  5. I am gayer than I was before opening this page.
    How did that happen? Thank you Stef.

  6. Cameron and Rhea are just the most perfect couple. Is there like some program where queer celebs adopt queer adults? Asking for a friend.

  7. Testing out this week’s No Filter: Women’s Soccer Edition now with photos…

    Krieger and Harris lookin’ cute before the Pride-Royals draw last night.

      • It was Becca Moros’s birthday (Mandy Laddish’s is this week) and she got spoiled (in her words) by Laddish. Laddish feels equally lucky however, since Moros cooks for her.

        • Continuing the theme of sweeties eating dinner together, Bianca Sierra celebrated coming home from hot yoga to a Stephany Mayor-made dinner.

          • Professional soccer players: they’re just like us – or at least Kristie Mewis and Rachel Daly are just like me and my girlfriend. I’m the KMew in this embarrassing dancing moment, brought to you courtesy of Daly’s Instagram story.

    • I didn’t think it was possible to make No Filter: Women’s Soccer Edition better but here you are proving me wrong

      • Adrianna Franch tore her meniscus and is out of commission for Portland for a bit, but luckily she has a fiancee to take care of her during recovery.

        Kailen Sheridan’s girlfriend became the newest member of the loveafoster family, as they took Brody on an outing. This photo is from their visit to the aquarium in Canada though.

        Caity Friend and Christine Nairn know how to do long-distance right now that they’re at opposite ends of the country.

        Jess Fishlock and Lauren Barnes jumped on the Are They or Aren’t They train this week.

        Mackenzie Arnold’s coming to the US to visit Carson Pickett…

        Should I just start a blog or something for this? Vote Y/N please

  8. My fav thing about No Filter: WoSo Edition is how massively it overlaps with Lesbian and Bisexual Women Who Are Obsessed With Their Dogs.

  9. But you posted all the photos correctly, so it’s a win all around! You’re so right too. Nikki Stanton and Sam Kerr with Piper (and previously with Brooklyn), Jane Campbell with Tink now, Kailen Sheridan and her foster dogs…

  10. and then and then and then Samira can be in Melissa’s next moody music video and I think I think a part of the patriarchy might explode ? ? ? #math #andmaybescience

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